Progressive jackpot games attract more online players

Without doubt one of the biggest draws for any online casino is the size and number of progressive jackpot games that they offer.

In this article we'll examine what progressive jackpots are and how they are generated as well as looking at the different types and most popular casino games that offer progressive jackpots.

1. What is a progressive jackpot game?

A progressive jackpot game operates and functions in exactly the same way as any other casino game you may play online, with the only difference being that how the money you stake in the game is divided up. In a non-progressive jackpot game, the money is split between the in-game pot (which is paid out when gamblers win) and the casinos profit.

In a progressive game your stake money is divided three ways, the usual in game wins, the casino profit and a small percentage of each stake wagered is put into a central fund which all linked machines (and there can be several linked machines into a single pot) pay. It is this central fund which is the progressive jackpot and this money increases every time a person plays the game.

When one of the linked games that pays into the pot triggers the progressive jackpot combination, the amount of money in the progressive jackpot is won by that lucky person.

Because hundreds of online casino outlets offer the same progressive jackpot games, they are played frequently and progressive jackpots can grow very quickly into very large sums of money, some offering a potential win of well in excess of a million Pounds or Dollars or Euros.

2. What types of progressive jackpot games are available for me to play?

Originally, progressive jackpot games were a series of linked slot machines. These games originated in the gambling halls of Las Vegas where at the start of the computer boom, casino game developers realised that they could link many slot machines together to increase the overall jackpot and offer players the chance to win much larger sums of money.

When the Internet boomed, casino operators quickly realised that this new medium was perfect for the progressive jackpot game and games such as Mega Moolah were developed to take advantage of this new medium.

Initially, only online slot games offered progressive jackpots. Pokies like Mega Moolah (which now has a large number of variations, such as Mega Moolah Isis, Summertime and 5 Reel Drive), Major Millions, King Cashalot, Treasure Nile, Tunzamunni, Triple 7s, Cash Splash, Lotsaloot, Fruit Fiesta and Wowpot have continued this tradition with each game offering its own progressive jackpot, all of which you can find here games.

Some of the most popular progressive games, such as Mega Moolah, offer different levels of progressive jackpots for players, depending upon how much they wager on each spin. Each version of the Mega Moolah game, for example, offers four different progressive jackpots (Mega, Major, Minor and Mini) which players can win depending on how much they wager on each spin of the reels.

The success of progressive jackpot slot games led developers to realise that these games had a real mass appeal for gamers; after all, who would not like to win a life-changing amount of money when playing online? Soon there was a clamour within the industry to offer punters the chance to play different types of games, each offering a progressive jackpot.

The result is that nowadays, players can select from a number of different types of casino games that each offer their own progressive jackpot. Some of the most popular of these games include:

Caribbean Draw Poker - This game offers the largest "non-slot" progressive jackpot. The game is a five-card-draw poker game using one standard deck where the player takes on the house dealer. Players can also opt to take a side bet with each hand to potentially increase their winnings. The progressive jackpot is triggered when a player hits a royal flush in their hand, when they have opted to take the bonus side bet. Learn more about Caribbean Draw Poker.

There are several other progressive jackpot games based on poker including Cyberstud and Poker Ride, while there are also a couple of video poker themed progressive jackpot games such as SupaJax and Jackpot Deuces.

Roulette Royale - This is a game based on the famous casino game of roulette which also boasts a large progressive jackpot, often well in excess of $300,000. The progressive is triggered when a single number is landed five times in succession on the roulette wheel. Learn more about Roulette Royale.

Triple 7s - With a progressive jackpot in excess of $100,000, Triple 7s is currently the only progressive jackpot Blackjack games available on the internet.

The allure of a progressive jackpot is easy to understand, the chance to win a vast amount of money from a single stake is a dream for many punters and these games help make that a reality for a lucky few. Gone are the days when slots were the only games that offered these huge wins and in the future, we expect to see developers like Microgaming push the boundaries of progressive jackpot gaming still further.

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