The average Mega Moolah jackpot exceeds 10 million for the 2nd time ever

One of the most interesting aspects of the Mega Moolah slot for many players, is checking up on how the current jackpot has increased in size over the last few days or so.

Many people like to try and time their sessions on Mega Moolah to coincide with when the jackpot is at a higher than usual amount and as such, tracking the jackpot size is important for them.

The good news is that it is very simple to do this. Simply log on to our website and you will see a real-time display of the current Mega Moolah Mega progressive jackpot prize displayed prominently on the site. If you want to investigate how the Mega Moolah current jackpot has grown over the last few days, weeks, months or even longer, then head to the jackpot page on the site, which is a treasure trove for stats lovers on the record-breaking slot.

There is a lot of information you can gleam about Mega Moolah from checking the current jackpot status. Sure, you will know how much is available to be won on the game if you were to be the lucky player to hit the next big jackpot trigger, but you can also see how the jackpot has progressed over time, when the last jackpot was won and also even check out historical data going back many years on how the jackpot has climbed and been paid out.

Mega Moolah Jackpot trends

One thing that you do notice when you have been keeping tabs on the Mega Moolah current jackpot is that the speed at which the jackpot grows does vary over time and when the jackpot is relatively small, i.e. below the average pay out for the Mega Moolah slot, then it tends to grow a little more slowly than it does when it reaches a landmark amount.

You will now be able to see this in action with the current Mega Moolah jackpot crashing through the 3 million barrier once again recently. This isn't a big milestone in the history of the game which in 2019 has an average jackpot size of 10,003,083.65! There have only been seven prior occasions throughout the history of Mega Moolah when the jackpot has reached 10 million or more.

The first of these was one of the most famous Mega Moolah wins. Back in October 2015, Crewe-based former soldier Jonathan Heywood landed a Guinness World Record shattering prize of over £13.2 million, a win which was confirmed as the largest ever online progressive jackpot slot win in history by Guinness.

It took a little while for the jackpot to climb that high again but incredibly the last two prizes awarded on the Mega Moolah slot have seen the prize go well beyond 10 million. First up, we had a winner back in June 2016 who landed an NZ$10 million prize. Then there were several 10+ million jackpots won in quick succession. Two Canadian player each too CA$11+ million prizes.

Incredibly, the jackpot did not hit 10+ million till two years later in September 2018 when a player landed a monster jackpot worth €18.9 million. From there the jackpot grew rapidly again triggering to a massive prize of over CA$20 million which was won by a player playing in Canadian Dollars in January 2019. Seeing as this players prize was in Canadian Dollars, and not the base currency of British Pounds, this meant that once the player had been paid out, there was still a large amount of money remaining in the progressive jackpot prize pool for the next winner.

Since then, the jackpot rose steadily with an 8.1, 3.3 and 5.5 million jackpots awarded. Now we just wait and see how the jackpot progresses on wards from breaking the 3 million barrier.

What will that mean for Mega Moolah jackpot hunters? Well if previous history on the slot is anything to go by, then we could see the jackpot giving up smaller wins or swelling up to a period of Mega Moolah Mania gripping the world. This is when the jackpot fund grows at an astonishing rate.

That's because when the jackpot on Mega Moolah reaches a massive amount, the slot becomes very attractive to slot players, who want the chance to win an incredible, life-changing amount of money from just 0.25 per spin.

As such, what you tend to find when the jackpot is larger, more players tend to play more spins on the Mega Moolah slot. This does two things, firstly it increases the amount of money going into the progressive jackpot fund, which means that the progressive jackpot prize increases in value more quickly and secondly, the fact that there are many more spins being played on the Mega Moolah slot means that it is more likely that someone, somewhere will eventually trigger a win.

Indeed, one of the most appealing aspects of periods like the current one for Mega Moolah players is that with the jackpot prize increasing more quickly, this then encourages more players to play, which increases the size of the jackpot still further, creating a virtuous circle, where the increasing prize just encourages more and more players to play.

Of course, that doesn't mean that the Mega Moolah jackpot will be won any time soon. The jackpot can be won on any spin at any time by any player making a qualifying bet, but there's no guarantee the jackpot will be won shortly. The jackpot could be won on the very next spin after you finish reading this article, or it is just as likely to be won days, weeks or even months from now perhaps with an even more massive prize fund for the winner.

How does the average size of the Mega Jackpot win in 2019 compare to other years?

We have had just five Mega Moolah's Mega Jackpot winners in 2019 so far - but those wins have been huge. The total amount paid out in 2019 so far is 50,015,418.24 and the average jackpot is 10,003,083.65. The jackpot hit frequency is the lowest ever, at just 23 days, meaning more jackpots more frequently.

At that rate, it is likely that 2019 could well be a record-breaking year for Mega Moolah jackpots, eclipsing the 55,197,950.63 paid out to 13 lucky winners in 2017 and the 50,220,527.14 paid out to seven winners in 2018.

With such a big prize to be won, you will no doubt be wanting to keep tabs on the Mega Moolah jackpot prize and perhaps have a few spins yourself to try and be the next lucky winner. Remember, every qualifying spin could be a winner and any player, provided you make the minimum bet, can win.

Byline: This article was published by Mega Moolah expert Henry. Media and other enquiries.

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