What are the best 243 Ways to Win slots from Microgaming?

If there is one particular type of slot game that has grown in popularity massively in recent times, it is the 243 Ways to Win game. Software development companies like Microgaming are finding that the public's thirst for these games is such, that they cannot release new games fast enough to satisfy demand!

It also helps that Microgaming in particular have released some absolutely cracking 243 Ways to Win games in recent times and before we take a look at some of these games, let's first examine what it is about this particular type of slot that makes it such a popular choice with online casino players.

What are 243 Ways to Win slots?

243 Ways to Win slots are slot games that offer punters the maximum chance of a win on a standard 5-reel slot with three symbols on each reel. On a standard slot, there are a number of designated winning lines, which usually go from the leftmost reel across to the right in a number of different patterns. To win, you need to land the same symbols (or a Wild) on that same pattern on the reels.

With 243 Ways to Win slots, that necessity is removed as every possible combination of symbols across the reels will be a winner. Of course, on the vast majority of slots, you still need to land symbols from the left to the right, without gaps in the sequence, but if you hit one symbol in any position across the five reels, you will land a 5-of-a-kind win.

Now this seems like that you are going to win more often on 243 Ways to Win slots and if they were designed in the same way as standard slots, that would be true, but to ensure the casino can still run the games at a profit they usually have a few more symbols than other games, which makes the difficulty level similar to that you would find on a standard slot.

Are 243 Ways to Win slots expensive to play?

The good news here is that unlike line-based slots, which require you to place a single coin on each line in the game, with 243 Ways to Win slots, you will find that all 243 Ways to Win are covered by a single bet. This is usually around the 0.25 to 0.50 mark, although there are exceptions to this.

What this means is that when you work out the cost per line ratio, you actually get far better value for money playing a 243 Ways to Win slot than you do playing a standard game. For example, on a 25-pay line slot, your 0.25 wager covers 25 chances to win on each spin. However, on a 243 Ways to Win, you have almost ten times as many ways to win on a spin, for a similar price.

With so many ways to win, are 243 Ways to Win slots all lower variance?

No, the clever people at companies like Microgaming can develop 243 Ways to Win games that still offer low, medium or higher levels of variance and everywhere in between these two poles. That means whatever type of game you enjoy, be it the regular smaller rewards of lower variance games, or the less frequent but higher value wins of high variance slots, 243 Ways to Win games cover the full range when it comes to variance.

What are some of the best Microgaming 243 Ways to Win slots?

  1. Exotic Cats

Exotic Cats slot is the latest Microgaming creation released to online casinos in August of 2018. The game comes with Vertical Wilds adding an additional level of complexity and the game works really well as a result.

The most fun comes in both the base game and in Free Spins as you always feel that you stand a chance of landing a big win on every spin. This is something that isn't always the case in slots and players get bored quickly with such games. There are a couple of down sides however. Small value wins aren't that helpful. However this is compensated by frequent wins. This is a decent slot from Microgaming and one that any cat lovers will especially enjoy.

  1. Immortal Romance

This slot has been a huge hit since it was first released by Microgaming a few years ago. Inspired by the Gothic romance genre that was such a huge hit with the Twilight series of books, Immortal Romance tells the tale of four characters, Amber, Troy, Michael and Sarah (each of whom have their own great value bonus game) and who you access through the Chamber of Spins bonus round. Each character's free spins bonus is different and offers different incentives to the player with various amounts of spins, wilds on the reels and multipliers in play.

One nice touch is the Wild Desire feature which triggers at random in the game and which can turn one or more of the reels entirely Wild. With high quality production and a nice mix of popular genre's, this is undoubtedly one of Microgaming's most popular 243 Ways to Win slots.

  1. Game of Thrones

In addition to the 243 Ways to Win version of this slot, there is a 15-line version available to play and both games are essentially the same game, just with a different number of lines available. Based on the smash hit TV series, Game of Thrones allows you to pledge your allegiance to one of the four great houses of Westeros in the exciting Free Spins bonus round.

Here you can select a different house, Targaryen, Lannister, Stark or Baratheon to sign up with and when you do, the number of house sigil symbols on the reel is increased for your free spins bonus. Be careful what house you select as each offers a different number of free spins allied with a multiplier, the more spins you select, the smaller the multiplier and vice versa. This is a fantastic 243 Ways to Win game which really is a smash hit, especially with fans of the TV series.

  1. Terminator 2

Based on the classic James Cameron sci-fi flick, this fantastic slot not only boasts 243 Ways to Win in the base game, but that number increases (as the size of the reels increase) for the Free Spins bonus game where you have an incredible 1024 Ways to Win.

The game comes packed with a host of features including the randomly triggered T-800 Vision bonus, where you can earn mystery prizes for all higher value symbols and even trigger the Free Spins bonus game with just one Scatter symbol. During Free Spins the reels increase by one symbol each and the T-1000 symbol turns into a Wild which can transform into any other character symbol on the reels. This is a technically brilliant and magnificently presented 243 Ways to Win slot and certainly one of Microgaming's best examples of the genre.

  1. Jurassic Park

Few slots are quite as technically advanced as the Jurassic Park slot as not only does it boast 243 lines in the game, but also it has a host of additional features including 3D parallax scrolling (a first on any video slot) as well as digitised sound and animations taken directly from the 1990s classic from Steven Spielberg.

The T-Rex Alert mode can trigger at any time in the base game which will trigger extra Wilds landing on the reels (up to 35 can be added). The Free Spins round boasts a selection of six different dinosaur-themed free spins bonus games, which you play through in order initially and can then select once you have played through each of the bonuses a set number of times.

  1. Lost Vegas

One of Microgaming's most innovative slots of recent years, Lost Vegas is a game that allows you to play either as a group of survivors, or as the zombies trying to chase them down and devour them, with a selection of bonuses and features that are different depending on which of the two sides of apocalypse you wish to take.

A nice touch is the Blackout bonus which can occur in the base game when you are playing as a Zombie and which allows you to receive a cash prize for every character symbol on the reel. The equivalent when playing as a human is the Endless Spins option, which sees the playing card symbols removed from the reels and replaced with higher value symbols until you trigger a win.

243 Ways to Win slots are certainly all the rage at the moment and these five games from Microgaming are a great place to start if you are new to this particular form of slot. Try 243 Ways to Win slots at any of the Mega Moolah casinos.

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