Playing Mega Moolah with Bitcoin via Skrill or uPayCard or Neteller

You are a big fan of Mega Moolah. You are also a big fan of bitcoin. Unfortunately, the two do not always play well together online. There are a number of Mega Moolah casinos that just do not accept bitcoin.

There is a very valid reason for that. On the other hand, there are workarounds. This article explains how you can play Mega Moolah with bitcoin by using Skrill, uPayCard, or other similar options that may be available to you.

Before getting to the workarounds, we should first discuss why you cannot deposit bitcoin directly to a Microgaming-powered casino. The Mega Moolah slot is a Microgaming title that includes an impressive progressive jackpot. However, the company does not deal in cryptocurrencies. As such, any online casinos offering Microgaming titles under an exclusive licence neither accept bitcoin.

This is a shame because merchants around the world that have chosen to accept bitcoin have discovered that it is easier to use compared to multiple fiat currencies and the fees are lower, and more importantly the average consumer places more confidence in bitcoin when transacting online. The average bitcoin consumer is also willing to spend more when using bitcoin.

Luckily the gambling industry is a fast-moving industry and there's usually workarounds as you will learn below.

Deposit Bitcoin to Skrill to play Mega Moolah

The first workaround to the bitcoin conundrum is using the digital wallet service Skrill. You can sign up for a free account and then fund it in any number of ways. The money in your Skrill account can then be used to deposit and withdraw to gambling sites.

An online casino that accepts Skrill is already part of the Skrill network. Just choose the Skrill option when you are making a deposit. The system will pull money from your digital wallet and push it to the casino's wallet.

You can use your Skrill account to trade bitcoin. That is to say you can buy or sell bitcoin directly from the Skrill platform. If you already own bitcoin stored in another wallet, you can transfer it into your Skrill wallet. From there you have two options, depending on the casino you are dealing with.

If the casino accepts Skrill payments, you would convert some of your bitcoin to that currency within your Skrill account. Then you would make your deposit to the casino as normal. If you are dealing with another casino, which does not host the Mega Moolah title, that accepts bitcoin directly, then you can make the transfer straight up.

Skrill customers are actually able to exchange their balance in local fiat currency (EUR, USD, etc.) to Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, and Litecoin, allowing customers to hold an interest in a good range of cryptocurrencies on their wallet.

There is also a Skrill MasterCard that customers residing within the European Union can opt to sign up to. The prepaid debit card allows customers to e.g. withdraw funds from an ATM and do online shopping at websites that are not part of the Skrill network.

Deposit Bitcoin to uPayCard to play Mega Moolah

uPayCard is similar to Skrill in terms of its digital wallet properties. It works a little differently in terms of how you actually pay for things online, which will be discussed shortly. First though, know that you can open a uPayCard account and immediately begin transacting business in more than 20 currencies and several cryptocurrencies.

Paying with uPayCard involves the use of a physical or virtual payment card. You are essentially purchasing a prepaid card that you fund as you see fit. You can use that card to make purchases from any merchants already part of the system. You can also use the card to make cash withdrawals at ATMs.

Making this work with bitcoin is quite simple. As far as uPayCard is concerned, bitcoin is just another funding option no different than a typical fiat currency. You transfer bitcoin from your digital wallet into your uPayCard account. When you want to make a casino deposit, the uPayCard system automatically converts your bitcoin to one of the currencies the casino accepts.

The beauty of this system is that you are still making a fiat currency deposit from the casino's perspective. Every spin of the Mega Moolah reels contributes to the progressive jackpot in whatever fiat currency you are playing with.

Bitcoin from the casino's perspective

The casino does not care if the source of your gambling funding was via bitcoin. All they care about is that the funds they receive are in a currency they accept.

With Sjrill or uPayCard or any similar system, the deposited funds have been converted to fiat currency before they make it to the casino's account. So as far as the casinos are concerned, contributions being made to the Mega Moolah progressive jackpot are funded with a regular currency.

Other Bitcoin options

Skrill and uPayCard are by no means the only options for playing Mega Moolah with bitcoin. Neteller is another option, but it is a bit more complicated to use this service. Neteller is an electronic payment service accepted by merchants around the world. The company offers secure money transfers as well as prepaid MasterCard payments. Either one would work fine for most situations.

To play Mega Moolah using bitcoin, you would first have to purchase bitcoin from an exchange that is part of the Neteller network. You can purchase directly through your Neteller account or by logging on to the site of a participating exchange. Bitcoin purchases are funded by money already in your Neteller account.

Once all of that has been completed, you can make a casino deposit just like you would using one of the other two services. If the casino in question is part of the Neteller network, you simply transfer funds electronically from your account to theirs. You can use your prepaid MasterCard at casinos that do not accept direct Neteller payments.

A word about buying Bitcoin

All three services mentioned in this article allow you to buy and sell bitcoin directly through them. This is not always the wisest option. Why? Because buying bitcoin does involve service fees and exchange rates. It is no different than exchanging one currency for another at the airport on your way to your dream holiday.

Necessity requires services like Skrill and uPayCard to limit the number of exchanges they work with. They simply cannot accommodate them all. But the combination of their fees and the associated exchange rates may make purchasing bitcoin through them a bad deal for you. You might be able to get your bitcoin cheaper elsewhere.

The Local Bitcoins website is a good resource for finding other exchanges for the purposes of comparing rates. Local Bitcoins allows sellers to place advertisements that buyers can look through at their leisure. They offer advertisements at both the national and local levels.

Users can browse advertisements to find out everything they need to know. Advertisements include the current offered price, minimum and maximum trade allowances, fees, and accepted payment methods. Comparing advertisement offers is one way to find the best possible rates on bitcoin trades. You can also sell your bitcoin via Local Bitcoins, by the way.


You can play Mega Moolah with bitcoin at any of our online casinos. You do need one of the wallet services such as Skrill, UPayCard or Neteller, and you will need to open an account with their network supported Bitcoin Exchange as well. Seems like a lot of work, but once setup you can start spending you bitcoin on Mega Moolah and try to hit that 15 plus mullion progressive jackpot!

Hopefully this guide has given you enough information to get started.

Byline: This article was published by Mega Moolah expert Henry. Media and other enquiries.

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