Poke the Guy is Microgaming’s most innovative take on gambling games yet

I am a big fan of when a highly respected slots developer takes a risk and tries to develop a different form of game for punters to enjoy. Sometimes these type of games can become a real hit with punters.

Microgaming have taken that step recently with the release of the hugely entertaining Poke the Guy game. As you will note, I have called this a game, not a slot, as this is about as far removed from a slot game as you can get.

Many providers have attempted to mix an arcade style or popular social gaming game with a gambling element to produce a game that will appeal to a huge amount of players, not just casino punters but the army of social gamers that are playing similar games in their millions. So have Microgaming managed to do that with their latest offering?

Let's take a closer look at Poke the Guy and find out.

What is Poke the Guy?

This may well have the Microgaming badge as a mark of quality, but you can forget all talk of progressive jackpots, reels and bonus free spins. Poke the Guy is a completely different type of game to Microgaming's usual offering and I think they have developed an absolute belter of a game. Simple to play, easy to pick up and with a great range of rewards.

The premise of the game is simple, a rather hairy cartoon monster called Guy is rampaging around the city and generally being a bit of a bother to the local citizens, not to mention destroying the odd landmark or two. It is your task to stop him.

The way you do that is with your trusty electrified slingshot and a variety of 'weapons' with which you can land a hit on guy to dissuade him from being such a pain. Choose your weapon, take aim and fire and if you hit Guy, then you will win a prize.

Each of the different weapons available to you represents a different value bet. You can pick from some of the strangest weapons you will ever see to combat a marauding monster, including a tree, a rubber duck, a knife or what even appears to be a large swirling pile of strawberry ice cream. You can select which weapon to catapult at guy on every spin, so the amount you wager can always be controlled.

What happens then is your electrified slingshot is loaded with your weapon of choice, the rubber duck is my personal favourite, and then you will see a view of your lovely town, with Guy the monster racing around it causing mayhem. Wait until Guy is in your crosshairs and fire the slingshot and if you manage to hit him, then you win a cash prize.

The amount of money that you will win depends on whereabouts on screen you hit Guy. Each position on the screen is randomly ascribed a winning amount which is expressed as a multiplier of your chosen wager. Wins range from 2x your bet up to a massive 500x your bet, which means that you can win some considerable money on the game if you get lucky.

The game is designed to be played fast, so you can get through plenty of attempts in double-quick time, so remember to manage your bankroll carefully on the game, as you can play through it super-quick if you are wagering too much on each fling of the slingshot.

Who will like Poke the Guy?

There is no doubt to me that Microgaming's Poke the Guy game has been designed to be a cross-over game, by that I mean a game that will appeal to the typical casino/slots player, but which will also have huge appeal to players of more social games that may not gamble on these types of games usually.

The reason for that is simple. Poke the Guy has many similarities to the very popular Angry Birds series of social games. In this game, you use a slingshot to catapult different varieties of birds at a group of annoying pigs, with the aim of destroying the pigs and their hideouts. There are different 'angry birds' available to pick from and each has a specific function, some may explode on landing for example, to cause extra damage.

The Angry Birds series was a massive success when released and has spawned a number of sequels and it is clear to me that Microgaming have attempted to develop a similar game, but which has been simplified to make for ease of understanding and an easier, fun and simple betting game people can play for a wide range of bets.

The other inspiration for the Poke the Guy game is undoubtedly the King Kong story, which has been told many times in the past. Guy himself does resemble a gorilla (although he is called a monster for the sake of the story) and the fact he stomps around the screen over some famous landmarks such as the Eiffel Tower, Pyramids, the Sphinx and Mount Rushmore, does have echoes of the famous King Kong story where the ape climbed the Empire State Building.

Poke the Guy has the potential to be a huge crossover hit if the legions of social gamers are willing and prepared to give the game a try. The fact it is available on mobile devices, as well as desktop, means that it is also equally playable on the move. Add the fact that the game is so quick to play and you have the perfect game for a quick five-minute play during the working day, just as social games are to millions of people.

When is Poke the Guy released how can I play it?

Poke the Guy was released by Microgaming on the 31st May 2018 and it is available on a number of Microgaming and Quickfire operators. The game is fully optimised to be played via mobile, as well as on a desktop.

Our Verdict

Microgaming may be best known for their slots and progressive games, but they have produced a simple, fun and easy to play game with Poke the Guy, that will also have broad appeal beyond the usual casino-based players. It isn't the most complicated game, and the skill factor is limited, but for something fun to play other than the usual slot or casino game, Microgaming have hit the nail, or should that be monster, firmly on the head.

Byline: This article was published by Mega Moolah expert Henry. Media and other enquiries.

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