Treat yourself to some Mega Moolah this Christmas

It's one of the facts of life, as sure as death and taxes as the saying goes, that for the vast majority of people, the Christmas period is one of the busiest of the year.

It is also one of the most exciting and stressful too, but there is no doubt that it is one of the anomalies of Christmas, that it is supposed to be a holiday to relax, yet for most people it is an extraordinarily busy time.

As such, those precious moments when you can close yourself away from your crazed Uncle Derek telling you in detail about how when he was your age, he was transfixed by train spotting, or your doting Grandmother, who still buys you clothes as if you were aged 12, right down to the kids, who have demanded that you fix up at least 13 different toys, located batteries for each and then assembled them all before you've even sat down for Christmas lunch.

But here's the problem. You're a slots fan and you know that at the moment, the Mega Moolah slot is running with a massive jackpot that crashed through the 13 million mark and which could rise even higher than that over the Christmas period. You'd love the opportunity to while away a bit of free time trying your luck on the reels, hoping to trigger your own Christmas windfall.

But how can you do that with the maelstrom of Christmas dancing all around you?

Well fear not, because we have come up with a handy list of ways you can enjoy a little extra Mega Moolah fun over the festive season, without upsetting your family and getting the cold shoulder from your partner after leaving them to entertain your slightly sozzled relatives over Boxing Day!

Here's how you can still spin and win in among the Christmas celebrations.

  1. Download your Casino client software to your mobile

Nowadays, most people don't move anywhere without their mobile phone. Along with their wallet or purse, their keys and their spectacles, the mobile phone (or tablet) has become the device that you must have with you when you are travelling, or even just sat down at home watching TV.

So to take full advantage of these rarer quieter moments, it is a sensible approach to download your chosen casino's client software onto your mobile. You then have a one-touch link to the site which will then allow you to access and play the Mega Moolah slot quickly and easily.

Using a client from a casino is a simpler and quicker way to play than using a browser as it is just a one touch operation to load up the casino and log in, whereas a browser requires more navigation.

With your access to Mega Moolah now secured on your chosen mobile or tablet, you can now click the button to open the app any time you get an opportunity to play. Just remember to keep your device charged up and your account loaded with cash and you are good to go whenever the opportunity arises.

  1. Bookmark on your mobile device or handset

There are going to be times, either when you are driving somewhere, or stuck in the middle of a family function, where it is going to be somewhat rude to grab your phone and start playing a few spins. However, if you bookmark the Mega Moolah site above, then you will be able to keep a close check on how the jackpot is going and check whether it has been won or not any time you like. is one of the first sites to know when the jackpot has been triggered by any casino hosting Mega Moolah and its software will be one of the first to update the jackpot amounts in real time. So if you want to keep an eye on how the jackpot is going, as well as having a quick link to play via a browser if you don't want to download the client software of your chosen casino, then bookmarking makes perfect sense.

  1. The Christmas Bug

We're into the area now where we are going to try and create some time away from the hustle and bustle where you can come up with a plausible excuse to have some free time to play Mega Moolah and one of the easiest, if you have the acting chops, is to fake the old Christmas Bug.

Christmas is a time when you come into contact with many different people in a short space of time and it is a time when you will get to taste lots of different foods. Now of course, these all may well very safe and sensibly cooked, but there are times when you could meet someone a bit under the weather, or eat a bit of food that hasn't been cooked quite enough.

That's when the dreaded Christmas bug can strike and send the poor unfortunate victim to bed with an upset tummy and usually 24-hours or so later they are right as rain and ready to join in the fun.

However, it also provides you with a perfect reason to clamber back into bed with your phone and enjoy a few extra spins, if you have the acting skills to convince your family that you've been afflicted by the aforementioned bug!

  1. Create your new Family Tradition

One of the nicest things about Christmas is that we eat the same things and do the same things each year and what these things are can differ from family to family and person to person. In my family, it is a tradition to have KFC on Christmas Eve, which stems from the time my wife and I forgot to eat one Christmas Eve we were so busy, rushed out to buy some food and KFC was the only outlet open at that time.

Since then, KFC Christmas Eve has stuck and now other members of the family have their own version (my sister and her husband have Domino's Pizza that night). Christmas traditions are great as they can have the flimsiest pretexts but do offer you a little leeway in getting what you want.

So why not start your own? How about Mum's Christmas Day Free Spins hour, where Mum gets an hour to play Mega Moolah while the kids and dad make sure the Christmas dinner is sorted? Dad's Boxing Day tradition, where Dad gets to play his spins, while lying in bed listening to the kids make a racket with their latest games console?

On a more sensible note, finding time at Christmas to spend with loved ones should be a joy, so if you fancy a spot of slot gaming, find an appropriate time to do so. Not only will you enjoy it more, but who knows, maybe you could be the next big winner too.

Now that would be a Christmas to remember and one Christmas Tradition you would love to keep up every year!

Byline: This article was published by Mega Moolah expert Henry. Media and other enquiries.

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