19 million Mega Moolah jackpot: A new World Record in the making?

It is incredible to think that the Mega Moolah progressive jackpot slot has been going for several years now, but it has taken the last five months or so for the jackpot to reach unprecedented new heights and really get slot players pulses rocketing in anticipation.

It all began in the middle of 2018, when one lucky player landed a jackpot win in June, the sixth of 2018 thus far. Throughout July and August, the jackpot grew and it continued to grow throughout September, until one lucky player landed a massive, record-breaking win of 18.9 million euros, all from a 0.75 spin.

Since that win in September, the Mega Moolah progressive prize has remained intact. While players have won the Mini, Minor and Major jackpot prizes on a regular basis, the Mega progressive has continued to grow and yesterday, a new benchmark was set for the jackpot prize when for the first time ever, the Mega Jackpot crashed through the 19 million mark.

A World Record-smashing win for online slots is in the cards again. Certainly the amount will even compete with some national lotteries (US excluded) won in those countries. Take for example Sweden, the jackpot in Swedish Krona is around 190 million kronor. The country's biggest ever lottery win was 237,697,528 kronor in 2013 (source). If Mega Moolah is not won soon it will surpass Sweden's biggest lottery win in approximately one months time.

Mega Moolah would need to triple the jackpot to surpass Canada's biggest lottery win of $64 million and would need to double to reach New Zealand's biggest lottery win of $44 million.

But put that into context... the above wins are national lotteries which attract millions of ticket buyers. Mega Moolah is an online slot accessible only via the Internet.

How would a 19 million win compare to other big slot game wins?

Let's assume that it is one lucky player from the UK that lands the top prize and takes home an amazing £19 million. Where would that win stand in the annals of slot gaming?

To do that, we first need to convert that prize into a US dollar amount as many of the records pertaining to slot wins are recorded in this currency. At today's exchange rates, a £19 million win would equate to around $24.8 million in USD.

That figure would not only mean that this win would be the biggest ever online progressive jackpot prize paid out, in the terms of all slots gaming, including those in land-based casinos, such a win would be the fourth largest jackpot win ever claimed in history.

The highest win came in March 2003, when one player won an incredible $37.7 million playing at the Excalibur Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas. Little is known about the winner, other than he was a 25-year-old Software engineer from Los Angeles and that he spent just $100 before landing his life-changing win.

The second largest win went to a Las Vegas cocktail waitress Cynthia Jay-Brennan, who was 37 at the time of her win. She landed a $34.9 million win at the Desert Inn Casino, also in Las Vegas.

The third biggest win in history occurred in November 1998 when one player who wished to remain anonymous, landed a $27.5 million win playing at Palace Station Casino in Las Vegas.

The current Mega Moolah jackpot prize, if won at around £19 million ($24.8 million) would then come in fourth on the list, with the next biggest win being a prize of $22.6 million that was landed at Bally's Casino in May 2002. Amazingly, the Mega Moolah win back in September 2018 would then come in sixth on the list, with that €18.9m Euro win amounting to $21.4 million, just a little more than the $21.3 million one player won at Caesars Palace back in January 1999.

Of course, there's no guarantee that the jackpot will be won imminently. The Mega Moolah slot is designed as such that it could be won at any time, on any spin, with any amount of time passing between two wins. We have, in the past, seen the jackpot won twice on the same day (as happened on May 22, 2017) whereas there have been times when more than a year has passed in between wins, especially in the early days of the game.

What this means is that while the Mega Moolah jackpot has reached new heights, there is nothing to say that it will be won very shortly. Indeed, there is a chance that the jackpot could continue to rise and if it does, then the value of that prize will continue to soar. A win of 20 million is a very real prospect and once the jackpot goes that high, there is no telling how much it will grow further before it is won by one lucky player. See the list winners here.

In order to claim the top spot for the largest slot win in history, the jackpot would have to grow to around 29 million and be won in British Pounds. That may seem a long way off, but given that the jackpot is currently growing at a rate of over 200,000 per day, it would not take too many more weeks for that to become a realistic prospect.

Where can I play Mega Moolah?

If you want to take a shot at landing the huge progressive prize for yourself then the best place to head to play Mega Moolah is any of our top casinos. By following the previous link, you can discover which casinos are available for you to sign up to in your area, as well as information about the sign up bonus you can expect to receive when joining up at a casino.

Once you have signed up, all you need to do is make your deposit and then you can start playing on the Mega Moolah slot. You can win the progressive jackpot from spins beginning at just 0.25 per spin, one of the lowest stakes in progressive slot gaming, although the more you bet, the more chance you have of landing the randomly triggered Jackpot Bonus Game, which is the key to unlocking the Mega Moolah progressive jackpot prizes.

Remember too, the Major Millions progressive slot recently crashed through the 1 million prize mark too and that is another slot, available in 3-reel and 5-reel versions, that offers its players a chance of a life-changing cash prize win. You can find Major Millions and other progressive games with their live jackpots on the Jackpot Games page.

So what are you waiting for, with a potentially World Record-in waiting, you would make Internet history! Click on the green Play Now button at top right of the screen and start playing.

Byline: This article was published by Mega Moolah expert Henry. Media and other enquiries.

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