Why Mega Moolah is one of the most popular ways to try and win a million

Have you ever wondered why, in a world that has a huge number of different gambling opportunities, slots like Mega Moolah remain so popular, with so many people?

Of course, one of the biggest factors in the slots popularity is the chance to win a life-changing jackpot prize, but Mega Moolah is not the only slot or form of betting that offers this enticing prospect to players.

However, what is true is that Mega Moolah's popularity has increased massively since it was first released and there are a number of good reasons as to why that is. In this article, we are going to explore what these reasons are and why Mega Moolah makes sense not just for slot players chasing a big progressive jackpot, but for anybody who wants to wager a little, with a chance to win a lot.

  1. Cost to play

There is no doubt that the cost of a spin on the Mega Moolah slot is what makes it so attractive to so many players. You can win Microgaming's Mega Moolah jackpot prize from a spin of just 0.25. When you compare this to the cost of the minimum value spin on some other slot games. On Playtech's Jackpot Giant for example, you need to wager 4.00 minimum per spin, in order to stand a shot at landing the progressive jackpot prize.

For that amount of money, you will get 16 spins of the Mega Moolah slot for every one spin on Jackpot Giant. Similarly, if you bought yourself a lottery ticket for £2 in the UK, you would be able to have eight spins on the Mega Moolah slot for the same amount of money. Read our article on lottery as a lower value bet.

If you wanted to place a bet of 0.25 to land a million-plus prize, then you would need a bet that offered odds of at least four million to one, and that just isn't likely to be found on even the best bookmaking sites.

So when it comes to playing for big money for the smallest cost to the individual, pretty much nothing you can find online today comes anywhere near to beating the value you get when playing Mega Moolah.

  1. Size of the jackpot fund

There is no doubt that the size of the Mega Moolah jackpot prize is one of the most attractive aspects of the game and is what draws many people into playing it every day. Even when the jackpot has been won in its entirety (with a British Pound win), the minimum amount you can ever win triggering the Mega Moolah progressive jackpot is 1,000,000.00 in your chosen currency.

In truth, it is when the jackpot grows far beyond that, especially to over the 'average' win mark (which is close to the 7.2 million mark in 2018) that things start to really become attractive for players and once the jackpot hits the 10 million mark, then the size of the prize really does attract a huge amount of players into playing the game.

This is why, when the jackpot reaches a higher amount, it grows more quickly, simply as a result of more people playing more spins playing the game.

  1. No special skills or abilities needed

Do you fancy trying to bet your way to a million-plus win from the bookmakers? Then it is likely you are going to need a great deal of knowledge about the sport and markets you are betting on in order to successfully pick the right bets to back in order to land such a huge prize, and even if you do, the chances of landing an accumulator that could pay out that much money are tiny and prone to luck and other incidents that a punter has no control of.

What is great about Mega Moolah is that you do not require any special skills or abilities to play the game. All you need is a funded account with a casino offering the game and the ability to click the Spin button. The rest is simply down to good luck and the whims of fate!

  1. Regularity with which the Mega Moolah progressive has been won

It is fair to say that compared to some other progressive jackpot slots that have large payouts, the Mega Moolah slot is the one that has certainly paid out its top prize more often. Games like Jackpot Giant may also have big million-plus jackpots, but they tend to pay out their prizes once in a blue moon.

However, in 2017, Mega Moolah paid out 55 million to 13 winners! That is 13 people who were made millionaires thanks to their good fortune on the slot in a single year. Indeed, in 2018, we have already had seven winners, the greatest number of winners apart from 2017, and one of those winners was a new World Record winner for an online slot progressive jackpot prize, landing a prize of over €18.9 million back on 28th September 2018.

Since the game was first released, we are now rapidly approaching 50 winners of the top prize on the Mega Moolah slot and that far outstrips the number of winners you would find of comparable prizes on any other online slot game you would care to mention.

  1. Availability of the Mega Moolah jackpot across the globe

Linked in to the speed at which the jackpot on Mega Moolah can grow, is of course its huge popularity, not just in the UK, but across Europe and indeed all around the world - where available.

With a good choice of casino offers available on the Mega Moolah, including a bitcoin offer, this means that the game is played far and wide across all continents and the fact that you can play the game on simple mobile phones and tablets, mean that it is also accessible, even to those that do not have a home WiFi or personal computer set up.

With Mega Moolah being so accessible internationally, it is little wonder that the collective spins from all over the world have seen the pace of increase in the progressive jackpot getting faster and faster over the years.

  1. Speed at which the Mega Moolah Jackpot increases

As we have mentioned above, the fact that so many people have access to Mega Moolah around the world, and the fact that it is one of the cheapest methods to play for a life-changing amount of money, this has seen a huge amount of slots fans trying their luck on the game.

This is particularly evident when the jackpot size increases to a higher than average amount as these bigger jackpot prizes tend to see more players playing more spins more often in an attempt to win the prize. This then further accelerates how quickly the jackpot prize can grow.

It is this speed of increase in the Mega Moolah jackpot which is so enticing to so many players as they know, if they are the lucky one to land the win, then it is going to be a win that changes their life for the better, forever.

  1. Flexibility of being able to play the Mega Moolah slot when and where you choose

The fact that you can play Mega Moolah on a mobile device when and wherever you choose makes the slot one of the more flexible ways you can win a million at any time and in any place. There's no need to worry about playing Mega Moolah at a certain time (like you have to do with the Natonal Lottery for example, or if you are placing a sporting bet) and there's no need to go to a newsagent or bookmaker to place your wager.

Unlike several other forms of gambling for big money, you can play Mega Moolah on your chosen handset at any time, at any place and for a variety of wager sizes, and each will offer you a chance of landing the jackpot prize, which itself can also be won at any time. That makes Mega Moolah one of the most user-friendly and flexible ways to play for big money.

  1. How the jackpot is paid out to lucky winners

In some parts of the world, if a player s fortunate enough to win a large multi-million prize, such as winning a lottery game, then a player will have a choice as to how they receive their money.

In the US, where Mega Moolah in not available, this often means a player can receive a single lump sum payment which usually amounts to considerably less than the sum they are supposed to have won (in some cases, players can lose up to 50% in tax by electing to take a lump sum). Alternatively, they can receive their funds in installments over a number of years from the casino, in which case they receive more cash from their win, but cannot access it all immediately. Pretty lame we say!

With the Mega Moolah slot, there is no such fuss. Microgaming stated when they designed the game that they wanted their top prizes paid out, in full, to the winning player in one single lump sum. So that means, if you are playing Mega Moolah and land a 10 million prize, you will receive a prize worth 10 million, not a penny less.

  1. Plenty of other prizes you can win as well as the progressive jackpot prize

It's worth remembering that in addition to the Mega Moolah progressive jackpot, there are three more progressive jackpot prizes, the Mini, Minor and Major, which all offer players the chance to win some cash ranging from a smaller amount, up to a win worth tens of thousands if you land the Major jackpot prize.

However, that is only the progressive jackpot prizes available on the slot. There are a number of other cash prizes you can win when playing the slot game that do not require you to trigger the Jackpot Bonus Game at all. Indeed, you can win up to 75,000.00 coins playing the Mega Moolah slot, which for a minimum bet spin of 0.25 in the base game, would equate to a cash prize of 750.00 in your chosen currency. In Free Spins the potential win amount is much more at 225,000.00 coins. Read about the Mega Moolah coin size and win amounts per line.

With so many other potential ways to win on the Mega Moolah slot in addition to the big progressive jackpot prize, this means that even if you don't land the progressive, you can still enjoy a profitable time playing the game, and even win some big money, if the slot gods are on your side.

Byline: This article was published by Mega Moolah expert Henry. Media and other enquiries.

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