Should I claim a Mega Moolah bonus or not?

With so many fabulous Mega Moolah bonuses currently available, it is hard to pick which one to go for. Do you take the 80 spins on offer or the 150 spins, or go straight for a deposit bonus, or take no bonus at all?

Many of the offers on represent very good value for money that it is seemingly a no-brainer to select which one is best for you. We have several Mega Moolah-themed bonuses on offer. But is there ever a reason why you would not want to take up a bonus offer at a casino?

In order to answer this fully, we need to look at the pros and cons of signing up at a casino by accepting a Welcome Bonus of some sort and then you can identify whether taking a bonus is something that you want to do, or whether you would prefer to sign up without one.

The benefits of signing up with a welcome bonus

Of course, there are a number of key benefits available to customers when they elect to sign up at a casino with a Welcome Bonus. Some of the most obvious benefits are:

More spins for your money

With a deposit bonus on your first deposit (such as those available at our casinos) it is abundantly clear that you get great value for money with these offers.

(All bonus examples are valued equally in £/€/$. Other currencies are available and bonus amounts do vary)

For example

Now when you consider you can also use your deposit, as well as your bonus cash, to play the Mega Moolah slot, then that means you get a whole lot of spins valued at 0.25 for very little outlay.

This is particularly beneficial to players that want to sign up at a casino but who will not have a large bankroll behind them when they do. For these players in particular, these superb value initial deposit bonuses offer a great way to earn lots of spins on Mega Moolah, for a small initial outlay.

Chance to earn additional bonus funds on further deposits

All the casino offers mentioned also offer their customers the chance to earn additional bonuses on their second deposits, after the initial bonus has been used up. For example:

  • 100% Matched Deposit Bonus up to 100,
  • 100% Matched Deposit Bonus up to 475, and
  • 100% Matched Deposit Bonus up to 250 respectively.

Depending on how much you deposit, this will allow you to access additional bonus funds, which will essentially double the amount of money you deposited into your account up to the maximum amounts stated above.

Again, you can use both your deposit and the bonus cash to play on the Mega Moolah slot if you wish and this again gives you double the amount of spins you would ordinarily receive for your money.

Almost all bonuses at a casino are designed to give you either more bonus cash to spend, more spins on a slot or some other similar benefit. However, in order for the casino to offer them, they require a lengthy list of terms and conditions to ensure that they are abused by some less scrupulous players. It is these terms and conditions which generally tend to cause issues for some players when considering whether they need a Welcome Bonus at all.

Are there any negatives to signing up with a welcome bonus?

Now that we understand that almost all casino bonuses are designed to give players additional opportunity or funds to play games on the site, now we must look at whether casinos offering this can hinder some players, rather than help them.

With any bonus, a casino will have a long list of terms and conditions related to the bonus which will be in place to ensure that the casino can (a) afford to offer the bonus and (b) ensure that players cannot abuse the system, so they are effectively playing at no risk to themselves.

It is in these terms and conditions where some issues can arise, especially for more experienced and higher rolling slot players and the key negative for many is the "dreaded" wagering requirement.

The wagering requirement

When you receive bonus cash from a casino, then there is usually a wagering requirement attached to that bonus. For example, on the initial bonus there might even be a 60x wagering requirement attached to it. So what does this mean in real terms?

Let's say that you take 20 bonus cash which has a wagering requirement of 60x, that means your wagering requirement is 60x the £20 - amounting to 1,200.

What this means is, should you win money with your bonus cash, then you would need to make a minimum of 1,200 in wagers using this money before you can lift the wagering requirements and the money transferred over to your real cash account where it can be withdrawn.

Of course, this means that for some players, they will never fulfill the wagering requirements of their bonus, so they are unlikely to be able to withdraw any money as a result of any winnings they have. However it's easily possible to meet the requirement as there's a very good chance of winning more than your wagering requirement amount.

This issue becomes more of an "issue" with the second deposit. On these deposits players can add more to their account (e.g. 100 to 475 is available with the three offers we have focused on).

The good news here is that any subsequent bonuses after the initial bonus received come with a much smaller 30x wagering requirement, but when you deposit more, then the wagering requirement still increases markedly.

This just means that the casino is minimising their risk on their free cash offers.

You can pay a hefty premium in wagering requirement even if you do win big on Mega Moolah.

Let's use a simple example of what we mean here. Let's say you take up on the 100 spins offer and then make a 475 deposit to claim the 475 in bonus funds (note that casino offers differ from country to country). You then play through your deposited 475 and then when playing through your bonus, you land the second biggest Mega Moolah jackpot, called the Major Jackpot, and win 30,000.

Now the great news with Mega Moolah is that you are paid out in one lump sum for any win on the slot, even the top progressive prize, but seeing as your win occurred as part of a bonus offer, you still have to complete the wagering requirement.

Now as we know, the wagering requirement for this offer means you need to make 14,250 worth of bets before you can withdraw your bonus. So, despite winning 30,000, almost half of that you are going to have to spend at the casino before you can withdraw the remaining funds.

Of course, playing through the rest of your bonus cash spins and the big 14,250 could generate you a further win to increase your balance, but it is this reason in particular why so many experienced and higher roller slot players tend to opt out of taking a bonus when signing up with a casino.

Should I take a Welcome Bonus or not when signing up to play Mega Moolah?

Having weighed up the pros and cons of welcome bonuses in detail, I think it is pretty clear as to what you should do when signing up with a casino and deciding whether to take a welcome bonus or not.

If you are one of the vast majority players, who is looking for great value, and plenty of opportunity to play games at the casino but who is not likely to wager higher amounts, or deposit large amounts at the casino, then casino Welcome Bonus deals are ones that you should absolutely accept. You will still get plenty of opportunity to enjoy Mega Moolah, plus a host of other games on the site at a fraction of the cost it would cost you if you used your funds alone.

The exception to this rule is if you are a higher stakes player who is likely to maximise out any bonus offer and incur such large wagering requirements that instead of the offer being a benefit to you, it could actually cause more of a problem should you land a big win.

If you have decided you do not want a bonus and the hassle that comes with it

If you do not want a bonus because you want to play only with your own cash that has no wagering requirements attached, then we recommend that you visit our rewards program page and scroll down the the section 'Don't want a bonus with wagering requirements?' There will you find six recommended Mega Moolah casinos that you can signup with today and do not need to claim a bonus.

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