The next Mega Moolah Winner will chalk up a huge progressive prize

Whoever is the next lucky player to land the Mega Moolah jackpot, will be getting a life-changing jackpot prize and join our wall of winners.

Over the years tens of lucky players have had the joy of experiencing the Jackpot Bonus Game dish out the Mega Jackpot. Currently, the jackpot prize already stands at over eight and a half million, which will put it close to entering the top wins ever landed on the game.

Let's take a look back at the Mega Moolah progressive slot and its history of jackpot wins.

Who were the early Mega Moolah winners?

The first ever Mega Moolah jackpot winner was a player from South Africa winning a R4,308,741.01 prize. Little is known about this winner but that is not case when the second winner from Finland, Klaus K, who became a Mega Jackpot winner in April 2008 and went public with his win.

He had received a casino install disc in mail from Blackjack Ballroom and decided to set it up on his computer. Playing with bet sizes of just 0.50 he quickly turned that into a win of around 5,556,753 US dollars.

So novel was the prospect of winning such a large amount playing an online slot that when Klaus saw the jackpot number flash up on screen he misunderstood what it meant.

"When I saw 5,556,753 flash on my screen, I thought it was a US phone number," he explained in his interview following his win.

"It couldn't be a jackpot, I must be mistaken! So I just got up from my table, went outside to clear my head and then came back again for another look and noticed five and a half million dollars sitting in my account!"

One year later it was Georgios from Greece who won €6.3 million. Georgios spun with five euros to produce this monumental win. Naturally Georgios was over the moon and after the win could only say "I still cannot believe it!"

How have the record wins on Mega Moolah grown over the years?

If we remove the currency of the win and look at the jackpot prizes in unit terms then the Mega Moolah progressive jackpot record pay-out has increased by just shy of eight million over the years. Here's a full record of how the biggest wins have changed over the years.

  • US$5,556,753.68 - April 2008
  • €6,374,599.92 - May 2009
  • £5,883,044.00 - September 2012
  • CA$7,562,019.94 - April 2015
  • £13,213,838.68 - October 2015
  • NZ$10,144,395.82 - June 2016
  • CA$11,610,536.59 - August 2016
  • CA$11,633,898.44 - November 2016
  • CA$8,453,754.28 - January 2017
  • CA$9,572,948.34 - March 2017
  • €8,012,153.35 - April 2017
  • NZ$8,332,554.01 - June 2018

When you factor in the actual value of the win by currency then the record is slightly different due to the exchange rates in operation for the winners.

Jon Heywood's win in October 2015 remains the record win on the Mega Moolah Progressive, but there have been a couple of other double-digit wins (in terms of millions rounded up or down) since then.

  • October 2015 - £13.2 million
  • June 2016 - NZ$10 million
  • August and November 2016 - CA$11.6 million

What are the top five biggest wins on Mega Moolah in real terms?

It can be difficult to accurately record the wins on Mega Moolah as with players playing in different currencies and the exchange rates changing from day to day between these currencies, this can alter the value of previous wins. However, based on historic exchange rates on the day the jackpots were won, the three largest wins on Mega Moolah converted to Euros are as follows:

  • €17,858,293.53 (£13,213,838.68) - October 6, 2015
  • €8,012,153.35 - April 25, 2017
  • €7,974,871.67 (CA$11,609,942.59) - August 2016

It is worth remembering that when jackpots are won in any currency other than British Pounds, then the amount paid out is converted from the balance shown (which is always in the base currency of British Pounds) and the remaining cash in the pot will be the new jackpot amount. It only resets to the seed amount of $1,000,000 when a player wins the jackpot in British Pounds.

What is the smallest Mega Moolah progressive jackpot win?

At the other end of the progressive jackpot scale for Mega Moolah, the smallest win on the slot was recorded on 19 June 2017 and that player took home AU$1,000,727.50. Converted to Euros the win equaled to €681,914.56 or £597,195.37.

Other interesting Mega Moolah progressive jackpot facts

In 2018, on average, the jackpots have been won at the rate of 27 days and the average value of a win on the Mega Moolah slot is around 5,217,782.23. This means that just over the year 2018 the Mega Moolah has paid out over 30 million in top progressive jackpot prizes alone.

It is worth noting that this amount does not include many other top prizes awarded either in the base game, or from people winning the Major Jackpot (the second largest progressive prize on the slot), nor any of the regularly won Mini and Minor Progressive Jackpot prizes. Therefore, the total amount of money paid out by the slot over the years is considerably greater than this amount.

The year that saw the most Mega Moolah Progressive Jackpot wins was actually 2017 but 2018 still has a chance of beating that record. From January to April 2018, the top progressive jackpot prize was won every month. It was actually triggered twice in April 2018, but was not won in May 2018.

Here's hoping that if you plan to have a few spins, you get lucky! The next jackpot winner is set to rack up a very handsome progressive jackpot indeed!

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