Wicked Tales: Dark Red - Microgaming's & Triple Edge Studios' latest slot

There's big news this week from Microgaming as the company has announced the immediate release of a brand-new slot. The game, Wicked Tales: Dark Red is the third developed for Microgaming as part of the exclusive deal with Triple Edge Studios that was announced last February at the ICE Totally Gaming 2018 conference.

The two prior released by Triple Edge Studios have included the hugely popular Playboy Gold slot, which was released in March 2018, and the innovative Halloween slot, a 5-reel game that was based on the famous 1978 John Carpenter film, that starred a very young Jamie Lee Curtis in her first major film role and made a generation terrified of the films famous villain, Michael Myers.

Both of these prior releases had the hallmark of a number of unusual features in each game, including the likes of the Jumbo Blocks and Wandering Reel features on the Halloween slot and the 6x10 reel set up and 100 pay lines in play on the Playboy Gold slot.

After such innovative initial releases, the next instalment from Triple Edge Studios and Microgaming has been eagerly awaited and it is now here, hitting casinos on the Wednesday 26th September 2018 for the first time.

The Wicked Tales: Dark Red slot is based on the famous Little Red Riding Hood story, but this version has a slightly darker twist than the original fairy tale and is certainly a more adult oriented game, as opposed to a recreation of the original fairy tale.

Not so innocent Little Red Riding Hood

Wicked Tales: Dark Red is not the first time that the Little Red Riding Hood story has been given a slightly darker twist. Indeed, the original story, believed to hark back to around the 10th century, was a popular European folk tale that was popularised latterly by Charles Perrault and the Brothers Grimm.

Indeed, the earlier versions of this story had more sinister themes. In Perrault's version, written in the latter years of the 17th century, the wolf triumphs over Little Red Riding Hood and devours the helpless young girl after luring her into a bed.

The Brothers Grimm most popular version saw the earlier parts of their story corroborate with that of Perrault, but they decided on a separate ending, which is the more well-known version nowadays of a huntsman coming and killing the wolf and thus rescuing Little Red Riding Hood and her Grandmother.

The story has also been retold famously in film. Ken Russel's A Company of Wolves was based on the tale and contained plenty of adult themes and a later remake of the story was Snow White and The Huntsman, a modern remake which starred Kristen Stewart, Charlize Theron and Chris Hemsworth and which again, is a complete reworking of the original story and which too focused on the darker aspects of the tale.

So Wicked Tales: Dark Red does have a proud lineage in which to follow, so how does the game look?

Wicked Tales: Dark Red Features

The game boasts 5-reels, with the first and fifth reels having just three symbols and the middle three reels each having four. There are a total of 25-pay lines in play and the game is set in the dark, haunting forests of Ravenmire a place where 'fortune and fantasy collide'.

Once again, as with the Playboy Gold and Halloween slots, the Wicked Tales: Dark Red slot will also feature the Wandering Reels and Jumbo Blocks bonuses, which can be used together to increase the chances of landing a bigger value win throughout the different game modes.

One of the most exciting features of the slot looks to be the new Wolf's Wheel Bonus. During this bonus phase, players have a chance to a pin a wheel which can reward them with cash prizes, increased multipliers high symbols and a treasure chest. Also, on the reel is a symbol which leads to another bonus feature, the Forest of Fortunes.

Once this bonus is triggered, the Forest of Fortune will see a player presented with a number of different leather pouches, each of which hides a cash prize. Select a pouch with a cash prize and you not only win the cash amount shown, but the multiplier applied to your total winnings will also increase. You can also discover a pouch which contains an axe, and if you land that then you can fend off the werewolf, who is also hiding amongst the pouches and who when selected brings about the end of the bonus round.

Land any of the high symbols on the Wheel Bonus round and you will trigger a Free Spins bonus game which sees you land nine free spins and which has Wandering Reels and Jumbo Blocks active and which offer you a great chance to land a sizeable win, as you hide away inside your forest cabin away from the claws of the prowling werewolf.

Speaking prior to the announcement of the games release, Microgaming Games Publisher David Reynolds stated:

"Wicked Tales: Dark Red brings back the exhilitating Wandering Reels feature alongside a gripping feature-guaranteed bonus wheel, which can lead to a pick bonus round or a Free Spins round.

"Triple Edge Studios have done an amazing job in combining darker elements with exciting features and a new math design to inject newfound thrill and suspense into a classic tale."

Keep a close eye for our review of this brand-new slot coming up very shortly to Mega Moolah casinos.

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