What could a 17 million Mega Moolah jackpot buy?

Recently, the Mega Moolah jackpot crashed through the 17 million barrier and since then, it has raced on towards 18 million and could well reach this landmark amount in the next few days.

Of course, such a massive jackpot prize attracts plenty of slot players all wanting to take a chance on landing the top jackpot, no doubt with their own ideas on what the Mega Jackpot would buy them.

Of course, such a huge win would be immediately life-changing for the winner. Not only would it enable them to pay off debt, but it would allow them to live life to the full, purchasing items that perhaps were well beyond their means prior to that win.

Now of course, every individual who wagers on Mega Moolah would have a list of what they are going to buy when they win. One winner, John Orchard, spent a small amount of his £5 million win on a Jaguar sport scar for himself, another British winner, Jon Heywood also bought himself a luxury sports car. Others have paid for family holidays, new homes and holiday homes helping out family and relatives.

However there are some things in the world that perhaps only the relatively few Mega Moolah jackpot players would ever think of spending their potential winnings on. In this article, we are going to look at three items that would take up a hefty chunk, if not all of your jackpot win, if you were to land the current 17 million jackpot prize.

So what three exotic items could a 17 million windfall buy you? Let's take a look and find out.

  1. A pair of shoes

Yes, you did read that correctly. Forget your Louboutin's and your Jimmy Choo's, that's small change compared to the world's most expensive pair of shoes which went on sale in Dubai during 2018, costing an incredible $17 million.

I'll just repeat that for clarity; $17 million. For a pair of shoes.

The shoes were designed by Jada Dubai, with the jewels provided by Passion Jewellers. They are a pair of gold patent leather stillettos, which is embellished with a row of shimmering diamonds and on each foot is a 15-carat D-diamond which sits near the toe of the shoe.

The original shoes, which were displayed in Dubai back at the Burj Al Arab in September, were designed to a European size 36 (US 5.5, UK 3.5), although should any purchaser require a different size and they are willing to stump up the $17 million asking price in full, then the company will custom make your pair for you.

It may seem absolutely crazy to spend that amount of money for something to slip on your feet from time to time but as the chief executive of Passion Jewellers, Hemant Karamchandani explained:

"Dubai is the city of millionaires and billionaires, we see it as a potential market along with the entire region".

Assuming you won the 17 million Mega Moolah jackpot you would still have just under one million left after purchasing the shoes.

  1. A private jet

If there's only one pair of shoes available at that price, then the good news is that if you fancy getting around the globe in a bit more style, and don't fancy having to queue to board, then your 17 million jackpot prize could earn you a chance to buy your own luxury private jet.

There's plenty for sale around the globe today, some worth considerably more than your total win, but if you look second hand, you can find plenty within your budget, including one Bombardier Challenger 350 jet which was built in 2015 and which can set up to 10 passengers.

The plane comes with its own satellite telephone system, two LCD TV screens, Blu Ray with HDMI and USB ports and even its own Wireless Local Area Network, so you can still stay connected to the internet while in flight.

The plane has flown for 1,031 hours since new and landed a total of 675 times and its last major service was in November 2018, which should give the new owner peace of mind at least.

Best of all, this would cost you $15,495,000, which means given that your 17 million win would still leave you enough to pay a pilot's salary.

  1. Your own Floridian Island

Heading off to the sun-kissed climes of Florida is always an enjoyable experience with warm weather guaranteed, the occasional hurricane notwithstanding, and plenty of fantastic opportunities to explore this wild and unusual part of the world. Many big winners will head to Florida for a break, but why not make things a bit more permanent and instead of buying your own holiday villa with your Mega Moolah winnings, think bigger, why not have your own Floridian island?

Located off Key West, Hopkins Island is available to buy right now for the rather intriguing price of $17,000,000. For that you will get your own private island situated around 2.5 miles from the Keys. The islands boasts 12.5 acres of land, with its own beach onto the Caribbean Sea and even a three-story, four-bedroom home that is ready for a new owner to walk into from day one.

Add to this space for a helicopter or two to land, your own inland harbour that offers seclusion as well as safety from the storms that do tend to batter this region.

Admittedly, getting your Bugatti Veyron to the island would be a bit pointless, but a boat and/or a helicopter would be a more convenient way to get about, although where you pop down the shop for your pint of milk or a pint at the local, remains unknown.

Best of all at $17 million, you'd still have a little bit of change left over to enjoy on other things, such a buying a rowing boat.

If you never spin it, you'll never win it!

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Byline: This article was published by Mega Moolah expert Henry. Media and other enquiries.

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