2019 may yet prove to be a bumper year for Mega Moolah jackpots

The big news this week has been that the Mega Moolah jackpot has been landed once again, a US$12.9 million win which was landed in the early morning of the 5th March 2019. The latest win has demonstrated the Mega Moolah jackpot once again bringing fortune beyond the wildest dreams for one of its lucky players.

We are barely into the third month of 2019 and already we have had two of the biggest winners, in terms of numerical value pay outs, in the history of the Mega Moolah slot and we are well on course to beat the over 55 million in pay outs that the game achieved in its most generous year of 2017.

Indeed, this latest win has set many people pondering on whether we could be set to see another incredible year of record wins and plenty more people crowned as millionaires on the Mega Moolah slot? So the question we want to ask is whether 2019 could be as successful, or if not more successful for Mega Moolah jackpot hunters than the famous year of 2017?

To answer that, we first need to look back on what an incredible year 2017 was in the history of Mega Moolah and then look at how the first few months of how 2019 has panned out before we give you our verdict on just what the future could hold for those players chasing a Mega Moolah once in a lifetime win.

A quick review of the incredible jackpot year of 2017 on Mega Moolah

The year 2017 has gone down in history as the year when the Mega Moolah jackpot went crazy and was won a record 13 times in a 12 month calendar period. That number was more than double the previous record number of wins in a year (which was then held by the six wins 2014) and what was truly remarkable was that in this year we saw wins in every month, bar one and even had triggers of the jackpot on the same day.

The biggest value wins of the year, in numeric terms, came at the start with an 8.4 million winner in January. There was no winner in February 2017 and this allowed the jackpot to grow to 9.5 million before it was won on the 14th March. Just a month or so later on the 25th April, the jackpot had again increased to just over 8 million before a third lucky player was celebrating a win in the year.

However, May 22nd 2017 will be known as one of the special days in Mega Moolah history as on that day the jackpot triggered for a 3.7 million prize and then just five hours later, another player landed a jackpot prize of just over 1 million.

At this point, with five winners in five months, many people were already speculating that 2017 could be a bumper year for winners and so it proved as in the very next month of June, there were two more winners, this time ten days apart. From then on, there was one winner per month throughout July, August, September, October, November and lastly on the 18th December 2017 to round off what was a truly sensational year.

Although many jackpot triggers in a year does mean that the jackpot tends not to grow as high as when there are fewer wins, across the year of 2017 Mega Moolah paid out a record 55 million in progressive jackpot prize money, the largest amount of money ever won on the game in a single year, a record that is still very much intact.

So could 2019 ever match that incredible year for Mega Jackpot wins? Let's take a look at how things have panned out so far.

How has 2019 unfolded so far?

There's a certain similarity between the first two wins in 2019 compared to 2017 as in this current year we have also had a winner in January, then no winner in February and then another winner in March. However, what is notable is that the amounts won in 2019 are far in excess of the two winners in 2017.

In 2017, the two winners for January and March landed 8.4 million+ and 9.5 million+ prizes which means, when the extra cash is added up, over 18 million was paid out across these two wins. In 2019 however, the first winner of the year from Canada landed a prize of over 20 million and then just a few days ago we had a second winner who pocketed just shy of 13 million.

That means in 2019, we have the same number of winners but the fund has already paid out over 33 million so far this year, which is 15 million more than what was paid out in 2017. To give you an idea of the size of the payouts so far in 2019 already, there have only been three full years (2016, 2017 and 2018) when the Mega Moolah jackpot has paid out more in twelve months, let alone three.

Now of course, one of the things we need to remember with Mega Moolah is that past performance is not an indicator of how things will pan out in the future. 2018 is a good example of this with six winners in the first half of the year, but then there was only one more winner in the final six months of the year, coming in late September 2018.

So do these stats seem to point towards 2019 being another bumper year for Mega Moolah winners?

Could 2019 match or surpass 2017?

I think we have already seen a bumper year in 2019, the two winners so far are huge winners and it looks likely that Mega Moolah will pay out more than the 55.1 million in winnings it paid out in 2017 and it could well pay out a great deal more than that amount, if the game continues to accrue cash at the rate it has.

So while a new record for total jackpot payouts seems probable, what is less sure is exactly how those jackpots will be paid out. The fact of the matter is, we could see the jackpots paid out in a number of smaller wins over the next few months (in which case we could see close to 13 wins reached in the year, or maybe more) or the jackpot could be won on fewer occasions, but for considerably larger sums of money.

That's the beauty of the Mega Moolah game, the jackpot can be won on any spin, at any time, by any player that plays at least the minimum bet qualifying for the prize. Sometimes, as on May 22nd 2017, these wins can be just a few hours apart, other times, such as in the tail end of 2018, you may find you only land one winner in several months.

So while we can't say for sure there will be more winners of the Mega Moolah jackpot in 2019 than there were in 2017, we can say that at the moment, we are on track to match that year, but predicting the next few months is very difficult. However, we can say with more certainty that it looks like 2019 will set a brand new record for the amount of money Mega Moolah pays out in a single year and that the current record of 55.1 million set in the halcyon year of 2017, could well be smashed out of the ball park if the current year continues at the rate it has started at.

And that is very exciting news for every player who tries their luck with a few spins on the Mega Moolah slot.

Byline: This article was published by Mega Moolah expert Henry. Media and other enquiries.

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