Rabcat's new Crystal Rift slot shines brightly at Microgaming casinos

Crystal Rift slot by Rabcat for Microgaming

It has been a little while in the making but Rabcat have finally come up with their latest offering in their partnership with Microgaming, called Crystal Rift.

The company has produced a number of games for Microgaming in recent times including Robin of Sherwood, Gnome Wood, Castle Builder II and Frozen Diamonds and their latest offering is the space-age themed Crystal Rift.

The game isn't like a traditional slot in many ways. There are no reels, the symbols drop down from above to occupy the spaces in the 5x3 matrix. There's also no Scatter symbols and no Free Spins bonuses, but instead you have something called a Wild Grid, which is a new bonus and one which has plenty of promise for future games too.

Rabcat do have a reputation of producing some outstanding looking slots for Microgaming with innovative features, but how does their latest offering stand up?

We took a closer look at this newly released game to find out.


  • Game: Crystal Rift
  • Developer: Microgaming (Rabcat)
  • Reels: 5
  • Pay Lines: 25 (non selectable)
  • Minimum Bet: 0.25
  • Maximum Bet: 50.00
  • Jackpot: 2,000
  • Free Spins Bonus: No
  • Other Bonuses: Yes
  • Progressive: No
  • Volatility: Medium


In terms of how the Crystal Rift slot looks, it is clear that Rabcat have gone for a very space-age and futuristic look for the game. The backdrop seems to be some sort of cavernous place, perhaps on some far-flung planet, with a view over a wispy night sky with the occasional star twinkling in the distance.

The effect is excellent and the fact that you don't have reels, but simply that the symbols drop down from above, also makes the game look and feel a little more exciting than usual. The Wild Grid feature, more of which is outlined below, is highlighted by a hexagonal shape appearing in a pattern on the reels before each spin and again, this adds to the futuristic feel.

Add to that a rather jazzy space-age soundtrack accompanying you as you spin, which gets louder and faster when you trigger the main features of the slot and you have a game that both sounds and looks superb.

What is on the reels?

There are a total of nine symbols on the reels, eight of which are the standard symbols and one of which is the Wild symbol, which we will expand upon in more detail in the section below.

Each of the eight standard symbols is a different type of crystal and these are most easily differentiated by their colour. They range in value from the lowest value to the highest in the following order, Pink, Dark Blue, Brown, Light Blue, Amber, Red, Green and Orange. Wins though are generally small with the lowest win being less than a tenth of your standard bet and you really need to hit at least four or five across the reels to win anything more than your bet on a single line.

However, by using Wilds, you can land multiple line wins of different crystals and this is how you can accumulate wins on a single spin, not to mention the Wild Grid bonus, which can see these smaller value wins accumulate into a bigger value win.

Wild features

There is the one Wild symbol in the game and this is the white cube. It only offers one single pay out of 2,000 coins (the jackpot in the game) and that only lands if you hit five of the Wilds across one of the winning lines of the slot.

In all other instances, the Wild simply substitutes for any of the standard symbols on the reels to help create winning lines and it does so frequently as you play through the game.

Free Spins features

There is no Free Spins feature on the Crystal Rift slot. Instead, what you have is a Wild Grid feature, which is a little more complex than a standard Free Spins bonus.

The Wild Grid feature triggers on every spin and at the start, a Grid is selected from a number of different patterns available on the reels. This is highlighted before the spin starts. If you manage to land a win on that spin, then one of the sectors in the highlighter will be filled in. If you then trigger subsequent wins from the Bonus Falls feature, then more sections of the highlighter will be completed.

If you manage to complete all sections of the highlighter on a single spin, then you trigger the Wild Grid bonus, which is where all of the symbols in the Wild Grid positions on the reel will turn from what they currently are into a Wild symbol and then any subsequent wins are triggered.

There are a total of 20 possible Grids that can be randomly selected on each spin and they range from the Basic Grid, through the Super and Mega Grids to the Insane Grid. On each grid, the number of symbols and patterns of these symbols is different. The higher the Grid Level, then the greater your chances of triggering a big win if you can turn all the symbols into Wild symbols on the feature.

If you are new to the game then the Wild Grid bonus may seem somewhat complicated at first, however it really isn't and after you have seen it in action for a couple of spins and see how it works and is triggered, then it is very easy to work out how the bonus works for all your future spins. When you do work it out, you can then start to get excited about the different patterns the Wild Grid shows on the screen and when you land an Insane grid pattern and land a couple of wins, the slot does become more exciting to see if you can land that next crucial win.

Best feature of the Crystal Rift Slot

Without a Free Spins bonus, slot games always make slot players a little wary, but the fact that you can land multiple wins with the Bonus Falls feature, which is in effect like at least one additional spin each time you land a win, together with the Wild Grid bonus, it actually feels like you get more bonuses for your money with the Crystal Rift slot. While the Bonus Falls feature is good, the Wild Grid feature is the best with the ability to turn numerous positions on the reels Wild if you can trigger it with consecutive Bonus Fall wins. You can land some sizeable wins in the game this way, which you may well need given that some of the base game wins are a little small.


The Crystal Rift slot looks spectacular and plays very nicely indeed. It is an unusual slot in that it has a number of features different from your typical Microgaming offering, but the positive thing is that it still works very nicely as a game, even without a Free Spins bonus. The bonuses that are included in the Crystal Rift slot seem complicated at first but are actually very easy to understand once you start playing and in truth, this is a game which oozes playability, although on the negative side, the size of some of the base game wins is very small indeed.

You can play this fantastic new slot at any of our Mega Moolah casinos.

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