Switch Studios to produce a series of casino table games for Microgaming

Over the past few months Microgaming have announced a number of new partnership deals with other gaming studios who will now produce exclusive content for the Microgaming brand.

Deals with Stormcraft Studios, Slingshot Studios and Fortune Factory Studios have all been announced in the past few months and now a new name has been added to the fold.

That company is Switch Studios, but this new company is slightly different to the other three partnership deals outlined above. While Stormcraft, Slingshot and Fortune Factory will focus predominantly on developing new slot games for Microgaming, Switch Studios main focus will be on developing a new era of table games for a range of Microgaming casinos.

Switch Studios are based in East Anglia in the city of Ipswich and they are a group of online gambling and social gaming fanatics, who are keen to develop the standard type of games into something more memorable and playable. Microgaming hope their expertise will be the key to them releasing a new series of table games over the coming years.

The first release is the game Roulette, which is a new version of one of the most popular of all casino games. This new version features a full 3D representation of the roulette wheel, complete with accurate ball physics to ensure realism of play. The game engine is also brand new and punters who play the game can enjoy a range of features including betting on the standard layout, as well as racetrack betting and a range of other special bets.

In addition, Roulette will be optimised for play on mobile devices, you will be able to play it in the traditional landscape mode and also portrait, for example.

Microgaming have confirmed that Roulette will the first of what they are calling "a full suite" of table games which will be developed by the Ipswich-based team over the coming months, with a range of different table games, including Blackjack, set to be developed and released.

Fans will be able to get a closer look at the new version of Roulette for the first time when Microgaming and Roulette are in attendance at SiGMA at the MFCC in Malta from the 28th to the 30th November 2018. The company will be showcasing their new release at Stand B156.

In addition to showcasing the game, Microgaming and Switch Studios will also be explaining how they hope this new era of tailor-made table games will be designed with the player experience as the primary focus.

Announcing the news, Microgaming CEO John Coleman stated:

"Bringing Switch Studios into the fold ensures we have a dedicated resource for innovating and enhancing our table games offering.

"The team have already demonstrated a facility for producing stylish and sophisticated casino games that are highly original and entertaining and I am looking forward to developing this side of our range even further in the coming months."

The head of Switch Studios, Tom David, echoed those sentiments saying:

"We believe our background in the mobile, social and eGaming sectors puts us in an excellent position to bring innovation and style to the online table gaming sector. Our objective is to deliver the best selection of classic table games that players enjoy."

Microgaming Table Games

In truth, this announcement from Microgaming was to be expected at some point. The company has always been primarily focused on its slot games offerings, with a far greater number of slot games part of its portfolio than casino table games, but the fact that table games remain so popular with so many players, not in the least because some of them offer the best RTP ratio of any casino games available, has always meant that the company would seek to refresh its output in some way.

It is not the first time this has happened, as Microgaming did release a number of Gold Series table games several years ago as follow ups to their original table game releases, but what is a first is that Switch Studios will be the first external company with a responsibility for Microgaming's Table Gaming output. Given the popularity of their current selection of table games with fans, that is a big responsibility.

What is going to be interesting to see is just how far Switch Studios will veer from the norm with their output. With a background in social gaming, part of the popularity of many games on social networking sites, is that they take a tried and trusted game and give it a little twist to make it slightly different to the norm.

However, largely in the online casino gaming community, companies have tended to eschew this approach believing that their customers would rather play a faithful reproduction of a casino classic, perhaps with just a few cosmetic enhancements, rather than a slightly different version of the game with additional new features.

Switch Studios challenge therefore will be twofold. Firstly, they are going to have to produce a series of games which not only look and play better than the current crop of Microgaming table games, the pinnacle of which is their Gold Series of games, but which also have enhanced customer experiences at the centre of the gaming.

Furthermore, they are also going to need to question whether they are offering that is substantially different enough from the standard run of the mill casino games, or whether their offering is too different from a casino game to the extent that it may alienate potential players who feel that the new and improved version of roulette or blackjack, is too far removed from the original for it to be worthwhile playing.

It is a delicate balance between the two, but it is one that Switch Studios will be confident of striking the right balance to ensure that their selection of games produced for Microgaming ticks all the relevant boxes.

So far, Roulette will be the company's first release under the new partnership with a version of Blackjack reported to be next. Following that I think that the most likely games to follow from this partnership will be new versions of games like Baccarat, Craps and Casino Hold'em Poker.

Whatever the future holds, it is good to see that Microgaming are paying close attention to updating its casino gaming options, as well as enhancing the variety of slots it offers to customers. This new approach, of working exclusively with independent companies to produce exclusive content for Microgaming, has certainly paid dividends over the year with a number of strong releases such as Rainbrew, Fortunium, Romanov Riches and Cash of Kingdoms and the future only looks to be even brighter following this new announcement.

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