Which Microgaming progressive games paid out in June?

Last time out in May, we had something of an unusual month as neither of the big two progressive jackpot games from Microgaming, Mega Moolah and Major Millions, paid out a single jackpot prize. For Mega Moolah fans, this was the first month since February 2017 that the famous slot game, famed for its massive jackpot prizes, didn't make at least one player a millionaire.

So, with June promising blazing hot temperatures and an exciting World Cup, would the two big games in Microgaming offer up their top progressive jackpot prizes to a lucky winner or two, or would the jackpots keep growing and growing towards the record pay outs each slot has made?

Well it took a little while before we got the answer to that question for the Mega Moolah slot, but on the 24th June we had our first big winner in a while when one lucky player, who seemingly has chosen to remain anonymous given the scarcity of details about their win, landed a jackpot prize of 8,331,262 (£4,229,792) playing the Mega Moolah slot.

Given the size of the prize, and the £4,101,470.32 that was left in the prize fund in British Pounds following the win being converted into the winner's local currency, we think that the last lucky winner landed their prize either in Canada, or more likely based on the exchange rate, New Zealand.

So, a quiet May gave way to a more generous June for players of Microgaming's biggest progressive prize slot, but have any of the company's other 15 progressive games also paid out a prize over the course of the month? Let's take a look at all the sizable Progressive Jackpot wins from Microgaming games across the month of June. Please note that these are daily amounts and not necessarily single jackpots as there can be multiple daily winners.

June's Microgaming Progressive Jackpot Wins by Date

  • 5th June - Cash Splash - 57,803
  • 8th June - Cash Splash - 42,728
  • 9th June - Wow Pot - 8,366
  • 10th June - Cash Splash - 24,286
  • 10th June - Major Millions - 1,486,236
  • 11th June - Lots A Loot - 54,284
  • 13th June - Jackpot Deuces - 46,025
  • 13th June - Supajax - 58,257
  • 16th June - Cash Splash - 112,114
  • 16th June - Treasure Nile - 124,144
  • 20th June - Treasure Nile - 150,677
  • 22nd June - Cash Splash - 60,828
  • 23rd June - Lots A Loot - 35,419
  • 24th June - Mega Moolah Mega - 8,331,262
  • 25th June - Cash Splash - 22,709
  • 25th June - Lots A Loot - 10,314
  • 28th June - Treasure Nile - 111,433
  • 28th June - Treasure Nile - 48,458
  • 28th June - Cash Splash - 45,813
  • 29th June - Cash Splash - 39,548
  • 30th June - Cash Splash - 11,694

Just a reminder that the amounts have no currency value attached to them as the payouts are based on the current jackpot size (which is always stated in British pounds), but each player is paid out in their currency-of-play, so the jackpot amount (in British pounds value) is often smaller than the amount stated, which is why many of the jackpot prizes do not reset to the minimum seed amount when they are won.

Microgaming Progressive Jackpot Wins - June 2018 - A Statistical Analysis

Here's how the stats for June pan out when looking at Microgaming's full range of 16 different progressive jackpot slots and games.

  • Total Jackpot Wins - 21
  • Number of Games that paid jackpots in June 2018 - 8 (out of 16)
  • Total Amount of Cash won via progressives in June 2018 - 11,317,120 (in various currencies)
  • Smallest Progressive win - 8,366 - 9th June on the Wow Pot slot
  • Largest Progressive win - 8,331,262 - 24th June on the Mega Moolah slot

What is immediately notable from this data is that double the number of games (eight, compared to four in April) paid out their progressive jackpots at least once across the 30 days of June. Furthermore, although June has one less day than May, the number of progressive jackpot wins in total increased by five, from 16 up to 21. In addition, the amount paid in total progressive prizes in May (981,263) was dwarfed by May's 11,317,120 total pay out, an increase of eleven times the amount paid in May.

The largest win in May was just 137,938 and this is once again eclipsed by the huge 8,331,262 win on Mega Moolah. Indeed, the biggest Jackpot paid in June was over sixty times larger than the biggest jackpot paid in May.

There were also five days during May which saw multiple progressive jackpot wins triggered. These were the 10th June, 13th June, 16th June and the 25th June all of which saw two progressive jackpot wins triggered, however on the 28th June, there were three progressive jackpots won on that single day, two of those wins came on the same game (Treasure Nile) and they came within just three hours of each other.

Microgaming Progressives Individual Game Data for June 2018

Half of Microgaming's 16 games paid out progressive prizes in June, which means that half of the games did not. This is the greatest number of games to pay out in a single month since we started this review with seven in April 2018 followed by four in May 2018. The eight games that did not pay out a progressive jackpot in June were:

Non-Paying Progressives from Microgaming in June 2018

  • King Cashalot
  • Roulette Royale
  • Poker Ride
  • Cyberstud Poker
  • Caribbean Draw Poker
  • Tunzamunni
  • Fruit Fiesta
  • Triple Sevens

However, we can confirm that already in July, one of the big progressive jackpots on the games listed above has been paid out (a 127,813 prize won on the Triple Sevens slot on the 3rd July).

Of the eight games that did offer a pay out in June, here's a statistical analysis of each of those games.

Cash Splash Slot

  • Number of Wins - 8
  • Biggest Win - 112,114
  • Smallest Win - 11,694
  • Total Payouts for June 2018 - 417,523
  • Average Win - 52,190
  • Average Hit time for June 2018 - Once every 4 days

Wow Pot Slot

  • Number of Wins - 1
  • Biggest Win - 8,366
  • Smallest Win - 8,366
  • Total Payouts for June 2018 - 8,366
  • Average Win - 8,366
  • Average Hit time for June 2018 - Once every 30 days

Major Millions Slot

  • Number of Wins - 1
  • Biggest Win - 1,486,236
  • Smallest Win - 1,486,236
  • Total Payouts for June 2018 - 1,486,236
  • Average Win - 1,486,236
  • Average Hit time for June 2018 - Once every 30 days

Lots A Loot Slot

  • Number of Wins - 3
  • Biggest Win - 54,284
  • Smallest Win - 10,314
  • Total Payouts for June 2018 - 100,027
  • Average Win - 33,342
  • Average Hit time for June 2018 - Once every 10 days

Jackpot Deuces Video Poker

  • Number of Wins - 1
  • Biggest Win - 46,025
  • Smallest Win - 46,025
  • Total Payouts for June 2018 - 46,025
  • Average Win - 46,025
  • Average Hit time for June 2018 - Once every 30 days

Supajax Video Poker

  • Number of Wins - 1
  • Biggest Win - 58,257
  • Smallest Win - 58,257
  • Total Payouts for June 2018 - 58,257
  • Average Win - 58,257
  • Average Hit time for June 2018 - Once every 30 days

Treasure Nile Slot

  • Number of Wins - 4
  • Biggest Win - 150,677
  • Smallest Win - 48,458
  • Total Payouts for June 2018 - 434,712
  • Average Win - 108,678
  • Average Hit time for June 2018 - Once every 7.5 days

Mega Moolah Slot

  • Number of Wins - 1
  • Biggest Win - 8,331,262
  • Smallest Win - 8,331,262
  • Total Payouts for June 2018 - 8,331,262
  • Average Win - 8,331,262
  • Average Hit time for June 2018 - Once every 30 days

What does this information tell us? Well we can see that landing the Mega Moolah jackpot hugely inflates the amount of money that is paid out in a typical month. We also saw a couple of games this month pay out their jackpot for the first time in a little while. Jackpot Deuces saw its jackpot won after a six-week period, while the Supajax jackpot was won for the first time in eight weeks during June.

In terms of consistent pay outs, the Cash Splash, Treasure Nile and Lots A Loot slots were the ones to target in June paying out a total of 15 of the 21 progressive jackpots won in that month between them.

We know that one big progressive jackpot has been paid out in July already, and it will be interesting to see how next month's figures shape up after what has been a fantastic month of big money wins for Microgaming players in June.

Byline: This article was published by Mega Moolah expert Henry. Media and other enquiries.

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