What is the best progressive slot machine strategy?

One of my greatest annoyances when it comes to slot gaming in general, is when you go online and read that someone has developed a "foolproof slot strategy" that is usually guaranteed to win you pots of cash once you have purchased the strategy, usually at an exorbitant cost.

Having played slots for longer than I'd care to remember and having played hundreds of different games over the years, I know for a fact that slot games are not like Blackjack or Poker, where you can adopt a specific strategy to play to try to affect the outcome in your favour. Even so, these strategies are no guarantee of success.

So if you have come here looking for me to give you details of how you can win that massive progressive jackpot prize, then you will likely be disappointed. However, what I can tell you are simple strategies you can employ which will give you more chances to win that prize and to give you advice on how to do this in the most sensible and affordable fashion.

After that it is down to the luck of the reels once you hit the spin button and as is the world with any random event, strategy does not apply.

So, let's begin our strategy with some tips you can take before you even decide to hit the spin button on any progressive jackpot game.

Tip 1 - Set your budget and stick to it

One of the key skills for any slots player is to give themselves an affordable budget to play with on a slot game using money they are not afraid to lose. Once you have set your budget for that session, then you should always stick rigidly to playing the slot only for that amount of cash (or spins if you prefer to budget using the amount of spins played).

It can be very tempting if you are on a winning streak to keep playing, but the likelihood here is that any profit you make from your budgeted session will likely be eaten up by the slot if you continue playing.

Similarly, if you have made a loss and try to recoup those losses by playing on, then you run the risk of spending more than you wanted, or even more than you can afford. The abilities to spend only what you can afford to lose and to know when to stop playing a slot are key to ensuring profit playing any game, not just progressives.

Tip 2 - Select a progressive slot that will suits your budget

By that, we mean play a progressive slot which allows you a decent amount of spins for your money. If your budget for example is £30 and you can't decide between playing Major Millions or Mega Moolah, then it is worth noting that it is 3.00 per spin on Major Millions but you can spin from just 0.25 per spin on Mega Moolah.

In this case, you'd get just 10 spins on Major Millions, but on Mega Moolah, you would have around 120 spins to play through at 0.25 per spin, which is a far greater number and gives you more chances of triggering a better value win.

It is worth noting too that on some slot games, you need to place a maximum bet in order to stand a chance of triggering the jackpot prize (King Cashalot for example) so it is always worthwhile checking that your bet will pay out the progressive jackpot and whether that amount of money is acceptable based on your budget for the session.

Tip 3 - If you have the choice, go for more spins, rather than a higher bet

On some progressive games, such as the Mega Moolah slot, you can elect to bet between 0.25 per spin and 6.25 per spin and each spin will still be eligible to win the big cash prize. The dilemma here for players is whether they want to increase their chances of a win on each spin by betting more per spin, or have more spins and thus more chances to trigger the Jackpot Bonus Wheel by opting to bet less per spin.

Mathematically, in terms of chance, there is very little difference in your chances of hitting a big prize whether you bet smaller amounts or larger. Whether you have 1 chance in a million or 10 chances in a million, it is still extremely unlikely that you'll hit the top prize.

As such, you need to adopt a broader approach and look at accumulating smaller wins as you play in order to try and bolster your bankroll. In this respect, I believe that betting lower amounts is a better strategy as you get more spins and thus more chances to win not just the progressive, but other base game pay outs (and on some games, these can be considerable in their own right). It also allows your bankroll to stretch further and is usually a less volatile method of playing.

That's why if I have £30 worth of spins to play on Mega Moolah, I'd play 120 spins at 0.25 every time rather than 60 spins at 0.50 or 30 spins at 1.00.

Tip 4 - Don't re-bet any winnings you may land

If you hit smaller value wins, or even a couple of mid-value wins on a slot then there is a temptation that you could use that money to extend your session and perhaps you will then land a very big win.

My belief is that you should always stick to your initial budget and any winnings you have that get added to your budget, you should keep for your next session. There's two reasons for this, firstly, it gets you into good habits when gaming and shows you have self-control and secondly, it ensures that you don't have to keep topping up your bankroll with additional cash if you have money coming into it, as well as going out.

So many players win money on a slot, play through their initial budget but then wager their winnings and find that very soon, all those have gone too. Use a bit of restraint and you will find your bankroll lasts longer and you can enjoy more sessions at the slots over a greater period of time.

Tip 5 - Enjoy the game and play with a positive, but realistic expectation of the progressive

Yes, we'd all love to land that Mega Moolah progressive jackpot prize, but in truth, you need to have a lot of luck on your side - and if you are the sort of player who plays through 50 spins on the slot and is extremely frustrated that they don't win, then you are approaching these games in entirely the wrong fashion.

Slots are a form of entertainment, not a way to generate cash. Sure, winners can win big, but they are generally few and far between. So take a step back and start enjoying the game and put yourself in a more positive frame of mind when you play. When you do this, you are less likely to make rash decisions (such as spending the last of your bankroll) and more likely to adopt a healthy attitude towards playing the games.

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