What happens when I lose my connection when playing Mega Moolah?

It is perhaps the thing that many people who play slot games online, especially those that play via WiFi on a mobile device, may be concerned about the most. While WiFi has become far more stable over the years, there are still times when for one reason or another, you experience what is known as a drop-out.

This is when your WiFi service just simply grinds to a halt. This may be for a number of reasons from faulty routers to telecom exchange repairs. Other reasons could be a low signal quality, frequency interference, physical obstructions, adapter settings... you know what I mean... there's a plethora of reasons why a WiFi network might go down.

In truth, what has caused the drop out is not so much the problem as these are generally easy issues to resolve. What slot players want to know, is if they are in the middle of a game when they suffer a drop out on WiFi service, what will happen with their spin?

Errors when spinning Mega Moolah

Every month, Mega Moolah will experience millions and millions of spins taking place on the game from players all across the world playing on a wide range of devices. The vast majority of these spins, I would wager well in excess of 99%, are completed without any problems at all.

However, there are some that can be subject to issues such as the drop-out of internet service that I have outlined above. In that case, what is the procedure that casinos offering Mega Moolah to customers will follow?

Well the good news here is that slot players will never, ever lose out when it comes to a situation like this and here is why.

When you click spin on a slot like Mega Moolah, the actual result of the slot is determined within a fraction of a second of you clicking the button to spin the reels. That is because you are not working with reel slots, but instead a random number generator (RNG).

When you click spin, the RNG is started and it will come up with a number out of billions of possibilities. This number will then determine what symbols are shown on the reels. This entire process takes literally a fraction of a second.

What you see on screen then is a representation of reels spinning, which takes a few seconds to resolve. This is done for two purposes, firstly to make the pace of the game more realistic for players and secondly for the game to actually look as if it is a real-world slot game. The actual result of the reel spin is predetermined before you even see the reels kick into action.

So if you click spin and lose connection, then the result of that spin will already be known. As your connection goes down, the game will recognise this and in many casinos, the reels will be held in position, spinning until you log back in.

This is why many times, when you lose connection and you log back in, the reels are still spinning when you return to the game and you then get to see the result of the spin. That result is still the same result selected by the RNG when you clicked spin before you logged out. This means that if the spin was going to be a winner, it will still be when you log back in. Similarly, if it was a losing spin, it will still be a losing spin when you return to play.

This covers almost every type of problem that players are likely to encounter regarding drop outs on the Mega Moolah slot and in truth, this process is the same one that is used by other slot games when similar situations occur.

As you can see, a player doesn't lose out when a drop-out in connection occurs, they just simply need to log back in when possible to see the result of the previous spin. Just remember, don't try to get back into the game till you have a good and solid internet connection.

Software glitches

Modern slot software is now tested to breaking point many times before it is released into the public domain and as such, issues such as problems with the software, or the software reporting a false win, are incredibly rare, and what is more, they are getting increasingly rare as time progresses and software technology increases.

That said, you can never rule out the possibility that at times, there could be a software glitch and if this happens, then the situation for the player is very different.

If the glitch is a minor one, such as it occurs after your spin is resolved and before you have played another spin, then simply reloading the slot or casino can often resolve the issue.

It is when a glitch occurs when a spin is in progress, or when a result has been shown that is incorrect as a result of the glitch, that problems for players can arise.

Obviously, casinos want players to be happy, but if a player lands a win on any slot (Mega Moolah included) that is a result of a fault in the software, then the terms and conditions of the game do state that these payments to players will not be honoured.

That is the case whether it is a win of 0.10p, or whether it is the Mega Moolah progressive jackpot prize of many millions of pounds.

In order to ensure this is a software glitch, the casino will launch an investigation into what has happened and their diagnostic team will be able to ascertain whether the win was a genuine one, or a result of a fault in the software.

Thankfully, these false reported wins are very few and far between but they can happen, so it is always wise to bear this in mind, especially if something seems amiss when you land a win on a slot.

Finally, if something happens regarding a drop out or a win, that you are unsure of, or unhappy about, then remember the casino support team does offer a 24/7 service, in multiple languages. You can contact them here to investigate any issue that you may experience and their team can often let you know what has happened and resolve the issue.

WiFi vs 4G

At small distances, with a good internet service provider (ISP) and latest WiFi router (and WiFi receiver on computer), WiFi usually comes out ahead. Beyond the reach of wireless, however, 4G LTE offers the best connection and the most coverage, but its scope is still fairly limited. Remember that you can easily hotspot off your 4G mobile if your WiFi is experiencing problems.

We do not recommend using public WiFi when playing Mega Moolah. When moving about, use 4G LTE. 5G will change things for the better. Just from a speed perspective, 5G is about 20 times faster than 4G.

Finland opened a commercial 5G network in mid-2018, claiming to be first in world to launch commercial 5G. The Helsinki Airport became the first 5G airport in the world in late 2018. South Korea also launched 5G in late 2018. 5G networks are actually live in many European countries, and most will have commercially available 5G sometime during 2019 and 2020. It is estimated that China, India, Canada, and Brazil will also have 5G available to the public by 2020.

Byline: This article was published by Mega Moolah expert Henry. Media and other enquiries.

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