The best approach to play Mega Moolah for the longer term

One of the most common phrases I have used when compiling articles for this site, specifically about being successful when playing slots, is that there is not much you can do as a player to influence the outcome of any given spin.

The only control you have on a slot, and this is true of any slot game, not just Mega Moolah or another progressive jackpot slot, is the amount of money that you choose to wager per spin. Other than that, once you have hit the spin button, you are in the lap of the gods as to whether your spin will be a winner or not.

Now while that is certainly the case when it comes to playing individual spins on a slot, the one way you can influence your chances of winning over a longer period is to develop a cogent strategy for playing your favourite slot games.

I thought slot strategies didn't work?

First let me clear up what I mean by a strategy for a slot game. I am not trying to show you a way in which you can win money on a slot by playing a game like Mega Moolah in a certain way. Every spin on a slot is an entirely random event, there is nothing you can do to influence the outcome of a spin once you hit the button.

Therefore, any strategy that suggests you can, is wrong.

However, what you can do is develop a strategy for playing the game, which is going to allow you to budget the cash you have to spend more effectively, to target the game when it has the most positive expected value (and thus is likely to generate a better return for you if you do manage to land a win) and to give you the tools to play the game in a controlled, safe and sensible manner.

This strategy is one to use to play Mega Moolah, not to guarantee a win on the slot, which are two very different things indeed.

This is also a strategy which is best used over the longer term. Your chances of winning the Mega Moolah jackpot are small and the most effective way to increase your chances is simply to have more spins on the game. This strategy allows you to do that, but in a way which is controlled, allows you to budget effectively and avoids you overspending on single sessions, thus wiping out the opportunity for you to play later on in the week or month (when the jackpot may be even higher).

Step one - Work out a realistic budget and schedule for your slots play

The first thing you need to do before you even grab your smartphone or sit at your computer to play a slot game, is to ensure that you are only spending the money you can afford to lose on playing the game.

Most people like to keep a check on their finances and spending, but even if you are not one of those people, it is a good practice to sit down and work out exactly what cash you have available each month (or week, if you are paid weekly) to spend playing slot games.

It should go without saying that you should only ever use a percentage of your disposable income on your slot gaming. How much that is depends very much on the individual and as such, it is impossible to set a realistic amount for any player here. For some players £10 a week is a big commitment, for others, £100 a day would not affect their finances unduly.

Once you have worked out how much you have available to spend on slot games, you then need to consider how often do you have the time to sit down and enjoy a longer session on the reels.

This is essentially an exercise in recognising your playing habits. Do you play the same number of times each week? The same times of the day and week? Or do you play at more random times when you have a little spare time to yourself?

Once you know how many sessions you can have over the course of a week or a month and you know your slot budget, you can then work out how best to divide that budget and those sessions up.

However, that may not be a case of simply scheduling yourself the same time and the same amount of money each week in which to play.

Step two - Check the status of the Mega Moolah progressive jackpot

The great thing about the Mega Moolah slot is that as long as you make the minimum bet of 0.25 per spin, then you can win the Mega Moolah progressive jackpot prize at any time, on any spin. Therefore, you are not penalised if you play the game 1 minute, 1 hour, 1 day, 1 month or even 1 year after the jackpot prize was last landed.

Furthermore, with the minimum prize for the Mega progressive jackpot on the slot guaranteed to be at least 1,000,000, then you know that even if you win a short time after another player has landed a win (which is a rare event, but which has happened), then you are still guaranteed a great payout.

Therefore, there is no penalty in scheduling your game time on the Mega Moolah slot at regular intervals with a similar amount of money to play through on each. However, if you want to chase the really big prizes on the Mega Moolah slot, and for me, this is when the prize starts to creep past that 5 million or 6 million mark, then you may wish to be more flexible with your playing schedule.

There's no doubt that when the jackpot climbs higher than the average sized win, the appeal of playing Mega Moolah increases. More players playing more spins, means that there is a greater chance of somebody somewhere landing that progressive jackpot prize.

As such, I like to be more flexible with my scheduling. I tend to player fewer sessions when the jackpot prize is relatively low, such as just after a big win has been announced, and I save these sessions up for when the jackpot has increased over a stated amount (for me, this is the 4.5 million mark).

Once the jackpot figure gets to around the 6 million mark, I will then play the slot in a more structured way, playing the same time and spending the same amount in each session, as the jackpot grows. That continues until the jackpot is won, whereby I tend to then play fewer sessions until it has grown over that 4.5 million mark.

Of course, there's no reason why I would win when the jackpot is higher than when it is lower, any spin on the slot has the same chance of success, it is simply my choice to play when there is more money in the prize pool as the expected value of the slot is improved for me, which means if I am the one who strikes it lucky and lands the win, I'll win more money than I would had I focused my play when the jackpot prize was a smaller amount.

Step three - Develop a coherent strategy with what to do with your other Mega Moolah winnings

It is worth remembering that when you play Mega Moolah, you can win some sizeable prizes in the base game itself, as well as the three smaller progressive jackpots, the Mini, Minor and Major progressives.

All too often, players will land a decent sized win on Mega Moolah, but then simply use that cash for extra spins on the slot. That is their choice of course, but can you really be said to have won a lot of money, if the first thing you do with it, is hand it back to the casino?

For smaller value wins, I always reinvest that back in the game itself, though I will not add them as spins to the current session, but hold them in reserve for the next session on the game.

However, I think it is good practice to start to enjoy some of the larger wins that are possible on the slot. Don't be afraid to withdraw money from your casino account if you do land a sizeable win playing the game. What is sizeable to you is entirely your choice, but if you withdraw the money, then you can enjoy the benefits of that win, rather than simply reinvesting the money back in the game.

For example, if you are playing for 0.25 per spin and have a budget of -pound;10 per session for four sessions a month, and you land a prize of £10, I'd invest that back into the slot for another session at another time.

However, if I was that player and landed a prize of -pound;100, then I'd withdraw a significant proportion of that (say 80-90 percent of it) and keep the remainder in my account for that extra session, however I now have £80 or £90 extra in my wallet or bank account which I can use for little treats for myself, my friends or my family.

By doing this, not only do you benefit financially from bigger value wins, but you also develop a healthier attitude towards slot gaming.

Step Four - Be Patient

As I said before, this strategy is for the longer term. Your chances of landing the Mega Moolah progressive jackpot are small, that is why the prize is so big. As such, you could play the slot for a some time before you even trigger the Jackpot Bonus game once.

Alternatively, you could play a few spins and trigger it and land the Mega Moolah prize on your fifth spin. That's the beauty of the game, it is entirely random and no matter how much or little you have played or spent on the slot, a win is awarded entirely at random.

Remember too that there's plenty of prizes that are more easily winnable on the base game slot. Mega Moolah is a fun slot to play in its own right and has some sizeable jackpot prizes. Don't lose sight of this chasing the progressive game. You can land a sizeable win playing Mega Moolah without ever triggering the Jackpot Bonus game.

Patience is key, by adopting a sensible, affordable strategy, you give yourself opportunities to win the slot often, but do so in a way that does not damage your finances and which allows you to foster a healthy attitude to slot gaming for the long term.

That will ultimately make your Mega Moolah experience all the more fulfilling, regardless of whether you win that big Mega jackpot, or not.

Byline: This article was published by Mega Moolah expert Henry. Media and other enquiries.

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