Relaxed regulations open Sweden to Mega Moolah and bitcoin

While Mega Moolah has always been available to Swedish players and gambling with bitcoins is relatively common practice the government officials in Sweden moved to relax gambling laws late in 2018 in an effort to expand the country's gambling industry and break the monopoly that local operators had held for decades.

As part of that effort, they did two things. First, they opened the door to online gambling. Second, they invited overseas operations to apply for new online gambling licences.

Needless to say that their efforts have not gone unnoticed. Not only are international operators lining up to get their licences, but other countries in Europe are now taking a close look at what Sweden has done. A modicum of success in Sweden will likely lead other countries to make similar changes to their own laws.

We really have to take our hats off to Swedish officials and doing the right thing by deregulating and showing other countries that prohibition is not the way to go forward.

New operations ready to go

News articles from late December 2018 reported that Sweden had already issued more than two dozen licences to international operators set to begin offering online gambling. Furthermore the latest estimate suggests that nearly six dozen operators have submitted licence applications thus far. Most of the licences already granted are for five years, though some operators have opted for two-year licences.

All that remains to be seen now is how quickly the online operators get their sites up and running. Some may already be running at this point. Regardless, Swedish gamblers will eventually have access to dozens of new online gambling sites, some of which will undoubtedly host the popular Mega Moolah slot game from Microgaming.

Mega Moolah and bitcoin gambling

Anyone new to either Mega Moolah or bitcoin gambling will probably be interested to know how it all works. For starters, Mega Moolah is easily one of the most popular video slot games ever made by Microgaming. What makes it so popular? Its impressive jackpots - The current jackpot in Swedish krona is over 173 million!

Mega Moolah features progressive jackpots, which is to say the jackpots continue to grow until someone wins them. They grow by way of a portion of every bet being contributed to the jackpots as players play. The more players gambling on Mega Moolah at any one time, the faster the jackpots grow.

As far as bitcoin gambling is concerned, it is a way to gamble online using bitcoins as your currency of choice. There are other cryptocurrency options out there, but bitcoin rules the roost. Nearly every casino that accepts cryptocurrency excepts bitcoin at the very least.

Two ways to play with bitcoin

If you are interested in bitcoin gambling and Mega Moolah, there are two ways to go about playing your favourite video slot. The first option is to look exclusively for a bitcoin casino which offers the Mega Moolah title.

A bitcoin casino is an online casino that accepts only bitcoin and/or other cryptocurrencies. Some of them are exclusive to bitcoin alone. You would login to the site, sign up just as you would with any other site, and then make a deposit. In mere minutes you would be ready to begin spinning the reels.

Should you choose to go this route, we recommend looking for a bitcoin casino that offers a healthy welcome bonus. What is a welcome bonus? It is a matching cash (in this case, bitcoins) bonus offered by the casino as a 'thank you' for signing up. For example, you might be offered a 100% matching bonus on your first deposit of µɃ1,000. Now you have a µɃ2,000 bankroll.

Your other option for playing Mega Moolah using bitcoins in Sweden is to make your deposit through a digital wallet or prepaid card service. Continue reading to learn more.

Using a digital wallet

A digital wallet service is a service that allows you to buy all sorts of things online using a variety of fiat currencies. Skrill and Neteller are good examples. Both allow you to make purchases, gamble, etc. online while utilising more than three dozen different currencies.

After signing up for an account, you make a deposit via a standard bank transfer. If you like, you can convert some of your bitcoins into fiat currency by selling them through Skrill. Then take that money and use it to make a deposit at an online casino that accepts Skrill payments.

The great thing about buying and selling bitcoins on Skrill is that it is fast. It's also easy and transparent. So if you want to use Skrill as a way to gamble with Bitcoin, you wouldn't have to go through a traditional exchange that could take longer and be more difficult to use.

Using a prepaid card

An easier way to gamble online with Bitcoin is to use a prepaid card like uPayCard. This service lets you pay for all sorts of things with more than 20 different cryptocurrencies in the same way you would use a standard prepaid debit card.

The uPayCard system utilises both physical and virtual cards. If you plan to only use yours for online activity, the virtual card is the better option. You would get a physical card if you plan to use it both online and at traditional brick-and-mortar merchants.

To use the card, you would purchase one after signing up for a uPayCard account. Then you would load the card by transferring bitcoins to it. You could then use that card to make a deposit at any casino that accepts uPayCard. That is really all there is to it.

Choosing the best option

You have now learned three options for playing Mega Moolah online using bitcoins. So what is the best option? That depends. For Swedish players, much rides on the operators that have already obtained licences. The choices gamblers make will be rooted in whatever options online operators offer.

For someone who lives and dies by cryptocurrency, it might be worth having access to a more limited number of online gambling sites that deal only with bitcoin, litecoin, etc. Other gamblers may not be so heavily invested in cryptocurrency. They might be willing to look at casinos that accept Skrill and uPayCard instead.

There really is no right or wrong choice. The point to remember is that bitcoin gambling is all about safe and secure transactions that make it possible to play your favourite casino games without having to involve traditional bank transactions that could expose your personal information online.

More about progressive jackpots

Before we close out this post, we thought it might be helpful to talk a little bit more about progressive jackpots for those Swedish gamblers who are not familiar with how they work. Imagine you and half-a-dozen of your friends are all playing Mega Moolah online simultaneously. Some of you are playing with bitcoin while others deposited fiat currency.

You are joined by hundreds of other players all simultaneously playing for the Mega Moolah jackpot from locations around the world. Every time one of you spins the reels, a portion of the bet is contributed to each of the game's multiple progressive jackpots. Now stop and think about that for just a minute. If there are hundreds of you playing simultaneously, imagine how quickly the jackpots grow.

Mega Moolah offers four different jackpots:

  • Mega - starting at SEK 10,000,000 minimum
  • Major - starting at SEK 100,000
  • Minor - starting at SEK 1000
  • Mini - starting at SEK 100

Unlike other progressive jackpot games, having a chance at the Mega Moolah jackpots doesn't require landing a particular combination of symbols. Rather, Mega Moolah randomly awards chances to play. Should you be awarded a chance, you would be presented a spinning wheel with different coloured spaces pertaining to each of the four jackpots. Spin the wheel and see if you win.

As you might expect, the largest number of spaces on the wheel pertain to the Mini jackpot. There are 10 of those spaces. There are 6 spaces for the Minor jackpot, 3 for the Major jackpot, and 1 for the Mega jackpot. You are never guaranteed a shot at one of the four jackpots when you play, but you can rest assured that the Mega jackpot has paid out some of the biggest prizes in online gambling history.

More opportunities in Sweden

This article began by talking about relaxed gambling regulations in Sweden. We need to close here as well. Thanks to some forward-thinking government leaders who fully understand the economic impact of online gambling, dozens of international operators now have licences to set up websites for Swedish players. That is good news.

Gambling in Sweden is no longer limited to a small number of local operations that have monopolised the sector for decades. Swedish gamblers can still choose to patronise those local establishments, but they no longer have to. They can utilise online gambling from the convenience of their own homes at virtually any time of day or night. And they can deposit bitcoins to play Mega Moolah video slot.

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Byline: This article was published by Mega Moolah expert Henry. Media and other enquiries.

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