Why you should choose a BTC Debit Card to play Mega Moolah

Your typical online casino giving you access to the popular Mega Moolah video slot from Microgaming is already set up to take both credit and debit card deposits. You create an account, choose your favourite card, make a deposit and off you go. It is a system that has worked well since online gambling became a thing.

Today however, you have another choice: a Bitcoin (BTC) debit card. A BTC debit card acts just like a bank-issued or traditional prepaid debit card in that it uses funds you have already set aside to cover your deposit. The only difference is that you are using BTC rather than fiat.

Until recently, there were not that many BTC debit cards out there. But things are changing. We know of nearly 2-dozen cards ourselves, and there could be many more we are not aware of. These are issued by:

  • Cryptocurrency exchanges.
  • Payment processors.
  • Mobile pay services.
  • Online payment providers.
  • Private financial services companies.

If you would like to learn more about the nuts and bolts of BTC debit cards, we invite you to read our recently published post that look at 20 different cards. For now though, let us talk about reasons you should choose a BTC debit card over all other cards to play Mega Moolah.

You can't spend what you don't have

The first topic we will address is using a BTC debit card instead of a credit card. When you make online gambling deposits with a credit card, you are depositing money you may or may not have. Remember that your credit card is simply a plastic representation of a pre-approved loan.

You may have every intention of paying your credit card bill at the end of the month with money you already have in the bank. And by the way, that's something you should be doing with your credit cards anyway. Yet there is a temptation to only pay the minimum this month, and then try to get caught up next month.

This is a trap that could easily lead you into spending money that you do not have. It could lead you to gambling on Mega Moolah, in hopes of eventually winning the Mega Jackpot, by continuing to put your deposits on credit. It is not a good situation to be in.

When you use a debit card, you are depositing money you already have. It is true that you could still deposit money that should be used to pay other bills, but at least you are not running up a credit bill on top of what you already owe. The simple fact is that you cannot use a debit card if there is no money behind it.

Debit cards help with money management

Continuing with the theme of using debit cards over credit cards, consider the fact that debit cards can help with money management. They are so helpful that credit card issuers encourage people who are not eligible for credit cards due to a poor credit history to get debit cards instead. They encourage those consumers to use their debit cards to learn how to better manage their money so that they will eventually be eligible for credit.

So how does it work? Again, remember that there has to be money behind a debit card for you to use it. A bank-issued debit card gives you access to all the funds in your bank account. A prepaid debit card is one you must load with funds. Here is where money management comes into play.

You can prevent yourself from spending money you cannot afford to spend by limiting the amount you load on your prepaid card. Let's say you have $100 you don't need to pay your bills. You can load that money on to your prepaid debit card with the understanding that once it's gone, it is gone until the start of the new budget month. You will not spend anything more because you won't load any more money on the card.

You can do the same thing by choosing a BTC debit card to play Mega Moolah. Choose a set amount you can afford to gamble each month, and no more. Then put that amount on your card. Once you have deposited all of it, that's it for the month. Now you are not touching money you need for other portions of your budget in order to gamble.

As an added bonus, debit card accounts provide a complete list of all transactions in a given month. You can easily track your transactions even if you do not get receipts at the point-of-purchase. In short, debit card transactions are easier to keep track of than cash. This makes it easier for you to see just where your money is going.

Added security with a BTC Card

Cryptocurrency transactions are generally considered more secure even without getting into the BTC debit card. Security is accomplished through a combination of transaction encryption and distributed ledger technology. Your information and funds are arguably safer on a cryptocurrency network than a traditional bank network.

Using a BTC debit card to make your Mega Moolah deposits takes the traditional banking system out of the equation. You are not exposing credit card information when you deposit with a BTC debit card.

It is important to stop here and mention a caveat. The added security of the BTC debit card is only realized when you are using a card issued by a cryptocurrency exchange or a company whose activities are solely focused on cryptocurrency payments. If you're using a card affiliated with a financial services company that also handles traditional banking transactions, you've lost that extra bit of security.

Play even at Non-Crypto Casinos

Have you ever run across Mega Moolah on a gambling site you absolutely love, only to discover that this site does not accept Bitcoin deposits? If so, you know how frustrating it can be. You want to play at that casino, but your hands are tied if they will not take your coins. A BTC debit card is the solution once again.

Assuming your BTC debit card is one that converts between crypto and fiat on-the-fly, you can play Mega Moolah with your bitcoins at any casino that accepts debit cards. The casino itself receives a fiat payment even as your card makes the conversion behind the scenes.

This single characteristic of the BTC debit card opens up a whole world of possibilities. A good card can have you playing at online casinos you've only dreamed of playing at before. But again, your card has to convert between BTC and fiat automatically for this to work.

Use your Bitcoin profits to play

We have given you a lot of good reasons to choose a BTC debit card over all others to play Mega Moolah. However, we have saved the best reason for last. Here it is: when you use a BTC debit card, you can use your crypto profits to play your favourite video slot.

Now you can play with your profits instead of tapping into your monthly budget. Just let the your BTC grow until its next plateau, and then repeat the process.

We think playing Mega Moolah with Bitcoin is a great idea. Covering your casino deposits with a BTC debit card is an even better idea.

Byline: This article was published by Mega Moolah expert Henry. Media and other enquiries.

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