What are Rolling Reels slots and where can I play them?

Rolling Reels slots are a specific type of slot game which has one striking feature, that is when you land a winning line, either in the base game, free spins or perhaps in both, then the symbols that comprise the win disappear and are replaced from symbols above.

Since their introduction, Rolling Reels have gone by a number of different names, depending on the game in question and the software development company who created them. They also go under the name of Tumbling Reels, Exploding Reels and Cascading Reels to name but three but regardless of the name, the way in which they work remains the same, or at least very similar, across the different slot games that have the feature.

In this article, we are going to learn more about exactly how Rolling Reels works, what bonuses it can trigger, the games that you should look out to try out Rolling Reels for yourself and lastly, the casinos at which you can enjoy these games quickly and easily.

Let's begin though by gaining a greater understanding of how this relatively new bonus feature works.

How does Rolling Reels work?

When a slot has Rolling Reels or a similar bonus, what happens is that when you spin the reels and you end up with a win, after you have received your pay out, the symbols will either flash, or explode or simply disappear from the screen. When this happens, any symbols above them on the reels will drop down into the empty spaces and the empty spaces created at the top of the reels are filled with symbols from above.

As these symbols move down the reels and new symbols are added, this can create additional wins from the same spin, and it is this aspect of the Rolling Reels bonus which makes it such great value. By adding lots of new symbols to the reels and switching positions of some symbols around as the bonus works through, you can trigger several wins from a single spin, one after another. This can of course increase the value of your total win from that spin markedly.

Some Rolling Reels game also feature an additional bonus feature and this is often called a Multiplier Trail. This trail is only ever triggered when you land those additional Rolling Reels-inspired wins and what happens is along the lines of every additional Rolling Reels win you land from a single spin, the size of the Multiplier Trail bonus will increase from 1x up to a stated amount depending on the slot (some slots can pay up to 10x the standard win if you can hit several Rolling Reels wins in succession).

Of course, the more Rolling Reels wins you put together on a single spin, then the greater the size of the cumulative win tends to be, especially if your Rolling Reels game has a multiplier trail bonus in play which can drastically increase the value of each win.

In some games Rolling Reels is only operational when you trigger the Free Spins bonus, or one of the Free Spins bonus features of the slot. In other games, Rolling Reels is on play one every spin in both the base game and Free Spins. Rolling Reels tends to used alongside other bonus features on the slot, such as Wild Symbols and Free Spins, which means even more chances for players to land big value wins.

Occasionally, some games will offer an additional bonus for the Free Spins bonus round with Rolling Reels in play, such as by increasing the multiplier values on the Multiplier Trail, which means that Rolling Reels wins in Free Spins can pay out double that they land in the base game.

Why is Rolling Reels such a great bonus?

Rolling Reels is a fantastic bonus for a number of reasons and the first and foremost of these is that it offers you an opportunity to increase the value of every win that is triggered on the slot, at no extra expense to you. In effect, the Rolling Reels bonus is like every time you win, having a free re-spin of the blank spaces on the slot, which could then see you land a further prize.

When combined with a Multiplier Trail, these wins, when landed in succession, can quickly mount up and if you can hit a good value win on one of the latter Rolling Reels spins, then this can result in a sizeable payout compared to the standard win.

However, what makes Rolling Reels so much fun and so enjoyable is that it is a very accessible bonus. Unlike Free Spins, which require you to land three Scatters usually, or the Wild symbol, which only triggers wins every now and then, the Rolling Reels bonus triggers on every winning spin in those games where it is a base game feature. That makes it hugely accessible and it does make the player feel as though they are being suitably rewarded for their efforts.

What games feature Rolling Reels?

If you are looking for some high quality Microgaming slots that feature Rolling Reels in either a Free Spins bonus round, the base game, or both, then the good news is that there are a decent selection of games now available that will offer you this feature.

One of the most popular series of games that offers Rolling Reels in both the base games and during the Free Spins bonus round is Microgaming's sports series of slots. There are a number of different types of these games available each based on a different sport and these are:

  • Break Away (Ice Hockey)
  • Football Star
  • Cricket Star
  • Rugby Star
  • Basketball Star

The games feature a range of jackpot prizes all over 100,000 coins and of course a Free Spins bonus round in addition to the Rolling Reels feature.

Tomb Raider - The Secret of the Sword is another Microgaming slot that has Rolling Reels in operation but this feature is only available in the Free Spins bonus round of the slot. You can also find a Rolling Reels bonus feature in the Free Spins bonus of a number of other Microgaming slots including Immortal Romance, Thunderstruck II and The Finer Reels of Life.

Jungle Jim El Dorado is another slot that has Rolling Reels activated on it and on this slot, Rolling Reels is in play in the base game as well as during Free Spins and the slot also features a Multiplier Trail which increases the value of successive Rolling Reels wins. Other games that have similar features include Tarzan and the Playboy slot.

The brand new release Ancient Fortunes: Zeus is another slot that boasts Rolling Reels and a Multiplier Trail in both the base game and Free Spins, with a multiplier of up to 21x available in the Free Spins bonus game of this brand new slot.

Where can I play these Rolling Reels slots?

Of course, you are going to want to play these Rolling Reels slots at a reputable casino and the good news is that any casino part of the Casino Rewards network is the perfect choice for you to start playing at. You can see which casino you can join by visiting our Country page to see which casinos are available in your location.

Once there, simply review which of the starter bonus is the most appealing out of those available to you and click on the link to sign up. Once you have signed up and deposited some cash into your account you can claim your bonus and have extra funds available on which to try out some of the amazing Rolling Reels slots from Microgaming.

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