Unknown player lands 4.3 million Euro prize on Mega Moolah

You may recall that on 27th February we announced that one lucky player took home a CA$7,453,168 jackpot on the Mega Moolah slot. That win was the 12th month in a row that the jackpot had been awarded and was the first February winner on the slot for many years.

Since then the jackpot has been growing and by the 8th March, it had grown very quickly to 4,365,836. Then suddenly one lucky player landed a life-changing amount and the third Mega Moolah Progressive Jackpot win of 2018.

What do we know about the winner?

Given that it has been just a day since the lucky player landed their jackpot win, details on the winner are still very sketchy, but one thing we do know is that since the jackpot was won, the new jackpot level for the game was set back to its initial seeding amount of 1,000,000. This means only one thing, that the prize money was paid out in British pounds, yet it was announced as a Euro win. Details of this are unknown at this time.

What we do know is that the lucky winner landed their win playing at Captain Cook's Casino on their mobile device and they are the second British player to land the big jackpot when playing on their mobile, with the first coming just four months ago when another player landed a £4.2m jackpot back in December 2017.

Mega Moolah Winner Facts and Figures

This latest winner becomes the eighth confirmed player to have won their jackpot prize on the Mega Moolah slot playing from a mobile and the win is the fifth largest mobile jackpots paid out on the Mega Moolah slot as outlined below:

Top Mega Moolah Mobile Winners:

  1. €8 million - April 2017
  2. €7.9 million - August 2016
  3. €6.6 million - March 2017
  4. €6 million - January 2017
  5. £4.3 million - March 2018
  6. £4.2 million - December 2017
  7. US$3.9 million - June 2014
  8. NZ$1 million - May 2013

In terms of players from the UK, this newest winner joins an elite list of eight other UK players that have triggered the jackpot over the history of the Mega Moolah slot. That list includes the record payout ever handed out to an online slots jackpot winner, the £13.2m+ won by Jon Heywood back in October 2015. The winner in March 2018 landed a £4.3m prize which puts him in 3rd place in the list of UK winners in terms of jackpot size.

Only Jon Heywood and John Orchard, who won the £5.8m prize back in December 2012, have landed a bigger win on the Mega Moolah slot in the UK.

Top Mega Moolah UK Jackpot Winners:

  1. October 2015 - £13.2m+ (The World Record pay out for an online slot)
  2. December 2012 - £5.8m
  3. March 2018 - £4.3m (Mobile)
  4. December 2017 - £4.2m (Mobile)
  5. November 2016 - £3.4m
  6. July 2012 - £2.6m
  7. December 2011 - £1.9m
  8. November 2013 - £1.8m
  9. October 2013 - £1.6m

The jackpot has now been triggered for a record 13th month in a row and each successive month that the game is triggered from now on will set a new record. The only month in 2017 that the jackpot was not won was February (it was won once in every other month, bar November which saw two winners) and the slot paid out over 55 million across 2017.

In 2018, the first three months have seen a total of 15.4 million paid out in two different currencies. The first two winners were paid out in Canadian Dollars (CA$11.1m in total) and this latest player received their cash in British Pounds (£4.3m).

At present, 2018 is outstripping even 2017 in terms of winners and pay outs on the Mega Moolah slot. By the end of March 2017, the slot had paid out two Mega Moolah Jackpot winners and had paid a total of €12.6m in Euros to those players. In 2018, there has been one more winner than 2017, the slot has paid out slightly more in combined currencies (15.4m) and there are still 23 days left of March for another jackpot to be built up and perhaps even won.

What will our March 2018 winner be able to buy in the UK with their fortune?

So, with 4.3m+ burning a hole in the pocket of our lucky winner in March 2018, what kinds of things could they elect to spend their money on?

Well for about half that amount they could decide to pick up a Bugatti Veyron Supercar, which tend to sell for around £1.5m to £2m. A bit cheaper than that is a 2017 Ferrari 458 Speciale which you can pick up second hand for around £700,000.

If cars are not the winners thing then maybe clothes are and you can easily afford plenty of pairs of Christian Louboutin shoes with your winnings and have plenty to spare for a few additional accoutrements to go with it, perhaps a Louis Vuitton handbag or two.

You could also pick up a very saleable mansion pretty much anywhere in the UK for around £1m to £2m, with the exception perhaps of London, where you would have to downsize your aspirations, but still get a pretty nifty centrally based pad for around the same amount of money. Though you would not quite get the same amount of acreage or bedrooms (or swimming pools and tennis courts) for your cash in the capital.

If the person was into bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies they could invest some of their £4.3m fortune in digital assets. It's not for the fainthearted but could potentially turn a small investment into tens or even hundreds of millions.

Whatever the lucky winner decides to spend their money on, we congratulate them on their win and will bring you more details about the lucky player when they are released over the coming days and weeks.

Byline: This article was published by Mega Moolah expert Henry. Media and other enquiries.

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