New American Roulette game released to Microgaming online casinos

The next generation American Roulette casino game

American Roulette is a version of European Roulette with the exception that the American roulette wheel has one additional pocket - the double green zero. The payouts are exactly the same in both versions. But which game is better?

You might think that one extra pocket on a roulette wheel isn't going to make a big difference. However the house edge on American Roulette is about double to that of European Roulette. Basically what the means is you'll lose twice as fast on American Roulette!

So if you like playing roulette always play the European version. And lucky for you Switch Studios' next generation European Roulette actually hit Microgaming casinos just a couple of days ago. You can play this version right now at any of the casinos.

Let's take a closer look at how American Roulette compares with the European version. We're also going to explain what the key differences are between European and American roulette (and which one offers you a better chance of success).

How does American Roulette differ to European Roulette?

There is essentially just one key different between American and European Roulette and that is in American Roulette, the wheel has an extra pocket on it which is occupied by another green pocket which is usually a double zero (00) number.

This doesn't sound like much of a change but by adding another pocket, this increases the house edge in the game slightly and makes it a little less likely that the player will win on a typical bet. The reasons for that are obvious as by having two green pockets, the house has double the chance of landing in the green pocket and thus avoiding paying out on a number of bets (such as the Red or Black bet or Odd or Even)

Other than that, there are very few differences between the games themselves as standard, although Switch Studios, who have been responsible for developing all three of Microgaming's most recent table game releases, have jazzed up their version of American Roulette somewhat.

Switch Studios American Roulette

Switch Studios have worked hard to give their American Roulette that authentic stateside feel and in alongside the American-themed livery, this is a slot that also has a number of other features which players may well find very useful.

There is a statistics panel which displays the history of a number of the previous spins as well as other information that punters may find useful to them when betting. One nice touch is that players can save what their favourite bets are using the Favourite feature, which allows them to make the same bet more quickly each time, if that is how they prefer to play the game.

A Special Bets feature allows players to access a number of pre-selected bets that are not ordinarily found on the betting board, while you can also access a racetrack board to place a number of lesser known bets, which is particularly interesting and useful if you are a more experienced roulette player and prefer these lesser known wagers.

Of course, like the European version of the game released back in March, this version has a very luxurious feel and the way the graphics and animations work give the slot a modern, clean and luxurious feel. The game looks and sounds authentic and is certainly a step on from the older roulette games, which were more clunky, had less convincing animations and which had blocker graphics.

Certainly, both Microgaming and Switch Studios are delighted with the end results as in a special press release, the company's both expressed their delight at how American Roulette and also European Blackjack had turned out.

Speaking on behalf of Microgaming, the company's head of games Jagoda Barber stated:

"Switch studios has done it again, taking a fresh look at traditional table games and reigniting them for a new era of players.

"With immersive game-play and customisable features complemented by stunning visuals, new and seasoned players can enjoy the thrill of European Blackjack and American Roulette both at home and on the go."

Similarly, the head of Switch Studios Tom David added:

"We're delighted to release not one, but two new games under the Switch Studios brand, exclusively to Microgaming. Both European Blackjack and American Roulette demonstrate our ambition to refresh the table-game market with exciting, modern and mobile-friendly gaming experiences."

What Are the Payouts on American Roulette?

This new version of the game has the following pay outs for the most popular bets:

  • Straight Up bet - 35/1
  • Split - 17/1
  • Street - 11/1
  • Square - 8/1
  • Line - 5/1
  • Column and Dozen - 2/1
  • Odd/Even, Red Black, 1-18/19-36 - Even Money

However, a greater number of bets are available using the racetrack betting layout and the way you can use the Favourite selector to put in your preferred bets and then make them more easily is a great addition to the game.

Graphically, the slot is as good if not better than the European Roulette release of a couple of months ago with crisp, clean and smooth animations, simple sounds that fit the action on screen well and a dealer's voice announcing the wins. It is very slick and the game works as well on a smaller screened mobile device as it would on a tablet or PC. Indeed, with the game being optimised to work on smaller devices, there is an argument that the game is best enjoyed on a mobile, where you can switch between landscape and portrait modes quickly and easily.

Personally though, I like to see as much of the layout as is possible and on American Roulette this is easy, especially on a desktop. Placing bets is easy and with a relatively small low initial bet to get the game going, it is a version of roulette that is affordable for the vast majority of players, without biting into their bankroll too voraciously.

As for which version of the game is best, my view is that it is a matter of choice. Technically, the two versions of American and European Roulette from Switch Studios are very similar and there's not a huge difference in the dynamics of the two. Punters that like every possible odds as much in their favour should definitely err towards European Roulette.

You can play both versions of the game now at any casino that offers Microgaming slots and table games.

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