US$12.9 million Mega Moolah jackpot was won 5 March 2019!

Earlier today on the 5th March 2019, the Mega Moolah jackpot prize, which stood at just shy of 13 million, was won. The exact amount won by the lucky player is around US$12,945,668.34 and of course, with this win being just a couple of hours ago, there are few details available about the lucky winner.

However, with the fact that the in game jackpot has now reverted back to just over 3.1 million, this does seem to suggest that the lucky winner landed their prize while playing Mega Moolah at Luxury Casino using US Dollars as their currency.

With 12.9 million US Dollars equating to around 9.8 million British Pounds, this would leave us with exactly around 3.1 million left in the prize pool, which is precisely what the game has at the moment.

Does this mean that this lucky winner is based in the US?

Of course, it is easy to assume that because this latest jackpot has been claimed by someone playing using US Dollars as their choice of currency, that they reside in the United States, however that is not the case. The Mega Moolah game is not available to residents of the United States. However since the US Dollar is often used as an option for players in many other countries to play Mega Moolah it's not uncommon to have Mega Jackpot wins in USD.

If my currency is not available what options do I have? Well players deposit cash into their account usually using their chosen currency, say the Canadian Dollar or New Zealand Dollar. But if your currency is not available at the casino, such as Rupee or Ringgit or similar, then you may opt to choose US dollars or euros.

With that in mind, it means that the winner could literally be based anywhere in the world that offers spins on Mega Moolah and US Dollars is offered to them as a their gaming currency. Therefore, we could possibly have our first ever winner from plenty of countries. Could this be a Mega Moolah winner from India? Or perhaps one from Thailand? We may find out soon enough.

In truth, we can only speculate as to where the lucky winner has come from, but we may well find out more once they have decided whether they want to go public with their win, or whether (like many Mega Moolah jackpot winners), they would prefer to remain anonymous with their win.

No doubt, the lucky winner of the jackpot prize will be liaising with the casino right now to decide on exactly that.

Putting the latest win in context

This latest trigger of the Mega Moolah jackpot prize is the second time the jackpot has been won in 2019 and follows on from the largest ever numeric value jackpot pay out of 20,058,463.58 which was landed by a player in Canadian Dollars back on January 30th 2019.

This means that the total amount of cash won on the top Mega Moolah progressive jackpot for 2019 already stands at 33,002,512.26. This is already the fourth largest amount ever awarded in a single calendar year.

  1. 2017 - 55,197,950.63 (13 winners)
  2. 2018 - 50,220,527.14 (7 winners)
  3. 2016 - 39,023,157.56 (4 winners)
  4. 2019 - 33,002,512.26 (2 winners so far, 9 months of the year remaining)
  5. 2015 - 20,775,858.62 (2 winners)

In terms of the largest numeric prizes ever paid out on the Mega Moolah slot, 2019 is already turning into something of a bumper year as our list of the largest ever wins on numeric value (not currency value) show.

The lucky seven 10 million-plus Mega Moolah wins (2019 wins in italics)

  1. January 2019 - 20,058,564.58
  2. September 2018 - 18,910,668.01
  3. October 2015 - 13,213.838.68
  4. March 2019 - 12,945,668.34
  5. November 2016 - 11,633,898.44
  6. August 2016 - 11,610,536.59
  7. June 2016 - 10,144,395.82

The two wins in 2019 have already accounted for the largest and fourth largest numerical value wins ever paid out on the Mega Moolah slot and as a result, this means that the average sized jackpot for 2019 is by far and away the largest for any year of the Mega Moolah slot.

Average Jackpot win per year

  1. 2019 - 16,501,256
  2. 2015 - 10,387,929
  3. 2016 - 9,755,789
  4. 2018 - 7,174,361
  5. 2008 - 5,556,753
  6. 2007 - 4,308,741
  7. 2017 - 4,245,996
  8. 2011 - 3,177,431
  9. 2009 - 2,929,646
  10. 2014 - 2,581,231
  11. 2010 - 2,547,086
  12. 2012 - 2,468,196
  13. 2013 - 2,377,215

However, it should be noted that these Mega Jackpot figures for the year 2019 can and will change over the coming months depending on how many jackpots are won throughout the year and how much the jackpot is on each trigger and by the end of the year, the final tables may well be very different to what they are showing at present.

What does a US$12.9 million win buy you?

Whether you want to look at the cash prize as a US$12.9 million win (or in UK Pounds a £9.8 million win) there is no doubt that this is a serious cash prize and will change the life of the winner. They will now pretty much be able to afford a lifestyle that perhaps they could only dream about.

Sure, the lucky winner can now afford the home of their dreams, with many outstanding properties available around the 1,000,000 to 2,000,000 mark all over the globe. They also won't have to worry about choice when it comes to luxury vehicles as they'd pretty much be able to afford even the highest end super cars if they so wish.

However, the greatest thing that winning such an amount of money would get you, would be peace of mind that if you invested your winnings wisely, not only would you never have to work again, but you could also take care of your friends and family for as long as they needed too.

And so the search for the next Mega Moolah jackpot winner begins and with the prize pool now back at 3.1 million, it looks unlikely that the next winner will see a 10 million-plus prize. However, the beauty of the Mega Moolah slot is you never know when it is going to pay out and the jackpot could be won in the next few hours, or months and months down the line when it has swelled to a huge amount once again.

The only thing that is certain, is that you have to spin it, to be in with a chance to win it. See the special offers.

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