No credit card? No problem! Use iDebit Canada to play Mega Moolah

Do you want to play Mega Moolah in Canada without having to use a credit card? You could try online wallets, but you don't have to.You can use iDebit to process both deposits and withdrawals as electronic funds transfers (EFTs).

iDebit is a fast, secure, and easy to use system for all kinds of online transactions. It is only available to Canadian residents at the current time. A list of participating banks is included later on in the guide.

What must be understood is that iDebit is not a pure EFT as defined by the financial services industry. Rather, it is a service that facilitates EFTs by providing a central account and login portal that makes it easy to transfer funds without a separate visit to a bank site

If this sounds complicated, it's not. The entire process will be explained in this guide. The most important thing to note is that iDebit gives Mega Moolah players the opportunity to make deposits and withdrawals without having to use a credit card.

An introduction to iDebit

It is easy to confuse iDebit with a pure EFT facilitator like EFT Canada. Nonetheless, iDebit's services are a bit different. Whether you make a casino deposit or by a product using iDebit, you ultimately end up logging in to your own bank through the iDebit system in order to complete the transaction.

By contrast, a pure EFT system handles the transaction entirely for you. They check with your bank to verify sufficient funds, they instruct the bank to send the money, and they verify completion of the transaction on the other end. iDebit does none of those things.

iDebit facilitates EFTs by connecting consumers with their bank accounts in a secure environment. From the bank's perspective, their system is interacting with the customer rather than iDebit. The iDebit system logs on to the customer's bank account in order to complete a transaction, using all of the information supplied by the customer.

Making a deposit with iDebit

Perhaps a practical explanation of how all this works would make it easier to understand just how iDebit operates. So let's say you wanted to make a deposit so you could begin playing Mega Moolah at one of the participating online casinos. You would go to the casino's banking page after setting up your casino account and then choose the iDebit option for deposit.

At this point, one of two things would happen. You would either be prompted to login to your existing iDebit account or be allowed to continue as a guest. Choosing the former would get you into iDebit where you could make your deposit using a bank account you have already registered with the service.

Choosing the latter option would require you to enter your banking information right then and there. At the conclusion of the transaction, you would have to option of creating an iDebit account. Doing so is one way to speed up future deposits if you plan to play at that casino regularly.

Once you are finished on your end, iDebit facilitates the actual moving of money between your bank account and the casino. iDebit essentially acts as an online banking system that interacts with both your bank and the casino's bank. This affords you the opportunity complete casino transactions while remaining all but anonymous to the casino.

Making a withdrawal with iDebit

Withdrawing from your casino account via iDebit works the same way. You login to your Mega Moolah casino account, choose iDebit as your option for withdrawal, and submit the necessary information. Money then goes directly from the casino's bank account to yours via the iDebit system.

How quickly transactions take place depends on the parties involved in the transaction. Most transactions occur instantaneously, though there is never any guarantee as such. Also note that not all Canadian banks participate in the iDebit system. At the time this guide was written, iDebit listed eight participating banks:

  • Bank of Montreal
  • Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce
  • Desjardins
  • National Bank
  • Royal Bank of Canada
  • Scotiabank
  • Simplii Financial (formerly PCF)
  • TD Canada Trust.

iDebit transaction security

There are always security concerns when making electronic payments. With iDebit, those concerns involve everything from protecting customer data to ensuring that transactions are carried out correctly. What makes iDebit different in this regard is that it only facilitates payments between banks rather than providing actual banking services. Nonetheless, iDebit does offer bank-level security.

iDebit maintains that it utilises risk assessments on all data it receives in order to confirm the identity of buyers. They do not say exactly how this works though. In addition, the iDebit system requires users to login using all of the same credentials that apply to their bank accounts. Those credentials include usernames, passwords, and security questions. These act as a second method of identity confirmation

Yet another layer of security is the encryption on every transaction. iDebit says that transactions are also monitored and verified by third party certification providers. So by all accounts, it would seem as though iDebit is going the extra mile to make sure players are protected.

Advantages of using iDebit

You have a lot of banking options as an online casino gambler. So why choose iDebit as your banking platform? Because it does offer some advantages you cannot get through other banking methods. Here are a few of them:

  • Direct Bank Transactions - With iDebit, there are no clearing houses or credit card processors. Money goes directly from your bank account into your casino account.
  • No Credit Card Needed - You don't need a credit card at all to utilise iDebit. This is great for players who either cannot get, or do not want, credit cards.
  • Instant Transaction Confirmation - Although transaction posting times may vary depending on who is involved, most transaction confirmations are instantaneous. You will be able to play right away after making your deposit.
  • Online Management - You can use iDebit for more than just casino gambling. It is available for making product and service purchases as well, and you can use as many bank accounts as you want. Everything is completely manageable via your iDebit online account.
  • Data Protection - One of the most important reasons for using iDebit is to protect your own banking information. Your data is kept between you and your bank. Neither iDebit nor your casino have access to it. Remember, you are using iDebit to login to your bank to facilitate the payment. iDebit merely pulls the funds in one direction or another.
  • Guest Check Out - iDebit users do not have to establish accounts in order to use the service. Every transaction can be completed as a guest. The downside here is that guests cannot use the service to track purchases and account balances.

iDebit's unique system of pulling funds makes it very difficult for fraud to occur. That is not to say the system offers a 100% guarantee against fraud, but rather that the system makes it very difficult to complete fraudulent transactions.

Disadvantages of using iDebit

It would not be right to mention all of the advantages of iDebit without also addressing its disadvantages. There are only a few, but they are worth considering:

  • Fees and Charges - iDebit's services are not free. There will be at least a minimal iDebit fee attached to every transaction you make. Your bank and online casino might also charge fees of their own. If so, these are to cover the fees they pay to iDebit as a participant in the system. To save on fees make one good sized deposit to a Mega Moolah casino rather than many small deposits.
  • No Buyer Protection - Because iDebit merely facilitates direct fund transfers between bank accounts, they offer no form of buyer protection the same way a service like Klarna does. Casino players are on their own in this regard. If something goes wrong between player and casino, iDebit offers no assistance to clear up the matter.
  • Data Exposure - Despite iDebit not directly storing user data, that data still must be transmitted during an online transaction. There is always a risk of data exposure as a result. Data exposure without buyer protections is something that has to be considered.

iDebit is not a bank or an electronic payment service in the same vein as PayPal. So users should not expect the same kind of consumer protections they would get from those other platforms. The service itself is safe and secure, but it is only an intermediary service between consumer and merchant.


Playing Mega Moolah with iDebit means using the online payment system to complete a transaction between your bank and the casino. You use the iDebit system to login to your bank account, transfer the funds, and confirm that transfer. iDebit then facilitates the movement of funds. iDebit does involve transaction fees and charges, so keep that in mind.

iDebit may be a good banking option for Mega Moolah players who do not like to use credit cards. It is one of many solutions for players who prefer to make deposits and withdrawals directly with their bank accounts rather than other systems. However, iDebit does lack some of the consumer protections available to credit card users and players who use electronic payment services like PayPal. Something to think about...

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