Space Spins slot from Electric Elephant Games lights up Microgaming casinos

Space Spins slot review

The Isle of Man-based online casino and slots gaming giant Microgaming have been busy over the last couple of years securing new partnership deals with a number of software development houses, in order that these other companies can develop fresh, exciting new slot games exclusively for the Microgaming network.

Electric Elephant Games are one of the companies that Microgaming have agreed a deal with and they have just announced the release of their latest slot. It's called Space Spins and as you can imagine from the title, it is based on an intergalactic theme, with some rather cute aliens, rather reminiscent of the characters in the So Many Monsters slot, part of the symbols in the game.

The new slot is a medium variance game and part of that is down to the rather sizeable reel set which is a 5x5 matrix and which has a total of 40 pay lines in play. That sounds a lot, but on a slot with 25 symbols in play on each spin, it does mean that wins can be tougher to come by.

So how does the new Space Spins slot stack up? It is blast-off for Electric Elephant Games and Microgaming in the first game of their partnership, or will Space Spins disappear down a black hole? Let's take a closer look and find out.


  • Game: Space Spins
  • Developer: Electric Elephant Games (for Microgaming)
  • Reels: 5
  • Pay Lines: 40 (non-selectable)
  • Minimum Bet: 0.40
  • Maximum Bet: 40.00
  • Jackpot: 7.5x
  • Free Spins Bonus: Yes
  • Other Bonuses: Yes
  • Progressive: No
  • Volatility: Medium


The Space Spins slot is set against a cartoon-styled backdrop that would not look out of place in The Jetsons cartoon series. There's a ringed planet in the air, stars twinkling in the sky and the terrain of an unknown planet, which just so happens to be home to a bunch of rather cute and amusing looking alien creatures of all colours and sizes.

The 5x5 reel set dominates the screen with the main controls at the bottom of the reels. The musical accompaniment and sound effects nicely match the action on screen and are fitting for this space-age themed slot and are not too obtrusive in the game, making them easy to play along to.

The simplistic cartoon style works very well in some slots, not so in others, but in Space Spins, it works a real treat and captures perfectly the fun and enjoyable elements of a slot that doesn't take itself too seriously.

What is on the reels?

There are a number of symbols on the reels and the most commonly landed are the lower value playing card symbols. These are the four playing cards, Jack, Queen, King and Ace and these offer wins of up to 1x (Jack and Queen) and 1.5x (King and Ace) your bet.

Alongside these lower value symbols are a number of higher paying symbols and these are the different coloured alien creatures and their assorted ships and planets etc. These offer a range of wins up to 5x your bet.

These amounts sound low, but it is worth noting that on the Space Spins slot, every symbol can be stacked on the reels and you can land multiple winning lines on a single spin. Indeed, it is through landing these multiple line win bets that you can land some of the bigger value wins on the slot, even if the standard single line top prize is not that big.

There are a couple of other symbols on the reels to help you land bigger value wins and these are the Scatter and the different Wild symbols which appear in the base game and also during the Free Spins bonus.

Wild features

One of the most exciting features of the Space Spins slot is that there are a number of different Wilds in action in the base game and the same Wilds in play during the Free Spins bonus although they play slightly differently, which we will explore in the Free Spins section below.

In the base game, there are three different types of Wilds. All of them are Expanding Wilds, but each of the three expands itself in a different way. The Rocket Wild expands vertically up the reel from the bottom to the top and can turn an entire reel Wild when landed in this way.

The Shooting Star Wild expands horizontally across the reels, turning one of the five rows into Wild symbols. The third Wild symbol is the Sunburst Wild and this when landed will expand to cover the symbols directly adjacent to it.

The Wilds only appear on the middle three reels of the Space Spins slot, but they can expand onto the first and fifth reels too when triggered. Landing five Wilds across the reels also triggers the largest single line win in the game of 7.5x your stake.

Free Spins features

To land the Free Spins bonus game you need to hit three of the Free Spins Scatter symbols on the first, third and fifth reels on the same spin. When you do, you will be gifted eight free spins and in your Free Spins bonus, the Wilds you land will change slightly.

You can still land any of the three Wild symbols from the base game during Free Spins, but during Free Spins your Wilds are Sticky Wilds too. This means that they will remain in place for the duration of your Free Spins bonus, which means you have more chance of triggering multiple Wilds on successive spins and of course, that can lead to much larger value wins, especially on those final few spins if you have managed to land a number of Wild symbols on the previous spins.

Best feature of the Space Spins slot

Although the base game in the Space Spins slot is good fun, it is the Free Spins bonus that makes the slot particularly attractive. The fact that the Wilds are Sticky Wilds in the bonus feature means that if you get lucky and can trigger several of them over the course of your spins, then some bigger value wins are very possible and that makes this slot hugely playable. However, Free Spins can require patience to trigger, so always play at the right bet level for your bankroll to get the best from the game.


This is an enjoyable slot to play from Electric Elephant Games and I am certain Microgaming will be more than happy with the finished product. The slot looks big but plays well and is a good example of a medium variance slot. Wins in the base game can vary quite dramatically, from amounts much less than your bet, to multiple line wins of many times more, but that is how a medium variance slot should work. All in all, this is a great and fun slot to play and one that will certainly hold longer term appeal for those that enjoy medium variance games.

You can play this fantastic new slot following its release shortly at any of our casinos.

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