How many billion is the Mega Moolah jackpot worth in Vietnamese dong?

The Mega Moolah jackpot continues to grow and shows no signs of stopping! Over the past weekend, the jackpot smashed through the 19 million dollar barrier.

Of course, such a huge jackpot has attracted massive interest from slot fans all over the globe and one such place which is seeing its slot players try and land the top prize, is Vietnam. A country that has undergone an incredible cultural, technological and societal rebirth over the last 30 years in particular.

Since the dark days of the 60s and 70s, Vietnam is a country that has experienced somewhat rapid economic growth and has become a popular tourist destination. A succession of five-year plans has seen the country's economy grow quickly, so much so that a forecast by PricewaterhouseCoopers in 2017, suggested that Vietnam may be the fastest growing of all the economies in the world, with an annual gross domestic product growth rate of 5.1%.

With this massive growth has come access to new technology and Vietnam is one of the driving forces when it comes to this form of new tech. As such, the digital revolution is already well underway in the country with people accessing the Internet from all types of standard devices, including PC's but more commonly smartphones and tablets.

This means that playing Mega Moolah from your mobile is now a viable opportunity for many Vietnamese and with the jackpot riding so high, that is precisely what many citizens of the country are doing right at this present moment.

How can I play Mega Moolah from Vietnam?

The good news is that there are a number of top-quality casinos available to players in Vietnam that offer a wide range of Microgaming slots, including of course Mega Moolah. As a new Vietnamese customer you can qualify for a fabulous starter bonus which is worth up to $1,600.

What makes this bonus so enticing is that you don't need a huge deposit up front to trigger it as the bonus can be earned across your first four deposits on site, with each deposit offering you up to a maximum of $400 in 100% Matched Deposit bonuses. Maximise each of those first four bonuses and you can claim the full $1,600 bonus.

If that sounds like a great offer and one not to miss, then the only other information you need is exactly how to make your deposit once you have signed up - click here now.

How can I pay for my Mega Moolah spins in Vietnam?

There are a number of different ways you can sign up to a casino and make a deposit to play Mega Moolah from Vietnam, the most convenient and quickest of these options being to deposit your cash using a credit card (MasterCard or Visa).

Using a credit card is without doubt the quickest and most convenient way to play as the funds you transfer can be in your account instantly and you will be able to start playing almost immediately. This will also facilitate a quicker release of your bonus funds too.

However, you can also fund your account in other ways too. If you have a Neteller or Skrill account, then you can transfer funds into this account from your bank and then use your online account to make your deposit at the casino. Alternatively, if you prefer to cut out the middle-man, then you can make an online transfer to the casino direct from your bank account using an International Bank Transfer. However, these methods can take a little longer to process than by depositing by credit card and that should be noted.

One possible alternative to these methods is to deposit and play with bitcoin. This Mega Moolah bitcoin casino offers a wide range of Microgaming games, including Mega Moolah of course, but it only takes payment in the form of bitcoin. So if you have a bitcoin account and want to sign up using this method, then you can do this easily.

The great news too is that your deposit of between 1,000 microbitcoins and 1 BTC will also be subject to a 100% Matched Deposit bonus, which will double the amount of money you have to spend at the casino in an instant. Furthermore, when you make a second bitcoin deposit, you will receive a 50% deposit bonus on that amount too (up to a maximum of 1 BTC).

Once you have deposited and have the funds in your account, then you can start spinning the reels on Mega Moolah in the hope of becoming the first Mega Moolah winner to hail from Vietnam.

Which brings us nicely back round to the question we posed at the start of the article, if the next Mega Moolah winner landed their prize in Vietnam, how much would that be worth in the countries local currency, the Vietnamese Dong?

How much is the current Mega Moolah jackpot worth in Vietnamese Dong?

We have already established that the current Mega Moolah jackpot stands at just around £19 million and that it is growing rapidly.

Of course, Vietnam does not use the pound, euro or dollar as its primary currency and to ensure that the jackpot retains its value across countries where it can be played, Microgaming do offer comparative wins based on the jackpot value and the actual net worth of that win in the winners home country.

In Vietnam, with a single Vietnamese dong being valued at much less than a British Pound, the current jackpot would see the winner land a prize of around 380 billion dong.

That sounds like an astronomical amount of money and indeed it is. Never mind going on holiday with your winnings, with that amount of Vietnamese dong at your disposal, you could by your own 150 room luxury Hotel Resort in the old French colonial town of Vung Tau for 400 billion! Here's the link just in case you want to start making a deal:

Remember, the amount available to be won increases daily till the jackpot is triggered, so the actual amount won could be even greater than the current 380 billion prize. So if you fancy trying your luck on Mega Moolah from Vietnam, now is the perfect time to do so.

You could be the next billionaire! Click on the green Play Now button at top right of screen to get started, or click here.

Byline: This article was published by Mega Moolah expert Henry. Media and other enquiries.

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