A wishlist of Microgaming slots we would love to see - Part One

When you have played through as many slots as I have done, then you get to see lots of similar games churned out time and time again.

I've lost count of the number of Asian-themed slots I have reviewed over the years (I can't remember reviewing any based on Paraguay or Peru, funnily enough) while there is a similar story when it comes to other popular slot genres such as Ancient Egypt and of course Film and TV tie-ins.

However, the more slots I review the more I feel that there are some glaring gaps in the market yet to be filled. So, with that in mind, what I present here is a wish-list of slots that I would love to see Microgaming consider making in the future.

Here's the first part of my personal wish list:

  • Blade Runner/Blade Runner 2049 slot

Some of Microgaming's best Film and TV tie in slots have been based in the Science Fiction/Fantasy Genre. The likes of Terminator 2, Phantom of the Opera, Tarzan, HalloweenHighlander and Game of Thrones are good examples of this and if Microgaming are going to develop more film and franchise slots then I think Blade Runner is a perfect choice.

Two unique and stirring stories that are widely regarded as classics of science fiction and films that feature some iconic moments, with a wide array of characters across both films, you could easily do one slot on each film, or combine them into two slots (maybe have the original Blade Runner in the base game, and then Blade Runner 2049 in the Free Spins or bonus round). Or maybe you could switch modes between the two as in the Lost Vegas slot.

There's also some amazing possibilities in terms of bonus features you could use in this game, such as the Voight Kampff test to check whether you have a replicant or not, a duel between Deckard and Batty (or K and Luv from Blade Runner 2049) similar to the Bane v Batman dual in the The Dark Knight Rises slot, which sadly is no longer available.

  • An Improved "Who Wants to be a Millionaire" slot

There was a Who Wants to be a Millionaire Slot developed based on the US version of the TV show by Ash Gaming a while back but in truth, although it was a progressive slot, I didn't really enjoy the game particularly and felt that the slot was a little muddled and not quite as sharp as it should have been.

In this improved version, I would try and capture more of the essence of the game. I would have the standard slot with the Who Wants to be a Millionaire logos and characters represented but I would also have a special bonus game that does indeed offer the player a chance of winning a jackpot prize.

It actually does not have to be a 'Who Wants to be a Millionaire' branded game, it could be a proprietary slot/questionnaire type of game.

That could be in the form of answering questions as in the show (which would be my preference), which would then allow you to build up an amount of money as you play as you answer increasingly difficult questions correctly. Answer 15 (as in the older TV show) or 12 (as in the new) correctly and you win the prize, but you can only answer the next question when you have triggered it in the base game (and as you progress through the slot, triggering the questions can become tougher). Also the time to answer a question should be limited to something like 30 seconds to make the game more difficult.

This would of course be a very difficult slot to program and would require questions to be asked once and once only, (thus regular updates would be needed) and of course, the jackpot would have to be workable as a game, but I think players having the ability to win smaller amounts would ensure the game has great appeal.

I admit this would be one of the most difficult slots/quiz games to develop and maintain, but the end result would, I think, be an instant classic.

  • Pub Fruity slot

One of my earliest memories of slot games wasn't so much the penny slots or one-armed bandits, but playing games in the local snooker club or public house which had just a couple of features on them, chiefly Holds, Nudges and some other kind of feature, such as moving around a board, or a high/low prediction game.

While retro-slots are all the rage online at the moment, there are very few that celebrate this particular era of slot gaming and I think a whole generation of slot gamers are missing out. Newer players are not getting the chance to play older style slots, while older gamers like myself would like the chance to play new digitised versions of old pub classics.

There's certainly the technology in existence at the moment to develop slots of this kind and with a healthy market for retro games, I think this could be a winner. I don't feel any modern additions would be needed to make the game appeal more (so no popular Free Spins rounds for example) but I think the addition of a decent sized jackpot (over 100,000 coins for example) would make this type of game a winner.

Please do check back shortly for the second part of this two-part article, which will look in more detail at the different games we'd like to see developed by Microgaming in the future, including a couple of slots which would break new ground in the slots industry, while some others which would hark back to some of Microgaming's most classic games.

  • A fully customisable slot for the experienced players

My last wish for the future may be the one thing that is most difficult to achieve in terms of programming and it may be the case that it is not available for some years but what I think would be the ultimate goal of any software development company, would be to produce a slot that the player can customise themselves to their own preferences.

I imagine a slot where you select from a number of different parameters before your game begins. These would be basic parameters such as, how many pay lines or ways to win do you want in play. How much do you want to play for per spin, what level of variance would you want in your slot and how big would you like the jackpot to be. I'd also envisage letting players pick a theme for their slot from a number of different possible themes.

Once selected the slot would then set up a game based on these pre-defined parameters. We know that software developers work out the mathematics behind these decisions closely, but it may well be possible to program a slot to do this and then produce a game which is what a player wants to play.

So imagine being able to opt to play a win both ways slot with 10 pay lines which plays for 0.20 per spin and has a jackpot of 200,000 coins. Or a 243 Ways to Win slot for 0.25 per spin which has very low variance but a big jackpot of 2,500,000 coins (though it would be very tough to win).

We are already seeing the beginning of this in some slots such as Microgaming's Lost Vegas slot where you can change the game mode, or games where you can pick from 15 lines or 243 Ways to Win for example. However, I think a slot of this complexity is still years away from development.

Our wishlist part two is here.

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