Why it makes more sense to play a progressive jackpot slot

First of all, let's assume here that you are already a slots fan as you are here and reading this, so we don't have to give you the hard sell on why slot games are such great fun to play and can, on rare occasions, land you with a fantastic win that can really impact your life for the positive.

So, we're all singing from the same hymn sheet here. We enjoy slot games, we like what they have to offer and we are happy to spend a little of our disposable income playing them from time to time in the hope that maybe we'll land a big win, but if not then we'll have still enjoyed a good time playing through the games in question.

Assuming this, we're going to ask the question, why does it make sense to play a progressive jackpot slot game, perhaps even more than even the best non-progressive slot game?

Now of course, that is a tricky question to answer and it does drag up some heated debate on both sides of the fence. So let's examine this in a bit more detail and look first of all the positive aspects of playing a standard slot game.

Standard slot game positives

There are many slot players who will only play standard slot games rather than progressives and the main arguments for them doing this are as follows:

  • Generally better RTP for players

In general, standard slot games tend to have a better Return to Player (RTP) percentage than progressive slot games. Although I must point out that this is not true in all cases. Some progressive slots have a very decent RTP for players, while some standard slots have a very low RTP, especially some of those very high variance games.

What this means is that when players play standard slots, they feel that they have a better opportunity of earning some cash back from a slot that pays back more of the money it takes in. This is a particular point for players who don't like to add to their bankroll too often and like to maintain the cash they have in their account and prefer slots that pay out more regular smaller value wins, rather than less frequent but higher value pays.

  • You know what you can win and how to win it

On most standard slots, the jackpot is set at a stated amount and you know exactly how much this is in relation to your bet. So for example, you may play a standard 243 Ways to Win slot like Dr Watts Up from Microgaming and wager a set amount per spin and you'll know that the top prize you can win is 10,000 coins.

So if you are betting 1.00 per coin on your spin, then you know that your 30.00 bet per spin will earn you a prize of 10,000 coins. If you wager the least amount of 0.30 per spin, then that means you would win 100.00 coins. In progressive games, because the jackpot is increasing and then drops down when it is won, you can never be exactly sure of how much you will win.

  • Wider selection of slot games to play

One simple fact is that there are many more standard slot games to pick from for players of these games than there are progressive games. Microgaming for example has hundreds of differently themed slots you can pick from but they offer just 16 progressive jackpot games (and not all of those progressive games are slot games).

As such, if you prefer a variety of games to play and like to tailor the games you pick to play to suit your own preferences for slots, it is much easier to do this when playing standard slot games simply due to the much greater choice of games available.

However, one thing about progressive slot games is that they also have their own positive aspects as we shall explore in a bit more detail below.

Progressive slot game positives

  • Smaller RTP but generally much larger prizes for your money

By their very nature, progressive jackpot games and slots have a lower RTP percentage when compared to standard slots (although this is by no means a universal situation). However, the big bonus of this is that a progressive jackpot will usually pay out considerably more than a standard slot, indeed in some cases, the amount you can win on a progressive jackpot is not just big, but can be huge and even life-changing in the case of winning a million-plus jackpot (as is available on games such as the Mega Moolah).

So if you are someone who would prefer your 0.25 wager to offer you the chance of winning 500 credits and smaller prizes more often, then a standard slot will suffice. However, if winning millions sounds far more enticing, even if it is a long shot, then progressive slots can offer you that opportunity.

  • Excitement on every spin

It is one thing playing a standard slot knowing that if you get lucky you could win 100, 500, 1,000 or maybe 10,000 coins. However it is something else to spin knowing that on every spin you could win an amount of money that would not just see you likely set up for life, but also change your life for the better in many different ways.

Suddenly, those nagging credit card and loan debts would disappear, those holidays and new car that you couldn't afford can now become a reality. You can offer financial security and assistance to your family and friends and assure yourself of a positive financial future.

These are the carrots that dangle in the mind of many players of games like the National Lottery and such, but in the slots world, it is only the big money cash prizes available on progressive slot games like Mega Moolah that would offer you the chance to enjoy this freedom and lifestyle change and it is this excitement which you can feel on each and every spin as you play. You just don't get that on slot games that offer smaller prizes.

  • Affordability

It used to be on some progressive slot games that players would have to make a maximum bet of a stated amount in order to stand a chance to win the progressive jackpot. Some games even just had one stake amount to play for on each spin and you could either take it or leave it. However, a new approach to progressive slots now means you can play for just small amounts of money on every spin and still stand a chance of landing a massive jackpot win.

On Mega Moolah for example, you can spin from just 0.25 per spin (and indeed, many players that have claimed the Mega Moolah progressive have done so from playing these lowest value spins). This compares well with slots like Major Millions, where the minimum bet to win the jackpot is 3.00, or Treasure Nile, where the minimum bet to win the jackpot is 2.25.

This means that truly huge progressive jackpot games are now well within the budget of any slot player and that means more players playing. In turn that means more money going into the progressive prize fund too.

Progressive slot games like Mega Moolah are something of a cultural phenomenon. Slot players love them, but so do people who also enjoy low risk/high reward forms of gambling such as lottery and scratchcard players. It is this broad appeal which has made them so popular and which still sees these games among the most popular slots you can play online today.

Give it a shot at one of the Mega Moolah casinos today!

Byline: This article was published by Mega Moolah expert Henry. Media and other enquiries.

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