Microgaming mobile progressive jackpot games - Part One

One of the most exciting things about joining any casino that offers Microgaming games is that you know that alongside the wealth of top quality slots, card games, table games and video poker offerings will be a healthy choice of top progressive jackpot games.

These are always among the most popular types of games available at a Microgaming casino and as a result, they have developed an almost cult-like following among players. Especially those games that offer a life-changing amount of money as a top prize.

With that in mind, we have decided to bring you a run-down of all the latest Microgaming progressive jackpot games, with details provided on the average win size, the biggest ever progressive win on a game and the average time it takes for the jackpot to be triggered. We'll also bring you key information on how much you need to wager on the game in order to stand a chance of the progressive prize.

This will be a four-part series of articles, with each article focusing on four different progressive jackpot games from Microgaming, so let's begin our countdown with the first of these quality titles. For purposes of comparison and uniformity, we are using the British Pound as the main currency for each of the slot titles.

Cash Splash

  • Game Type - Slot (3-reel and 5-reel versions available)
  • Min Bet to Trigger Progressive Jackpot - £3.00
  • Average Win - £25,242
  • Biggest Win - £134,929
  • Average Time for Win - 1 day and 22 hours

The original Cash Splash game was a 3-reel slot which boasted just one pay line and cost 3.00 per spin to play and boasted a nice progressive jackpot. However, this was updated a few years later and another version of the Cash Splash slot was developed. This was a 5-reel progressive slot which has 15 selectable lines available to play and this is the version we are going to focus on here.

On this mobile-friendly newer version the coin value is set at 0.20 and in order to land the progressive jackpot, you need to wager that coin on all 15 lines for a maximum bet of 3.00. So, in terms of cost, it doesn't matter which of the two slots you elect to play (and the chances of triggering the progressive are also the same on both the 3-reel and 5-reel versions too).

The game has a nice retro feel to it using Bar symbols, cherries, lucky 7's as the higher value symbols with the playing card symbols from 10 through to the Ace the lower value symbols.

The Scatter pays between 4x and 250x your stake when you land three, four or five of them across the reels on the five-reel game, while the key to landing the jackpot prize is the Cash Splash symbol, which also acts as the in-game Wild.

Land these symbols across the reels in the five-reel game and you will trigger a cash prize of 6,000 coins if landed on the first 14 winning lines. However, if you land those five Cash Splash Wilds on the fifteenth pay line, then you will trigger the progressive jackpot prize.

As you can see, the Cash Splash slot pays out its jackpot very frequently, indeed it is one of the most frequent Microgaming progressives to be paid with one win every two days on average and with an average win of over £25,000, that is a lot of money being won every 46-hours.

Cyberstud Poker

  • Game Type - Poker
  • Min Bet to Trigger Progressive Jackpot - £1.00
  • Average Win - £113,409
  • Biggest Win - £170,169
  • Average Time for Win - 1 year and 19 weeks

While progressive jackpots are relatively easy to work into slot games, it takes a lot more creativity to figure out how certain other popular casino games can also benefit from an increasing jackpot prize. So we have to tip our hat to Microgaming for how they have managed to achieve this with Progressive Cyberstud Poker.

In this game of poker, you play against the dealer and you place two separate bets on the table. The first of these is the Ante bet and this is the stake that can be increased by the player later on in the game to try and maximise their winnings from the dealer, or the player can leave the stake as it is, if they feel their hand is likely to be a loser.

The second bet is the same size as your Ante bet and this is your bet to put you in with a chance of winning the progressive jackpot prize. At this point, the player is dealt their five cards face up, while the dealer is dealt one card face up and their remaining cards face down.

Once you have been dealt your cards, if you feel your hand will lose, you can fold, which sees you lose both your bets. Alternatively, you can call which adds a sum 2x the original Ante bet to your Ante stake. So if your original Ante stake was 1.00, then when you call, you will add 2.00 to your Ante bet for a total of 3.00, plus your 1.00 progressive jackpot stake.

At this point, the dealers five-card hand is then compared with the player's five card hand and the winner is based on the usual poker hand rankings.

In order for a player to win the bet though, the dealer's hand must qualify. By that we mean contain at least a high card King or better. If the dealers hand does not qualify, then the player receives back their Ante Bet and their progressive side bet, plus you get a further payment from the casino if your initial Ante Bet, which in the example above would mean a 1.00 profit.

If the dealer hand qualifies and they beat your hand, you lose your Ante Bet and Progressive Bet, but if your hand is the winner then you are guaranteed at least an even money payout on your Ante Bet (in this case another 1.00) but the Call bet (2.00) would return you an amount based on the strength of your hand.

The higher your hand is in the poker rankings then the greater your pay-out will be. This ranges from an even money return up to 999x your call bet if you land a Royal Flush. Land a Royal Flush and you will also trigger the Progressive Jackpot.

However, other high value hands also trigger wins of a portion of the progressive jackpot, for example a straight flush pays out a 20,000-coin prize from the progressive fund, four of a kind earns a 500 coin win, a full house is 100 coins and a flush is 50 coins. All of these pays are in addition to your Call and Ante returns from your bet but are only paid if you place the progressive bet at the start of the game.

Fruit Fiesta

  • Game Type - Slot
  • Min Bet to Trigger Progressive Jackpot - £0.75
  • Average Win - £24,011
  • Biggest Win - £94,845
  • Average Time for Win - 2 weeks and 5 days

Originally a three-reel game, Microgaming spruced up their Fruit Fiesta slot to turn it into a 5-reel progressive slot that has a distinctly retro feel. It is a typical 5x3 reel offering with 15 selectable pay lines in play on the slot.

The minimum coin value is 0.05 and that means you can wager this on just one line to spin for that amount, however to stand a chance of winning the progressive you need to wager that on all 15 lines on the slot, so the minimum bet you can make to win the jackpot prize is 0.75.

As the name of the slot suggests, Fruit Fiesta boasts a number of fruit themed symbols which will make it popular with retro-gaming fans and these offer the more standard cash prizes in the game. There is also a Scatter symbol which when landed three, four or five times across the reels, will see you win 4x, 40x or 400x your total bet respectively.

The key to the progressive jackpot in this slot however is the Fruit Fiesta Wild symbol which can replace any of the standard symbols of the slot to help create wins but can also land some big wins when landed five across the reels on a winning line. For lines 1 to 14, this triggers a 9,000 credit win.

However, land the five Wilds on the 15th line of the slot and that is when you trigger the progressive jackpot prize, which as you can see tends to be won just under every three weeks or so and which pays out an average of just over £24,000, although jackpots can be considerably more and a little less than this amount.

Jackpot Deuces

  • Game Type - Deuces Wild Video Poker
  • Min Bet to Trigger Progressive Jackpot - £5.00
  • Average Win - £33,708
  • Biggest Win - £120,857
  • Average Time for Win - 3 weeks 3 days

Based on the famous Deuces Wild variant of Video Poker, the Jackpot Deuces takes this hugely popular game and gives it an added incentive with the inclusion of its own progressive jackpot fund, which is won surprisingly frequently, on average once every 24 days.

Video Poker is popular with many punters as it offers a very low house edge and this in conjunction with a big progressive jackpot, makes this a very appetising slot for those seeking good value for money as well as the chance at a massive cash win.

To be in with a chance of winning the progressive you must place the maximum bet which is 5.00. Once you have selected this, you are then dealt five cards as you would in a standard single-hand video poker game and the aim of the game is to now make the best possible poker hand.

After receiving your first five cards, you can now select between zero and all five of them to switch with fresh cards from the dealer. You do this by clicking on the cards you want to swap. These are then taken by the dealer and you are dealt a new card for each of the cards you swapped from your hand.

You then review your hand and if you have a winning hand, then you will receive a cash prize. One thing to remember is that in Deuces Wild, all the number 2 cards in the pack can be used as any other card, which gives you a greater chance of landing a win, especially if you can land a 2 or even a couple of them in your hand.

Winning hands start at three of a kind, so any hand ranked below this, such as two pairs, a pair or a high card, is a loser.

Payouts range from even money pays for three of a kind up to 4,000 credits for a Royal Flush in the Heart, Spades or Club suits.

However, if you land a Diamond Royal Flush, then you would win the progressive jackpot prize if you have wagered the full 5.00 initially. If not then you win 300,600,900 or 1,200 coins depending on whether you wagered 1, 2, 3 or 4 coins.

Join us again tomorrow as we look at more Microgaming progressive games.

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