Where can I play Mega Moolah?

At first asking where you can play Mega Moolah seems like a bit of a crazy question. You can play it at an online casino obviously, but in actual fact there is a lot more to it than that. How do you know where to play Mega Moolah if you want to play the game from Bulgaria, or India, or Japan?

What happens if you are going on holiday to the United States, or Australia, or New Zealand, but would like to spend a bit of your free time away seeing if you can land the win on your mobile or tablet device?

What happens if you are in a country where the best Mega Moolah sign up bonuses that you see readily reported online, are not readily available in the country where you live?

If you are going to go online and then want to find a casino that offers Mega Moolah in your country, then searching for that can be a time-consuming process and you would much rather be spending that precious time enjoying yourself with a few spins of the famous Microgaming progressive.

The great news is that at MegaMoolah.com, we have saved you the hassle of searching for the best casinos which offer Mega Moolah to customers in your part of the world and it is all thanks to our extensive Where to Play? section.

Where to play Mega Moolah

When you visit the Megamoolah.com site and click on the Where to Play link at the top of the page, the software will look at your IP address and from that, it will determine which country in the world you are living in. From this, it will then filter the casinos that are unavailable in your country and on the page will be shown only the casinos which you can join and which you can sign up to.

Furthermore, the bonus offers shown for that casino are also going to be available to you, which means that any casino on this page when you log in, you can sign up with.

In the UK for example, there are five casinos and their different bonuses listed as ones you can sign up with, Zodiac Casino, Luxury Casino, Grand Mondial Casino, Captain Cook's Casino and Casino Classic, as seen on the Where to Play page.

However, if a player was to log in from a different country, then a different selection of casinos, with different bonus offers, will populate this list.

However, if you use a Virtual Private Network software on your device, then it is possible the list of casinos shown is not based on where you live in the world. In this case, don't worry as you can see a link to a special page in the Where To Play section, which resolves any issue.

This secondary page lists all the different countries in the world today where you could potentially play Mega Moolah from. Simply look through this alphabetised list and you can bring up the details of which casinos are available for you to play from any of the countries listed.

For example, if you clicked on Thailand, then you would find four casinos available for Thai customers including Bitcoin Casino, Jackpot City Casino, Platinum Play Casino and Royal Vegas Casino.

In addition to this, if there is a country listed where you cannot play Mega Moolah from, due to the laws and regulations of the land, or due to the fact that Microgaming are not allowed to offer their games to citizens of that country, then you will receive a message that the game is not available in that country. France, for example, does not allow its citizens to play Mega Moolah and this is communicated to you if you click on the France link in the country list.

This is a fantastic resource you can use to check whether Mega Moolah is going to be available to you should you be moving abroad for a short while or going on holiday. It will allow you to open an account with a casino that is available in the country you are going to be in, so you can continue to play Mega Moolah there if you so wish.

Mega Moolah for the traveller

If you are going to be travelling and still want to enjoy Mega Moolah on the go, then of course you can enjoy the game via mobile, but it is important to note that you may need to adhere to local laws when visiting certain part of the world, which can make accessing the game from a single casino, very tricky.

For example, take the Caribbean, which is a number of islands located in the Caribbean sea. If you started in the Bahamas and went to Haiti and Jamaica for example, then you would not have any problems playing Mega Moolah as the game is widely available across numerous casinos in these locations.

However, if you then headed to Antigua and Barbuda, this part of the world does not allow its citizens to play Mega Moolah. However nearby St Lucia or St Kitts and Nevis for example, are both fine in terms of being able to access Mega Moolah from a number of casinos.

The Where to Play section on the MegaMoolah.com site is the perfect place to check whether where you are going, even if it is numerous locations, can offer you the access to Mega Moolah that you would require.

This then allows you to prepare for your trip by setting up an account, or more than one account with the casinos that you will be able to access and use when you are in different countries around the world.

Why isn't Mega Moolah available everywhere?

Although Mega Moolah is available to play in many parts of the world, there are certain countries that have brought in legislation, or have outright banned their citizens from playing casino games online, or indeed taking part in many different forms of online gambling.

In the United States for example, it is still illegal to bet on sports in the vast majority of states and online poker as well as online casino gaming, is still forbidden in majority of states, although there are a growing number of states that are trying to open up these avenues for its inhabitants to use in a controlled (and taxed) way.

Other countries, such as Australia, have brought in US-style prohibitive legislation which makes it almost impossible for a provider such as Microgaming to offer their services in the country.

It is these localised laws and regulations that mean that Mega Moolah isn't available anywhere in the world today.

Byline: This article was published by Mega Moolah expert Henry. Media and other enquiries.

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