Atten…Shun! Here are your Microgaming military-themed slots soldier!

You may not have heard of the 20th century Italian poet, novelist and philosopher George Santayana, but you will have heard of one of his most famous quotes in one form or another. "Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it."

It seems to me that Signor Santayana has hit the nail squarely on the head as in the midst of all the sombreness that goes with remembering the end of two vicious World Wars in November, we still have a number of politicians around the globe, busy rattling their sabres and provoking each other, proving that while we say we remember, they clearly haven't learned a single thing from those two darkest periods of human history.

So with all sorts of crankpots in charge of nuclear weapons and with reality, common sense, honesty and accord seeming to take a backseat to the soundbite politics of hate, mistrust and fear, it seems as good a time as any to familiarise ourselves with a couple of top military themed slots.

Because, let's face it, we are not going to change the mind of the megalomaniacs, so we may as well have a bit of fun while we still can.

So with that in mind, here's my list of some corking military themed slots and on that theme, there is just one game with which we can start, especially seeing as its jackpot is primed ready to blow some time soon.

Major Millions Progressive Jackpot slot

If there's one game from Microgaming you associate with the military then it is Major Millions, Microgaming's other big progressive jackpot slot which can see the prize fund to grow to over 1 million, and which has occasionally troubled the two million mark.

The first thing to understand is that Major Millions is not one slot game, but two. There is a three-reel version which you can play, and a five-reel version you can play. Both games offer you the exact same chance of triggering the progressive jackpot prize and both need the player to play the maximum bet (in this case, 3.00) in order to stand a chance of winning that progressive prize.

The three-reel version is a more traditional styled slot, whereas the five-reel version is a more modern game with more symbols on the reels and more pay lines in play. Your chances of winning cash are the same on either slot, so it is very much a case of which of the two versions you prefer in order to get your military kicks.

Personally, there's something enjoyably simplistic about the 3-reel game, but I also enjoy the 5-reel slot from time to time too, which helps keeps things fresh.

Flight Zone

Flight Zone is one of Microgaming's older slot games and it is set in the cockpit, presumably of a high-tech aircraft. This slot is all about the Air Force part of the military, with an assortment of military planes and helicopters on the reels, not to mention an control tower.

The slot has up to 25 lines available to play and you can wager from 0.01 up to 500 on the slot, the size of the jackpot is around 1,000 coins.

As well as the standard Wild symbol, Flight Zone is memorable for having one of the more innovative bonus features on a Microgaming slot. Land three or more Scatter symbols and you are taken to a bonus game where you get to destroy the enemies machines to win cash prizes. Destroy as many as you can before you end the bonus round to earn as big a cash prize as possible.

Flight Zone is looking a little tired around the edges nowadays and its military hardware may be due an upgrade, but if you can find the slot (as it can be fiendishly difficult to locate nowadays), then it is well worth enjoying a few spins on.

Reel Baron

This cartoon-styled slot is certainly starting to look its age. Inspired by the derring-do of the German fighter pilot and scourge of the Tommies, the Red Baron, the Reel Baron slot is a game that offers a base game prize of 1,500x your stake as well as five reels of action and 20 selectable pay lines to play.

Wagers start at just 0.20 per spin but you can increase that up to 100 per spin if you prefer. The game also has a Wild symbol which both substitutes for standard symbols on the reels and it also pays out a prize of up to 2,000 times your stake if you can land five on a pay line.

Somewhat unusually for slots of this age, the Reel Baron slot also has a Free Spins bonus game, which is landed when you hit three or more of the Scatters across the reels. You receive 10 Free Spins and a 1x multiplier but with every Free Spin, you increase the size of the multiplier by one, so on your final spin, any winnings are subject to a 10x multiplier. Hit the big prize and you could win 200,000 coins on that single spin.

Being one of the older Microgaming slots, Reel Baron is another tricky game to locate, but if you can find it, then the game is well worth a few spins, especially if you enjoy potentially rewarding Free Spins bonus games.

Lost Vegas

OK, so this slot is perhaps not strictly 'military' themed, but if we are subject to a dreadful contagion that leaves the vast majority of the public as the Walking Dead, then those that survive and have to fight off this plague are going to have to arm themselves in some way, so that is how we are tenuously linking the fabulous Lost Vegas slot into this list.

Why? Well because this is not just a game based on combat between two different sides, but because it is a fantastic game. You can select to play as the survivors or the zombies and which side you choose will determine which of the bonus features, as well as how the slot looks when you play the game.

The production costs on the Lost Vegas slot must have been high as it is such a high quality game, it has some fabulously funny touches, the Elvis Zombie being my own personal favourite, as well as the chance to win some great value cash prizes, with a jackpot of 97,000 coins available to be won.

Add to that some genuinely imaginative bonus games, two different Free Spins bonus games each with their own bonus features depending on whether you select zombie or survivors at the start of the game and you have one hellishly good game to enjoy a few spins on.

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