What is your favourite online slot bonus feature?

When you play an online slot and trigger a big value win, what is it usually that precipitates this success? While you can land some big value wins using the standard symbols in the base game, your chances of landing a bigger win are much more likely however if you have managed to land one of the key bonus features on that particular slot.

Of course, different slots have many different bonus features and these can be a range of things, ranging from progressive jackpot prizes of millions, down to simple selection games where you could win a very small amount or even nothing at all.

One of the most exciting things about the development of online slot games is the fact that it has allowed companies like Microgaming to develop a massive range of bonus features for use on their catalogue of games. These bonus features can be very different to one another and each has its own positive and negative aspects.

What is also the case is that some bonus features are undoubtedly more popular than others, so in this article we are going to take a look at some of the best bonus features you can find on modern slots, and a game that is a perfect example of how that particular bonus feature works.

You can then read through the article and pick which bonus feature catches your eye and know exactly what game to play to try it out for yourself. Simples!

  1. Progressive Jackpot

Game to Try - Mega Moolah

A progressive jackpot is a jackpot which can be won either at any time on any spin, or when a certain pattern of symbols is landed across the reels, sometimes on a specific pay line. The jackpot increases in value with every non-winning spin played on the slot until someone eventually lands the prize.

Some slots, such as Mega Moolah have multiple progressive jackpots to win and these can range broadly in value from a couple of pounds, up to millions depending on the slot you play. Some progressives can be expensive to play but part of the attraction of Mega Moolah is that you can spin to win for as little as 0.25 per spin.

  1. Sticky Wilds

Game to Try - Girls With Guns Frozen Dawn

Sticky Wilds are Wild symbols that appear on the reels on a spin, or during a bonus game, and which then stay in place either for a stated number of spins, or for the duration of the bonus feature. Usually, you can add further Sticky Wilds in other reel positions on subsequent spins to increase the number on screen and give the player a chance at a larger value win.

Sticky Wilds are not too common in games but a great example is the Girls with Guns Frozen Dawn slot which is great fun to play and boasts a jackpot of 437,000 coins.

  1. Expanding Wilds

Game to Try - Hitman

Expanding Wilds are Wilds that when landed on the reel in either any position, or a specific position, can expand to fill the entire reel with Wild Symbols. Of course, the more of these Expanding Wilds you can land on any given spin, especially in the first three positions across the reels, then the better your chances are of landing a massive win.

Expanding Wilds are more popular than Sticky Wilds and appear on a number of games such as the Girls With Guns slot, and the Santas Wild Ride slot but I think the most enjoyable slot I've played in a while with his feature is the Hitman slot, which was our top pick some years ago, which is based on the computer game and film franchise of the same name, where you can get expanded Wilds on the middle three reels.

  1. Stacked Wilds

Game to Try - Jurassic Park

Stacked Wilds are similar to Expanding Wilds but they appear on some or all reels in the game and the stack of Wild Symbols on the reel can be any number high. In some games, the Stacks of Wilds are of varying sizes depending on which reel they are on. Some games see Stack sizes increase or decrease when used in other bonus features.

There are many Stacked Wilds game to play as it is a popular feature but without doubt the Jurassic Park slot which has extra Wilds on the reels in T-Rex Mode is certainly one of the best games you can find with this particular bonus (and a number of others too).

  1. Second Screen Selection Bonus Games

Game to Try - Diamond Deal slot

These bonus features used to be a lot more prevalent in older slot games than they are in newer releases but you still get the occasional slot that offers this bonus. This bonus can be triggered in a number of ways, at random, or by hitting a special symbol a stated number of times across the reels being two of the more popular examples.

When triggered you are given a screen with a number of items on and you can select from these items to reveal either cash prizes, multipliers or other bonuses. There is also one 'game ending' symbol which if selected ends the bonus game usually. Some more modern bonuses also feature a 'win all' symbol which if selected will let you collect all the prizes available in the Diamond Deal slot game. These bonus games can also have additional levels players can play through to land more sizeable bonuses.

  1. Rolling Reels

Game to Try - Football Star Slot

Rolling Reels operates under many other names, exploding reels, cascading reels and other synonyms, but essentially they all mean that when you hit a winning line in the base game or in a bonus game, then the symbols will disappear and be replaced from symbols dropping down from above. These can then trigger additional wins from the same spin. Sometimes these additional Rolling Reels wins can also see a multiplier trail added, which increases in value with every successive Rolling Reels spin you win.

Jungle Jim El Dorado, the Playboy slot are two great examples of the genre, but I personally like the Football Star slot which is one of a number of sporting themed slots which boast the feature and which offers a sizeable cash prize if you can hit the jackpot.

  1. Free Spins

Game to Try - Game of Thrones

Perhaps the most popular slots bonus of all is the humble Free Spins bonus game. In this bonus, you tend to land a series of special symbols, often called Scatter symbols and usually you need three or more to launch the Free Spins bonus.

For this, you receive a stated number of Free Spins (this can increase if you trigger with more scatters) and often, you will have other bonuses such as extra Wilds, no lower value symbols, or other bonuses that offer you a better chance of a bigger value win. These bonuses tend to stay for the duration of your Free Spins bonus. You then play through your Free Spins and at the end, the amount of cash you win is added to your balance.

Free Spins games are hugely popular but for me you can't beat either the Thunderstruck II slot or the Game of Thrones slot for their rich and varied Free Spins bonus features, which have everything that a fan of this particular bonus could wish for.

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