Mobile Mega Moolah jackpot record smashed by lucky Tipico player

Spring has sprung and the flowers are in bloom and for one lucky slots player based in Europe, those freshly grown blossoms will smell sweeter than ever before!

That's because the lucky punter has landed a massive 8€ million jackpot win on the Mega Moolah slot while playing at Tipico Casino.

The jackpot was landed a little over a month since the last winner claimed a 6.6€ million jackpot on the 21st March. Since then, the Mega Moolah jackpot has risen steadily from 4.3€ million up to over 8€ million, just before the lucky punter struck gold.

It is easy to see why so many punters love playing the Mega Moolah slot. Not only does it offer a guaranteed prize pool of at least a million in your local currency, but its popularity is such that the jackpot can grow very rapidly with almost a million pounds added to this current jackpot in the weeks following the last win being announced.

However it is not just the size and speed at which the jackpot grows which attracts punters, it is the fact that any spin on the slot can be a winner. The Jackpot Wheel bonus, which is where you can trigger the Mega Moolah jackpot (or one of the three smaller jackpots) can be triggered on any spin at any time and for any wager, though the more you wager per spin, the more chance you have of triggering the bonus wheel.

That is precisely what happened on the 25th April when one lucky player, who as yet remains anonymous, decided to try their hand at Tipico Casino from their mobile handset. They managed to trigger the Bonus Wheel on their game and then would no doubt have been ecstatic to see the wheel settle on that single Mega Jackpot sector.

The total win was registered as 8,012,153.36 euros and it has been confirmed as the largest ever mobile jackpot win in history, overtaking the previous record, which was also incidentally held by a mobile player playing Mega Moolah, who won 7,968,311.26 euros when they played back in August 2016.

The lucky player wagered 6.25€ on their spin before landing the top prize. The win amounts to a staggering 1,281,944.5 times their total stake. Of course, the player will receive their prize in a single lump sum, as all Mega Moolah jackpot winners have done since the game was started several years ago.

Following the announcement of a massive winner at Tipico Casino, the Chief Commercial Officer Marlon van der Goes proudly stated:

"We are delighted that one of our players won this jackpot with a stake of EUR 6.25, which is the biggest win in our online casino history and the biggest mobile jackpot payout ever!

"The Mega Moolah games are very popular and this jackpot win is a great success story for the Tipico Casino offer."

As always, David Reynolds the Games Publisher at Microgaming also added his congratulations to the lucky winner:

"It's incredible to think that in just over a month the mega jackpot climbed from 4.3 million (as at the 21st March) to 8 million (as at the 25th April).

"To see our own record for the largest ever mobile jackpot payout break [sic] is fantastic – we'd like to congratulate the Tipico player on their life-changing win."

Since it was first released, Microgaming's Mega Moolah slot and all the other progressive games part of the company, which constitute the largest number of progressive jackpot games in the online slots industry, has paid out a staggering 716 million euros to lucky winners.1

This is the third time in three years that the Mega Moolah jackpot has been won in April and the amount won surpasses the 6.9€ million won in April 2016 and the CA$7.5m won in April 2015. It is also the third time the jackpot has been won in 2017, with it being won in January, March and now April.

Furthermore, the amounts won in each month have increased from 6€ million in January to 6.6€ million in March to over 8€ million in April. Will the next winner come in May to continue the hot streak?

What is interesting is that the last three winners of the jackpot have all been playing via a mobile device, which echoes the current trend in slot gaming for players to play more from their mobile or tablet device, rather than a desktop PC. Four of the last six winners of the jackpot have won via a mobile, which is in sharp contrast to the 12 previous winners before that, only two of whom claimed the jackpot playing on their mobile.

While this new win is a mobile slots payout record, it is still well short of the world record for an online slots payout which is still held by Jonathon Heywood, who won £13.2 million when he landed the Mega Moolah jackpot back on the 6th October 2015.

Could you be the next Mega Moolah jackpot winner? Why not play and see if you can trigger this life-changing jackpot win!


1) Microgaming: €8 million mobile jackpot win on Microgaming's Mega Moolah - the largest ever mobile payout

Byline: This article was published by Mega Moolah expert Henry. Media and other enquiries.

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