What do all the Mega Moolah slot game symbols mean?

There are lots of people who enjoy wagering on the slots but do not recognise the symbols, winnings reel combinations, or the paytable, or what triggers bonus features such as the Mega Moolah's Jackpot Bonus Game.

So, we're going to encourage these people to give one game in particular a closer look. Mega Moolah, Microgaming's most famous slot, that has made over 45 millionaires since it was first released.

In order to understand the game clearly, we're going to explain what each of the key symbols and features that are part of the main Mega Moolah slot (the original African Safari version) are and how they work on the wheels to offer you a chance of a win. We'll also explore the special feature that gives you a chance to spin to win a life-changing amount of money, the Mega Moolah's progressive jackpot prize!

Mega Moolah - The Base Game

  • Manufacturer - Microgaming
  • Reels - 5
  • Number of Lines - 25
  • Minimum Bet - 0.25
  • Maximum Bet - 6.25
  • Wilds - Yes
  • Scatters - Yes
  • Free Spins - Yes

There are essentially two parts to the Mega Moolah slot, the first part is the basic slot game which features all the usual items you would expect on a modern slot game, including a potentially lucrative Free Spins bonus game. The second is the randomly-triggered Jackpot Bonus Game, which is the only way to trigger one of the four progressive jackpot prizes.

Let's begin by taking a look at the base game starting with the different symbols that you will find on the reels.

Mega Moolah - Game Symbols

There are two levels of game symbols on the Mega Moolah slot, the lower value ones and the higher value symbols.

The lower value symbols are the five different playing card symbols, ranging from 10 through to the Ace and these offer a variety of coin value wins as outlined below:

10 symbol

  • 3 symbols - 2 coins
  • 4 symbols - 10 coins
  • 5 symbols - 40 coins

Jack symbol

  • 3 symbols - 3 coins
  • 4 symbols - 15 coins
  • 5 symbols - 60 coins

Queen symbol

  • 3 symbols - 4 coins
  • 4 symbols - 20 coins
  • 5 symbols - 75 coins

King symbol

  • 3 symbols - 6 coins
  • 4 symbols - 30 coins
  • 5 symbols - 100 coins

Ace symbol

  • 3 symbols - 8 coins
  • 4 symbols - 40 coins
  • 5 symbols - 150 coins

Alongside these are five higher value symbols that are all based on African animals. These are listed below together with the amount (in coins) that you can win for each.

Kudu symbol

  • 3 symbols - 10 coins
  • 4 symbols - 50 coins
  • 5 symbols - 250 coins

Zebra symbol

  • 3 symbols - 20 coins
  • 4 symbols - 100 coins
  • 5 symbols - 400 coins

Giraffe symbol

  • 3 symbols - 30 coins
  • 4 symbols - 125 coins
  • 5 symbols - 500 coins

Buffalo symbol

  • 2 symbols - 4 coins
  • 3 symbols - 40 coins
  • 4 symbols - 150 coins
  • 5 symbols - 600 coins

Elephant symbol

  • 2 symbols - 6 coins
  • 3 symbols - 50 coins
  • 4 symbols - 250 coins
  • 5 symbols - 750 coins

One important point to note here is that on each spin, you will be wagering 25 coins, so all wins below 25 coins are not profitable, wins of 25 coins see your stake returned to you and any wins of 26 coins or more offers you a profit.

Alongside these ten standard symbols, there are two others on the Mega Moolah slot that are special in that they offer you access to one of the games key bonus features. We will explore both these two symbols in the section below.

Mega Moolah - Wild and Scatter symbols

The first of the special symbols on the Mega Moolah reels is the Lion symbol. This is because this symbol serves as the Wild on the slot, which means it can be used to substitute for any of the other symbols on the reels and helps to create additional winning lines as a result.

Another big positive with the Lion symbol is that it also pays out a 2x multiplier on any win that the symbol is a part of, so for example land two elephants and a lion on the first three reels on a winning line and that would pay you out 100 coins, rather than the 50 coin standard for three elephants on a winning line.

Furthermore, if you land successive Lion wild symbols across the reels then that will also trigger a cash prize of its own, including the biggest base game prize.

Lion Wild symbol

  • 2 symbols - 15 coins
  • 3 symbols - 125 coins
  • 4 symbols - 1,500 coins
  • 5 symbols - 15,000 coins

The other symbol on the reels is the Monkey symbol, which is the Scatter. You can trigger a cash prize when landing two or more of these symbols anywhere across the reel (they do not have to be on a specific line) and the pay outs for these are calculated based on the size of your bet.

Monkey Scatter symbol

  • 2 scatters - 2x your bet win (50 coins)
  • 3 scatters - 3x your bet win (75 coins)
  • 4 scatters - 20x your bet win (500 coins)
  • 5 scatters - 100x your bet win (2,500 coins)

In addition, the Monkey Scatter also allows you access to the Free Spins bonus round in the Mega Moolah slot, where even greater prizes can be won. You need to land three or more of the Monkeys across the reels to trigger the feature and you start it with 15 Free Spins. All wins during Free Spins are also subject to a 3x multiplier, which means you can win up to 225,000 coins during the Free Spins bonus game. You can also re-trigger Free Spins from within the bonus by landing three or more Monkeys once again on the reels.

Mega Moolah - The Progressive Jackpots and Jackpot Wheel Bonus

You will have noticed that we have not mentioned how you can win any of the four different Mega Moolah progressive jackpots (Mini, Minor, Major and Mega) in the above information and that is because you cannot win the jackpots playing the standard game.

However, on every spin of the game, you have a chance of triggering the Jackpot Wheel Bonus. Your chances of triggering this bonus feature increase the more you wager on each spin, so you can trigger the bonus on any spin of the slot, regardless of how much that wager costs you.

When the Jackpot Bonus triggers an off-the-screen game will appear with a large wheel with a single pointer and different coloured segments on the reels. The majority of these segments are the red Mini and orange Minor with a smaller number of yellow Major sectors and just one Mega segment is on the wheel.

As you can probably guess, when you trigger the bonus, you get to spin the wheel. The segment that the pointer lands on will correspond to the progressive jackpot prize you win.

If you win a smaller prize, then it will be awarded to you and you can then continue playing the game to try and trigger the Jackpot Bonus again. Should you win the Mega jackpot, expect a quick phone call from your casino.

Mega Jackpot payout

Those lucky enough to win the million plus prize can expect the jackpot to be paid out within days in a single lump sum.


With all the key features automated on Mega Moolah, you will never need to worry about missing an opportunity to win, as the game will pay you out automatically and it is one of the few slots available that has a guaranteed cash prize of at least a million (and on occasion, considerably more) to be won 24-hours a day, 7-days a week.

All you need to do is spin and then hope you win! Check out the Mega Moolah casinos and take advantage of the great offers available.

Byline: This article was published by Mega Moolah expert Henry. Media and other enquiries.

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