Young Man! There’s No Need to Feel Down as Village People slot announced

With a back catalogue of hits that include Go West!, In the Navy, Macho Man and of course the perennial favourite Y.M.C.A, the Village People are one of the most famous names when it comes to disco music.

The group, famous for its wide variety of different characters and their flamboyant and instantly recognisable outfits, first gained fame in 1977 at the height of the disco boom. They enjoyed their greatest successes around the globe in the late 70s and after a short hiatus between 1985 and 1987, they have remained active on the music scene ever since and they now even appear in television adverts in the UK for an online estate agency.

Their initial release, San Francisco, failed to make much of an impression in the charts, hitting 102 in the US Charts and 45 in the UK chart in 1977. Their breakthrough hit though was Macho Man in 1978, which reached number 25 in the US and 16 in Canada but fared very well in New Zealand (reaching number 7) and Australia, where it reached number 3.

However, that small success was dwarfed by what would happen later that year with the release of their seminal hit Y.M.C.A. The song was a global smash hit, reaching number one in the UK, Sweden, New Zealand, Ireland, the Netherlands, Germany, Canada, Belgium and Australia and reaching number two in the United States and Norway. To this day, it remains one of the songs that is synonymous with the disco era and so popular has the song and its simple dance moves become, that it is instantly recognisable from just the first few bars. YMCA has turned platinum in both the US and the UK due to the massive number of singles sold.

The follow up song released in 1979, was In the Navy and this also proved to be a smash hit around the world, reaching number one in Belgium, Canada and the Netherlands, number 2 in the UK, Norway and Ireland, number three in Sweden, Germany and the US as well as number 7 in New Zealand and Australia. The song was also widely used to promote the US Navy and even inspired a tongue-in-cheeky parody by Scottish comedian Billy Connolly, called In the Brownies.

Given their enduring popularity and the fact that YMCA is played at almost every single disco around the world at least once during the evening, it is great to hear that Microgaming have agreed a licensing deal with ITV Studios Global Entertainment to develop an exclusive online slot game on the Village People.

Full details of the slot, which is slated for a release some time in 2019, are not yet known but what is certain is that several of the band's biggest hits, such as Go West, Macho Man and of course, Y.M.C.A will feature prominently in the slot.

Furthermore, the six iconic members of the band, the policeman, the Native American, the GI, the construction worker, the cowboy and the leather clad biker will also feature extensively in the new game.

The as yet untitled slot will be released on all platforms exclusively to Microgaming operators at some point next year and to be truthful, we cannot wait to see what Microgaming come up with for such an iconic group and their instantly recognisable collection of songs.

Speaking following the announcement Microgaming's COO Andrew Clucas stated;

"Village People is an iconic brand that has created an impact on pop culture with songs that have remained popular with mainstream audiences since the 70s and 80s.

"Microgaming is proud to announce the development of a new game which will feature the band's greatest hits and members for the first time in online slot form, adding a new dimension to our extensive portfolio of branded content."

Steve Green, ITV's GE spokesperson commented;

"A brand as iconic as Village People is sure to lend a great deal of fun and nostalgia to the themed online slot game, and who better to bring that to life than the company that developed the first true online casino."

The announcement heralds a new direction for Microgaming as while the company has an extensive back catalogue of top-quality releases in terms of Film and TV tie-ins, such as the Phantom of the Opera slot, Bridesmaids, Bullseye, Ant and Dec's Saturday Night Takeaway and the Village People slot heralds their first move into slot games based on one particular pop band.

It is a genre that has few games available, even when you consider all slots developers, and it is a market that has the potential to have immediate appeal both in terms of the slots game itself, as well as for fans of the band in question.

One thing is sure, if the Village People slot game proves to be a huge success for Microgaming, then it is unlikely to be the last time the company decide to release a slot game about a hugely popular and iconic band. With so many high quality bands both past and present to pick from, if licensing issues could be sorted, then Microgaming may well have happened upon a market that is not just ripe in terms of the sheer variety of options available, but also have an instant connection with its slot players and music fans in general.

Given that the soundtrack to a slot game is often fundamental to a game's appeal to a player, especially when the developers get the soundtrack absolutely right (as is the case in the brilliant Game of Thrones slot for example), having a catalogue of top class hits developers can use as backdrop in the game, as well as playing when key wins are landed or bonus games are triggered, makes this a truly exciting proposition.

Expect the Village People slot to be one of the biggest and most anticipated releases of 2019! When released it will be available at all Mega Moolah casinos.

Microgaming press release.

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