Which sporting themed slots would you like to see from Microgaming?

I have always felt that one area of popular entertainment which has been overlooked somewhat when it comes to slot games, and I don't mean just those produced by Microgaming, but by all developers, is the arena of sporting superstars.

There are slot games nowadays about your favourite TV shows and films, many of which are among the finest examples of modern slots you will see today. There are also an increasing number of games about pop stars (and Microgaming's tribute to the Village People, which is due out later in 2019).

However when it comes to sporting slots, we tend to have a few sports generic slots (such as Football Star, Rugby Star, Basketball Star and similar) as well as the Top Trumps Sporting Legends slot, but slot games don't tend to delve any deeper than this.

I think that is an area of gaming which has been somewhat neglected over the years as I feel there are a number of sporting superstars and teams that would allow slot developers to use their creativity and imaginations to come up with some stellar sporting superstar slots.

Here's some of my suggestions for what could be the next generation of sporting superstar slots!

The $9m Golf Showdown slot

Recently, two of golf's legendary figures, Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson, played each other in a one off head to head game where the winning player took home a cash prize of $9 million. As it happens it was Mickelson who landed the prize on the 22nd hole after the two players finished all-square after 18 and required four more holes to decide the winner.

In this slot, I would structure it similar to the Lost Vegas slot, where instead of picking which side you want to be on for the slot, you would select which of the two golfing superstars you want to face. Woods or Mickelson.

You would then have different features, symbols and bonuses available for the slot based on your opponent. So for Tiger Woods, you would have Tiger symbols, pictures of Woods playing various shots, some of the trophies he has won, his clubs etc and then you would have the same available for Phil Mickelson.

You could of course intersperse some of the wins on the slot with video of some of the iconic golfing shots that they have both played over the years.

The slot would also be a 'quest' slot where each time you unlock a bonus game, you play one of the 18 possible holes against your opponent. Pick the type of shot to play from a selection to see how many shots you complete the hole in. Select the right shot for better value cash prizes and as you progress through the slot, you will see the score of the game take shape. Manage to beat your opponent and you would win the cash prize.

The prize could be either a jackpot sum of money, or a progressive jackpot prize if you really wanted to give the game huge appeal as then if the jackpot prize was seeded in the same way as a slot like Mega Moolah is, then the actual prize you win could even mirror the prize won by the real Phil Mickelson in the game earlier this year.

Floyd Mayweather's Big Money Boxing slot

There's no doubt that when it comes to making big money, Floyd Mayweather is in a different league to almost any other athlete or sports person in the world today. The semi-retired boxing legend remains unbeaten but it is his propensity to generate cash from his fights which have seen him take on an almost legendary status within the fight game.

I think a slot based on Mayweather and boxing would be a huge hit. You could pick your weight category and the symbols on the slot could be a mixture of lower value standard boxing symbols, gloves, the bell, the ring, the girls who carry the round number and the higher value symbols could be a number of different boxers at that weight.

You could then have a quest element to the slot which sees you trying to move up the rankings (and in doing so, unlock a higher multiplier) as you take on opponents in a boxing match bonus round. Land the right combinations in the bonus game to win the fight and land a win with a bigger value multiplier, lose the fight and you drop down the rankings and your earning potential drops.

The aim could be to rise to the top of the rankings and become World Champion, which would then trigger a special bonus round played at the highest multiplier possible and with perhaps some much higher paying symbols on the reels for that free spins bonus game.

FA Cup Football slot

I've often wondered why there hasn't been an official slot for some of the popular football tournaments around the world and the FA Cup, given how popular slot gaming is in the UK in particular, would be a good place to start.

With this slot, you could have a selection of random teams (or the player could select which teams they wanted from a list) represented on the reels and these would be the symbols, The bonus game would be based on you playing a game against one of these teams and trying to beat them to move into the next round of the Cup.

You could score goals by landing a certain combination of symbols across the reels, and concede goals when other symbols land in a certain combination. You could earn a bonus cash prize for each goal you score or a near miss, but perhaps lose a little cash if you concede a goal.

As you progress through the FA Cup in the slot, the prizes on offer would increase, but it would also become tougher to win the games. However, reach the final and win the game and you would take home the jackpot prize.

These are just three ways that sporting stars, teams or even competitions could be used to make the next generation of sports slots that would be very different to the current games on offer for sports from Microgaming.

What sports would you like to see a slot version of? There's so many to choose from and most would make terrific themes for slots games including; F1, or WRC, or MotoGP.

Byline: This article was published by Mega Moolah expert Henry. Media and other enquiries.

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