Which Microgaming progressives coughed up the cash in May?

In April, we celebrated the fact that Microgaming created three new millionaires with two winners on the massive Mega Moolah slot (incredibly within 22-hours of each other) and another big winner on the Major Millions slot.

Alongside those wins, were a number of smaller value wins on other games which saw April end up as a bumper month for paying out players.

However, it has been a different story in May. For the first time since February 2017, we have had one-month pass without anybody triggering the Mega Moolah jackpot prize. The last trigger was on the 20th April and since then the prize has been growing and at the time of writing has already surpassed 5.8 million.

In addition to that, the prize fund on the Major Millions slot has also been growing since it was last triggered on the 15th April 2018, once again no lucky player landed this jackpot in May which means that it has now grown in size to almost 1.4 million.

On the one hand, players may be disappointed that nobody landed either of the massive two million-plus jackpot prizes available in May with the two Microgaming giants, but the positive side of that is that the jackpots have now grown to ensure that when somebody does land the next win, it is going to be a very sizeable prize indeed.

However, while the big two games may not have paid out in May, that doesn't mean that many of Microgaming's other progressive games have kept a tight hold on their finances. Indeed, many have been busy paying out progressive jackpot wins on a regular basis.

May's Microgaming Progressive Jackpot Wins by Date

  • 2nd May - Cash Splash - 23,519
  • 4th May - Cash Splash - 22,719
  • 7th May - Treasure Nile - 125,468
  • 10th May - Treasure Nile - 100,270
  • 10th May - Cash Splash - 22,935
  • 12th May - Wow Pot - 11,024
  • 13th May - Treasure Nile - 93,751
  • 13th May - Cash Splash - 40,660
  • 16th May - Cash Splash - 56,499
  • 20th May - Treasure Nile - 71,295
  • 22nd May - Cash Splash - 45,033
  • 25th May - Cash Splash - 17,935
  • 26th May - Treasure Nile - 135,351
  • 30th May - Fruit Fiesta - 30,390
  • 31st May - Treasure Nile - 137,938
  • 31st May - Cash Splash - 46,476

It is worth remembering here that the amounts shown are not given a currency because the winning amount is paid in the currency of the location of the player. So in the UK that would be in British Pounds, in Canada, Canadian dollars, in the Eurozone the Euro and so forth.

Total May Payouts by Game

Only four of Microgaming's current 16 progressive jackpot games paid out in May, a smaller than usual number and as a result, the total amount paid out by Microgaming this month is considerably smaller than in April.

  • Treasure Nile - 664,073
  • Cash Splash - 275,776
  • Fruit Fiesta - 390
  • Wow Pot - 11,024

Therefore, the total paid out in May for Microgaming jackpots was 981,263. That represents a relatively quiet month for progressive payouts.

Microgaming Progressive Jackpot Wins - May 2018 - A Statistical Analysis

Let's now take a closer look at the stats for May from Microgaming's progressive jackpot series of games.

  • Total Progressive Jackpot Wins - 16
  • Number of Games that paid progressive jackpots in May 2018 - 4 (out of 16)
  • Total Amount of Cash won via progressives in April 2018 - 981,263 (in various currencies)
  • Smallest Progressive win - 11,024- 12th May on the Wow Pot slot
  • Largest progressive win - 137,938- 31st May on the Treasure Nile slot

What we can learn from these figures is that three fewer slots paid out in May compared to April, the number of progressive jackpot wins was down by four (there were 20 in April) and the amount paid out in progressive jackpot wins in May was around a tenth of that paid in April (when 9,720,608 was paid in progressive prizes).

Similarly, the largest win in May was just 137,938, whereas in April, the largest win was 5,691,921, meaning the biggest progressive jackpot win in May was over 41 times smaller than the comparable win in April.

Three days in May saw two jackpots won, the 10th, 13th and the 31st May being those lucky days. On all of these dates the two machines to pay out were the Treasure Nile and Cash Splash slots.

Microgaming Progressive Games Data for May 2018

All in all, just four out of the 16 Microgaming progressive games paid out jackpots in May, this is down from the seven games that paid out jackpot prizes in April. It means 12 games did not pay out a progressive jackpot during May.

Non-Paying Progressives from Microgaming in May

  • Mega Moolah
  • Major Millions
  • Poker Ride
  • Cyberstud Poker
  • Jackpot Deuces
  • Supa Jax
  • Lots A Loot
  • Tunzamunni
  • Roulette Royale
  • Caribbean Draw Poker
  • Triple Sevens Blackjack
  • King Cashalot Slot

Of the four games that did pay out, here's a more detailed statistical breakdown of how each performed.

Cash Splash Slot

  • Number of Wins - 8
  • Biggest Win - 56,499
  • Smallest Win - 17,935
  • Total Payouts for May 2018 - 275,776
  • Average Win - 34,472
  • Average Hit time for May 2018 - Once every 4 days

Treasure Nile Slot

  • Number of Wins - 6
  • Biggest Win - 137,938
  • Smallest Win - 71,295
  • Total Payout for May 2018 - 664,073
  • Average Win - 110,678
  • Average Hit time for May 2018 - Once every 5 days

Fruit Fiesta Slot

  • Number of Wins - 1
  • Biggest Win - 30,390
  • Smallest Win - 30,390
  • Total Payouts for May 2018 - 30,390
  • Average Win - 30,390
  • Average Hit time for May 2018 - Once every 30 days

Wow Pot Slot

  • Number of Wins - 1
  • Biggest Win - 11,024
  • Smallest Win - 11,024
  • Total Payout for May 2018 - 11,024
  • Average Win - 11,024
  • Average Hit time for May 2018 - Once every 30 days

What is interesting about these figures, especially when you compare them with the figures for April 2018, is that Cash Splash and Treasure Nile certainly appear to be the two most regular progressive jackpot paying games Microgaming operate. Cash Splash paid out eight times in both months, with Treasure Nile paying out five times in April and six times in May. These games certainly be the ones to target if you want to play a progressive slot that pays out regularly.

Looking forward, what this means is that with 12 games not paying out a progressive jackpot in May, this means that the prizes on offer in these games have now increased and that means more players than ever will be hoping that they are the lucky ones to land that life-changing jackpot. With over £8 million in total available at the time of writing across the 16 progressive games, who will be the next lucky player to celebrate a big win in June?

Byline: This article was published by Mega Moolah expert Henry. Media and other enquiries.

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