What can you do if you hit a bad beat on Mega Moolah?

The American scientist Benjamin Franklin is often quoted as saying "in this world nothing can said to be certain, except death and taxes" but if you are someone who has played a fair few slot games in their time, then you will be aware that you could add bad beats to that list.

Although the term originates in poker, a bad beat is now often used to describe any gambling activity where the player experiences a longer than usual run of poor and losing results, often from a position where they feel they should win.

So for the football fan, that could be when, after a string of losing bets, they back an odds on favourite to win a game, only for the underdog to cause an upset and claim a victory in the match. It's the poker player who holds a full house after the flop, but then loses to another player on the turn and draw who lands a fortuitous four of a kind.

In the slot world, it is simply a player who has played a slot for a longer than normal period of time and has simply seen their cash ebb away, as the slot steadfastly refuses to pay out anything other than the occasional lower value win.

Now in the worlds of sports betting and poker, the player has an element of control over their choices. So, a bad beat in these forms of gambling can be down, at least partly, to the ineffectiveness of their strategies. These can then be reviewed and improved over time. However, for the unlucky slot player in the midst of a bad run, with slot games being entirely based on chance, that is a luxury that they do not have.

So the question is, if you are a slot gamer and you are playing a slot, let's use Mega Moolah as an example, and you find that your cash reserves are dwindling away and it seems like you can't buy yourself a win, what should you do?

Essentially, there are three schools of thought here and we'll examine the pros and cons of each below.

What should I do when I hit a bad beat on the slots?

The three most common actions taken by people when experiencing a bad beat on the slots are outlined below.

  • Battle through it by keeping spinning

There are a surprising number of people who will simply refuse to change anything in their slot gaming when it comes to a bad beat. These are the people who are perhaps more optimistic about their chances of winning, or you could argue that they are more realistic and understand that their bad run of luck is simply down to chance, rather than any mystical or fantastical reason.

This is the player who when they hit a bad beat on a game, will simply ignore it and continue to spin to try and play through the bad beat and land a bigger value win at some point. Now the positives of this are that you keep playing the slot, so you give yourself more chances to end the bad beat and that at some point, if you spin enough, you are more likely to end that black hole for cash in your finances, by landing a bigger value win.

However, the negative side of this is that you can never be sure when your luck will actually change. It may take 10 more spins, 100 more spins, 500 more spins. Also, the longer your bad beat goes on, then the bigger your win will have to be in order to recoup some or all of what you spent and on some slots and on some bad beats, that is just unlikely to happen. Especially, if you are wagering considerably more than the minimum bet on each spin.

Of course, on a slot like Mega Moolah, players will generally accept a run of non-winning spins simply because there is the carrot of a life-changing multi-million jackpot prize available. That's the benefit of playing progressive jackpot game, but on other slots with much smaller jackpots, hit a bad beat on them and try to play through it unsuccessfully and it can become really difficult to claw back your cash.

  • Try a different game to see if your luck changes

There are players that will believe that because you are not having any success playing one slot, that it may be that it is the slot itself that is to blame and that your luck will change if you stop playing one game but then load up a different one.

Of course, there's a little bit of faulty logic at work here. All slot games are based on a random number generator and this is not influenced by how long it is since the last big win, or by how many spins you have played since you won. So because one slot is not paying out, it does not mean that playing another will guarantee greater success.

However, even just a change of game can make a feel think they are being more successful playing a different game. So for example, if you are having no joy trying to land the Major Millions progressive jackpot at £3 per spin, if you move to play Mega Moolah at 0.25 per spin and hit some lower value wins in the base game, then this can make you feel as if your luck has changed, as the combination of lower value spins and perhaps a smaller win or two, will give you a better feeling of success.

Whether that is true or not, depends on how much you win, compared to how much you have lost, but simply changing the game you play, even for just a few spins can have a positive mental impact for the player.

  • Stop playing, and come back to it another day to see if things have improved

The final option - and in my view the best - is to accept that you are in the middle of a bad beat on this particular slot, so log out of the casino, close it down and then come back to it another day to see if your luck has changed in the meantime.

In terms of your finances, this is definitely the most sensible approach, but it also one of the least popular with slot gamers as it means you then can't play your favourite games. There is also no chance for your bad beat to come to an end by landing a big win, if you are not spinning the reels in the first place.

However, many people believe that slot games will run hot and cold, paying out more on some days than others. The nature of randomness means that this is true and as such, this is not too bad a strategy to employ, if finance is your primary concern. The problem is, when you restart playing, there is no guarantee that your bad beat will come to an end and your slot exile may just have deprived you of enjoying a few spins on Mega Moolah or similar, rather than bringing an end to your misfortune.

Is there another approach that may be more beneficial?

The issue I have with each of these three options is that they are entirely reactive, rather than proactive. This means you make your decision in the midst of a bad beat about which option to take and you can often make this decision when you are feeling a little down, or if the slots 'owe you a win'. If you get 'tilted' like this when playing and not winning, then you can often exacerbate your situation by making one poor decision after another.

Instead, I recommend taking a more proactive stance when gaming and this is all about changing your mindset about how you approach to play.

  • Change your mindset when slot gaming

When you play a slot game do you feel like you would like to win, or that you should win or even that you must win? While there are many more slot players in the first two categories, there are still a worrying number who feel any slot session must see them end up the winner and of course, that is entirely unrealistic given how the games are designed.

So instead, rather than focusing on winning, or not, change your slot sessions into how much you are going to spend on a game. By budgeting for a session, you then have clear parameters as to how much you are happy to spend on a game, whether you win or lose.

By adopting this approach, you can then largely become immune to the effects of the bad beat on a slot as you view your time playing as spending your money. Winning then becomes a bonus, rather than a goal or a necessity. You also know when your session will end, regardless of good or bad beats, as it will be when you reach your spending limit for that session.

To play slots this way removes a lot of the emotional responses from playing for players and that can be a good thing as you can make poor decisions when you are disappointed and feel like a slot game owes you something. It avoids you getting into bad habits (such as landing a win, then putting it all back into the machine immediately thereafter) and promotes a better mindset when slot gaming.

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