10 reasons why Christmas is the perfect time to play Mega Moolah

You like a play some slots, that's why you are reading this over the weekend leading to Christmas and as such, I don't need to preach to you how much fun these games are and how much you could win playing the Mega Moolah slot. Just look at the jackpot value at top right of the screen - this is a live tracker of the jackpot.

We know the jackpot reached a record amount for the twelfth month of the year earlier in December and who knows, maybe it is yet to be won.

Therefore, you don't need a good excuse to play Mega Moolah, or do you? Well, just in case you need a little extra convincing to play the world-record busting slot over the festive period, outlined below are ten reasons why and how you should.

  1. More free time

You've worked hard all year, whether that's at work, or in the home and Christmas is a time for rest and consolidation. Many people have some days off work to enjoy over the festive period, some even go away on holiday. Whatever you choose to do you should have more free time available, so why not spend a little of it indulging on the Mega Moolah slot?

And if you've also received a little Christmas bonus along the way and are wondering what to spend it on, if that progressive jackpot is still huge come Christmas Day, then what's the harm in seeing if you could land it by spending some of that extra bonus cash?

  1. Enjoy some me-time

As well as having more free time, Christmas is a time when you spend a lot of time in the company of others. For those of you who are very social, this can be great fun. However, if you are a more solitary person and can't spend too long in the presence of your distant relatives, then a spot of me-time away is in order.

Now you can spend this how you like, eating your selection boxes, or perhaps quaffing some of that rather nice wine you bought. Or you could grab your mobile, settle back and enjoy a few spins of Mega Moolah to see if you could become the next big winner.

  1. It'll stop you eating sweets/drinking alcohol

If your hands are busy playing Mega Moolah on your mobile or tablet, or even at a laptop, then they won't be able to busy themselves with other things, unless of course you decide to play using the Autoplay feature (you naughty slot player you!) - before you do that read our piece on How to autoplay the Mega Moolah slot.

However, if you are busy playing Mega Moolah, that means all those sweetie temptations and alcoholic beverages that just fall into your hands over the Christmas period, will remain unconsumed, if only for a short time. It may be pushing the boundaries to say that Mega Moolah could help your diet at Christmas time, but hey, if you are playing it, you can't be eating your third Toblerone of the day can you?

  1. Miracles can happen at Christmas

In Hollywood films we are constantly reminded that miracles happen at Christmas, It's a Wonderful Life, the Miracle on 34th Street, Die Hard, and so on, every where you look the underdog overcomes the odds and triumphs.

Maybe this Christmas's miracle could be you landing that massive Mega Moolah jackpot win on your phone! Admittedly, I can't see a Hollywood Blockbuster being made out of it, but at that point you won't care what Hollywood does or doesn't produce.

  1. The jackpot is growing

I'm sure you have noticed that the Mega Moolah has (at the time of writing this article) not been won since the World Record win back in September and that has seen the prize crash through the 13 Million mark and it could soon surpass 14 million.

Even if it has been won in the meantime, with a minimum guaranteed win of 1 millon, the jackpot is still one that you should always be looking to win whenever you can.

  1. EBay wisely and you could have more cash to spend on spins

You'll probably be looking at the presents you have received this year and mentally sorting them into three distinct groups. First up are the classy presents that your loved ones picked carefully and which suit you down to the ground and which you are thrilled with.

Then there's the second group of presents which are very nice and you appreciate but which don't quite have the wow-factor of the first, but which still offer you something you can use or enjoy in one way or another.

Then there is the third and final group, which we would generously call the "Last Minute" group. Or the "Cheap Tat" group, or as it has now become known, the "eBay group".

It's no coincidence that the number of items for sale on eBay takes a massive jump in the days following the Christmas holidays. So why hang on to that lovely knitted sweater of Cliff Richard holding a harp and singing a cheery song with Bungle from Rainbow and a rather confused looking Jesus? Get it on eBay as there will be someone out there for whom it is the perfect gift.

Then when you are paid and have sold all your unwanted items, hey presto extra cash, which you could use to buy yourself replacement presents you do like, or maybe even for a few extra spins on Mega Moolah?

  1. Perfect opportunity to try out your new mobile/tablet/laptop/desktop

Tech is always a popular gift this Christmas and the few days after you have received such a gift is the perfect time to play Mega Moolah, because it means you are enjoying the gift that somebody has lovingly given to you, not "wasting your time on that bleedin' (insert Tech of choice)".

So prove to your loved one that the gift they got you was perfect by enjoying a few spins on the Mega Moolah slot when you can.

  1. It'll get you out of doing a Christmas chore

There's lots of boring things to be done at Christmas and quite often it can be difficult to avoid them. This is where Mega Moolah could come in. If you seem to be 'busy' doing something 'very important", especially if you are on a desktop or laptop, your other half may not be quite so inclined to ask you to run the hoover round. They need not know that rather than doing that important thing for work, you are just having a few spins instead.

  1. Avoid those irritating friends or family (or both)

Christmas is a time for spending with the people that you enjoy being with, love and cherish. Unfortunately, along with those few people, you tend to be forced into spending a good proportion of time with some friends and relatives who, quite frankly, annoy you to the point of wanting to become a Jehovah's Witness, just to avoid them at this time of the year.

However, if you are with your phone or tablet and in the presence of just such a person, then by appearing busy dealing with 'important emails', you can avoid those conversations about why their car is so much better than yours, or why you only have such a nice house because you got lucky etc etc.

  1. Because there isn't ever a bad time to play Mega Moolah!

The simple and most obvious fact is that Christmas Day is a great time to play Mega Moolah because there isn't a bad time to play the slot. With such a fantastic jackpot sure to be available, and spins from just 0.25 eligible to win the biggest of progressive prizes, Mega Moolah is a phenomenon that you can enjoy all year round.

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Byline: This article was published by Mega Moolah expert Henry. Media and other enquiries.

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