All you need to know about playing the Major Millions progressive slot

Well, it's happened! Last night, with lots of people playing the slot trying to land the record progressive jackpot prize that has been building for over twelve weeks, the Major Millions slot finally crossed the £2,000,000.00 barrier.

This means that not only will the next player that wins the jackpot set a new record amount for a win on the game, but they will become the first player ever to win more than £2,000,000.00 on the Major Millions slot.

That is quite a statement as so far, only the Mega Moolah slot in Microgaming's selection of 16 progressive games has offered a pay out of more than £1,000,000.00. Now of course, Mega Moolah is a beast of a slot and is undoubtedly the most popular of all progressives, but Major Millions is now starting to run it a close second.

So we thought now may be a good time to explore more about Microgaming's other big progressive jackpot slot that regularly pays out prizes of over a million and which has triggered a total of 66 jackpot wins in its lifetime.

What is Major Millions?

The first thing to note here is that Major Millions is not just one slot. It is actually two slots as there is a 3-reel version and a 5-reel version available.

The 3-reel version has just three pay lines in play and players must wager 1.00 on each of the three lines. That means to trigger the progressive jackpot you need to make a bet of 3.00 per spin.

On the 5-reel version, there are 15 pay lines in play and you wager 0.20 on each of the 15 lines. This also equates to a 3.00 stake to trigger the progressive jackpots.

Other than this, the slots are actually very similar. You stand the same chance of winning the progressive jackpot regardless of whether you play the 3-reel or 5-reel version of the game, both slots are based on the same military theme, although the 3-reel slot contains more retro elements, and both games offer similar levels of pays to players.

In essence, you can decide whether you prefer to play the 3-reel or 5-reel version and it won't impact how much you need to wager to stand a chance of winning the progressive prize, or your chances of landing that prize.

What symbols are on the reels in the Major Million slot?

There are a number of different symbols on the Major Millions slot, each on a military theme and each has its own pay out values. We have listed each of the symbols below together with the amount you can win (in coins) when you land the stated combination. For the purposes of clarity, these winning amounts are from the five-reel version of the game.

Major Millions - 5-reel wins


  • 3 symbols - 2 coins
  • 4 symbols - 8 coins
  • 5 symbols - 80 coins

Supply Crate

  • 3 symbols - 3 coins
  • 4 symbols - 10 coins
  • 5 symbols - 100 coins

Major's Hat

  • 3 symbols - 4 coins
  • 4 symbols - 12 coins
  • 5 symbols - 120 coins


  • 3 symbols - 5 coins
  • 4 symbols - 16 coins
  • 5 symbols - 160 coins

Top Secret Documents

  • 3 symbols - 6 coins
  • 4 symbols - 12 coins
  • 5 symbols - 180 coins


  • 3 symbols - 8 coins
  • 4 symbols - 20 coins
  • 5 symbols - 200 coins

Bomber Aeroplane

  • 3 symbols - 10 coins
  • 4 symbols - 20 coins
  • 5 symbols - 600 coins


  • 3 symbols - 12 coins
  • 4 symbols - 50 coins
  • 5 symbols - 800 coins

Major Millions Character

  • 3 symbols - 15 coins
  • 4 symbols - 75 coins
  • 5 symbols - 1000 coins

Scatter Symbol

  • 3 symbols - 3x your stake
  • 4 symbols - 10x your stake
  • 5 symbols - 50x your stake

Major Millions Progressive Wild Symbol (on lines 1-14)

  • 3 symbols - 80 coins
  • 4 symbols - 280 coins
  • 5 symbols - 8000 coins

Major Millions Progressive Wild Symbol (on line 15)

  • 3 symbols - 80 coins
  • 4 symbols - 280 coins
  • 5 symbols - Progressive Jackpot

It is worth noting that on the Major Millions slot you can select the number of lines in play, from one up to 15, although you need to place the maximum bet on all 15 pay lines (which amounts to 3.00 in total) on each spin to stand a chance of landing the progressive jackpot prize. If you elect to play for a smaller amount of money per spin, then you cannot win the progressive jackpot and the maximum jackpot you can win is 8,000 coins.

Major Millions 3-reel wins

The 3-reel version of the slot features more standard slot symbols from retro games but is still based on the military theme. There are fewer wins to be had in the three reel version and the game is not as flexible as the 5-reel version as you can only wager 3.00 per spin.


  • Any single Cherry - 2 coins
  • Any two Cherries - 5 coins
  • Any three Cherries - 15 coins


  • Any combination of three Bar symbols - 10 coins
  • 3x Single Bar - 15 coins
  • 3x Double Bar - 20 coins
  • 3x Treble Bar - 30 coins

Lucky 7s

  • Any combination of Lucky 7's - 50 coins
  • 3x Blue Lucky 7s - 80 coins
  • 3x Red Lucky 7s - 400 coins

Major Millions Wild

The Wild can substitute for other symbols as well as offering pay outs for three across the reels as the following:

  • 3x Major Millions Wild on the first pay line (Middle).- 25,000
  • 3x Major Millions Wild on the second pay line (Top) - 50,000
  • 3x Major Millions Wild on the third pay line (Bottom) - Progressive Jackpot

Does either version of Major Millions have a Free Spins round?

No, the 3-reel or 5-reel versions of Major Millions do not have a Free Spins bonus game (unlike Mega Moolah) so the prizes on offer for the slot are outlined above and remain the same throughout your time playing the slot.

What is the best version of the game to play?

Given that in the base game you win roughly the same amount playing both games, and you can access the same progressive jackpot fund from each, with the same chance of winning the jackpot in each game, it is very much down to player preference as to which of the slots is best.

If you prefer more retro-styled gaming and perhaps a more simpler slots game, then the 3-reel version is more suited to you. If you prefer more modern slot games with more pay lines and more modern symbols on the reels, then the 5-reel slot should be your choice.

Where can I play Major Millions?

Head on over to the Where to Play page for a list of all the different casinos available in your area that are offering Major Millions (as well as a massive choice of other Microgaming games and progressives) right now.

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