10 big wins that made Mega Moolah the Internet's must-play jackpot slot

There's nothing like a Mega Moolah big win to stir up the excitement among slot players and since the beginning there have been a string of players that have experienced the thrill of becoming the latest big money progressive jackpot winner on the Internet's most iconic of slots.

While each of these wins has been memorable for the lucky player who won the prize, offering them an almost instant solution to any financial issues they may have, there's no doubt that it is the really big wins Mega Moolah can create that get the heart racing and excite slot players like no other.

That is why when the Mega Moolah jackpot creeps up higher than usual, especially when it gets to over the 10 million mark, there is a frenzy of players all trying their luck on the game in the hope that one of their spins will turn into a blockbusting winner.

So with that in mind, we are going to bring you the countdown of the top ten wins on Mega Moolah from the largest win documented at the time of writing and down from there and we do not have to look too far into the past for the progressive jackpot winner that comes top of this particular chart.

  1. 28th September 2018 - €18,910,668 - New World Record

The biggest ever Mega Moolah jackpot payout was landed in September of 2018, when after just over three months of play, one lucky player (who chose to remain anonymous) landed a Euro jackpot prize of just shy of 19 million.

Due to the anonymity requested by the winner, little is known about the winner other than the amount won, the date and time of the win and that this jackpot winner shattered the Guinness World Record for the highest ever online progressive jackpot slot win, eclipsing the previous record.

However, could this record now be under threat? As at the time of writing, the Mega Moolah jackpot has grown once again from the date of this last trigger and now stands at over 16 million British pounds (the default currency of the game), if the jackpot is not won in the next few weeks, then there is real potential that the next winner of the prize could be smash the World Record once again.

Not only is this record the largest ever jackpot paid out by an online slot, it is also the largest ever jackpot won on a mobile device.

  1. 6th October 2015 - £13,213,838 - Former World Record

British ex-soldier Jonathon Heywood etched his name into the Mega Moolah hall of fame in October 2015, when he set the previous Guinness World Record for a progressive slot jackpot win.

The Crewe resident landed his huge prize in October and immediately invested some of the money to secure the best possible treatment for his ill father and he also treated himself to a yellow Bentley Continental GT to replace his ailing Fiat Punto.

Jon was playing the slot for just 0.25 per spin when he landed his huge win, the smallest amount you can wager to qualify for the jackpot prize on the original Mega Moolah slot.

  1. 25th April 2017 - €8,012,153 - Former Mobile World Record

Tipico Casino saw one of its customers land a world record mobile prize win back in April 2017 when they landed an amazing €8m prize, just pipping the previous mobile jackpot record of €7.9 million.

However, when the last winner of the jackpot smashed the World Record in September 2018, they also claimed the mobile world record as they won their record amount from a mobile device.

  1. 25th September 2017 - €7,742,015 - Flemish Unibet winner

One lucky player, whose only detail we know for sure is that they were Flemish, landed a big €7.7 million prize when playing at Unibet Casino back in September 2017. The win was the second largest of the year, only pipped by the mobile world record smashing win a few months earlier.

  1. 9th December 2012 - £5,883,044 - Jon Orchard's Christmas Win

Prior to Jonathon Heywood's win above, it was another British slot player who landed the world record prize on the Mega Moolah slot. His name was John Orchard and the Lincolnshire-based man made sure he had a great Christmas when landing a £5.8 million win back in December 2012.

What made this win all the more amazing was that Mr Orchard was a more regular online bingo player than a slot gamer, but he decided to try his luck on the Mega Moolah slot and his 0.30p spin saw him win just shy of £6 million.

John wasn't quick to enjoy the fruits of his success, quitting his job, buying his daughter a house and buying himself a Jaguar to celebrate his victory.

  1. 28th August 2016 & 5th November 2016 - Two big $11.6m Canadian Dollar Wins

I've put both of these big Canadian dollar wins together in a single entry because both won very similar amounts of money relatively closely together with just two months in between the two wins.

Little is known about the identity of the first lucky winner other than they landed their win in Canadian Dollars, but the second winner, who landed slightly more CA$23,000 more or thereabouts) was a player known as M.G. who hailed from Canada and landed his prize while playing Mega Moolah.

M.G said that he will be buying himself a "nice big house and a vacation cottage and taking my entire family on a first class trip to Africa!."

  1. 17th June 2016 - Rawiri Pou's New Zealand $10.1m Win

Rawiri Pou, a fast-food worker from New Zealand became that countries richest ever Mega Moolah winner back in June 2016, when he scooped a huge NZ$10 million prize playing the Mega Moolah slot.

The win equates to just under £5 million back at the time of the win and Rawiri's intentions with his windfall was to treat his close knit family to some treats and spoil them a little.

  1. 14th March 2017 - $9.5m Canadian Dollar win

During a time when a number of players were landing their prize in Canadian Dollars, this lucky player decided to try a few spins of the Mega Moolah slot at Zodiac Casino and landed a prize worth around $9.5 million Canadian Dollars, which equated to around €6.6 million at the time.

Incredibly, it was the fifth trigger by a player using Canadian Dollars of the jackpot prize in the last eight jackpot triggers and since then a further four players have won jackpot prizes using the Canadian Dollar as their base currency.

  1. 24th June 2018 - $8,332,554 New Zealand Dollar Win

The second largest ever win for a player from New Zealand came in June 2018, when one lucky player took home a cash prize of over $8.3 million in New Zealand Dollars, which equates to around £4.4 million UK pounds. They became the fourth player from the country, which is a part of the world that loves their Mega Moolah, to land the Mega Jackpot prize.

  1. 15th November 2011 - R4,308,741 - The First Ever Mega Moolah win

The first ever Mega Moolah jackpot winner came back in November 2007 when one player landed a 4,307,741 Rand prize at 13.45 on that day. Although the winner made them a millionaire in the local currency, in the British pound currency the actual amount won was considerably less than a million pounds, which meant that the pot remained relatively full ready for the second lucky player to land the prize which they did six months later in April 2008.

Honourable mentions must go to Klaus winning $5.5 million and Georgios winning €6.3 million as these two wins solidified the Mega Moolah's reputation among internet gamblers. Read more about all of the above top 10 winners and more at https://www.megamoolah.com/winners

Byline: This article was published by Mega Moolah expert Henry. Media and other enquiries.

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