Norwich City FC fans can play for their own Premier League sized windfall

If you are a fan of Norwich City, then you will no doubt be thrilled at the exciting and successful season that the Canaries have just enjoyed in the top tier of the English Football League, the Championship.

Norwich lost just six games all season long, scored an incredible, league-leading, 93 goals and finished top of the table with 94 points, five clear of Sheffield United in second spot and eleven clear of Leeds United who finished a distant third. Manager Daniel Farke has used his extensive contacts throughout Europe, notably in Germany, to build a squad that provided Championship fans with some of the most exciting games and action of the season and which sealed promotion to the Premier League in style.

Hit the jackpot!

That promotion means that the team will now share in a windfall that is conservatively estimated to be worth around £170 million per season to the club and in truth, if Norwich City can hold onto their top flight status for a few years, the rewards from that could even dwarf that amount. The club, which is well known for having TV celebrities Delia Smith, Jake Humphries and Stephen Fry as board members, fans and patrons, has certainly hit the jackpot when it comes to finances next season.

However, with that comes a caveat and one that Norwich City will know all too well. Premier League football also means Premier League wages and Premier League transfer fees which means that even a sum of money like £170 million, if not spent prudently, can quickly evaporate if the club fail to make wise decisions on how to invest the cash generated by their promotion.

For Norwich City fans, this will likely mean a hike in season ticket prices and most likely an increase in the cost of a Canaries shirt for next season. However, there is one way that Norwich City fans could experience what it is like to be a football club to win the Premier League lottery, and that is to win a huge amount of money for themselves.

And they can do that thanks to Norwich City's main club sponsor, who are the UK-based casino Leo Vegas. It is one of a number of casinos in the UK that carries games from Isle of Man-based gaming company Microgaming and one of the company's most popular and frequently played titles is the progressive jackpot slot game Mega Moolah. One of the best Mega Moolah bonus offers from the UK is actually the 80 Spins on Mega Moolah from Zodiac Casino.

Mega Moolah is famous in the slots industry as being the slot to have made over 50 millionaires since the game was first released back in 2006. Indeed, it was only last week that one British player landed a prize of around £5.5 million playing the slot, the second million-plus jackpot to be won in May 2019 and the fifth jackpot in total to be won in 2019.

However, it is not just Norwich City fans who may be trying to emulate the wealth of top footballers by playing a game carried by their club sponsors. Many football teams in the Premier League and throughout the Football League are sponsored by online casinos, or betting companies or similar. Stoke City for example are sponsored by Bet365, while West Ham are sponsored by Betway, both of whom also carry the Mega Moolah slot game.

Games such as Mega Moolah, or the National Lottery, may be a fans best way of hitting the jackpot and enjoying the wealth enjoyed by the top Premier League players, but if you are a player or manager at a club like Norwich, how will you be assured of enjoying a fair bit of Mega Moolah yourself, based on the back of your success?

The hidden details of players and manager's contracts

For a player or manager winning promotion to the Premier League, especially if they are going to sign a new contract, then doing so can be very much like landing your own personal Mega Moolah jackpot.

However, it is worth remembering that these players who plied their trade last year in the Championship are not likely to be paupers. The top players at Norwich City are probably going to be earning close to £25,000 a week. So they are already on a very comfortable salary, way beyond the means of most working people in the UK.

In the Premier League however things are magnified greatly. The average wage for a Premier League footballer in 2018 was, according to a reliable sports statistics site Sporting Intelligence, around £50,817 per week. Now of course, a number of younger players will be on considerably less than that, but there will also be players, such as Alexis Sanchez of Manchester United, who earns £500,000 a week according to most estimates, who are also on considerably more.

All players at Norwich will have a heavily incentivised contract too, which means if they achieve promotion, like they did last season, then they will automatically receive a number of benefits. This comes in the form of bonus payments for success in the League and Cups and for many it will also see a wage rise, although how much that is will vary from player to player. However, a wage rise of at least 25% for promotion to the Premier League is not unreasonable.

Any Norwich player entering the final couple of years of their contract in 2019-20, or 2020-21, will also be thinking about a new deal and of course, as a Premier League team, this means that their agent will also be expecting Premier League wages and a Premier League sized agents fee. It is easy to see therefore how a massive chunk of that £170 million windfall for the club can be eaten up very quickly just meeting the contractual demands of its own players.

Of course, contracts are not always one way. Should Norwich be relegated next season then most contracts come with a reduction in the amount of wages paid should that occur, but even so, it is easy to see why players can feel like they have won a Mega Moolah jackpot every year while they are plying their trade in the Premier League.

Fans may need the help of games carried by their club sponsor, or a lottery win, to enjoy such wealth, but they will at least in the meantime have the joy of being able to watch their favoured team battle it out against the biggest teams in English football next season.

Byline: This article was published by Mega Moolah expert Henry. Media and other enquiries.

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