Can I Free Play or Free Spin my way to a Mega Moolah jackpot?

A quick look through the most popular Google searches regarding the progressive jackpot slot game Mega Moolah reveals that Free Play and Free Spins are among the most popularly searched for phrases. Why is that?

To answer this, we need to first delve into a little bit of psychology, and then take a look at how casinos try their best to appeal to new customers. We can then deal with the issue of whether there are Free Play of Free Spins available on the world's most popular online jackpot slot.

In terms of psychology, there's no doubt that everybody loves to feel that they have got a bargain at some point in their life. Whether you are making a major purchase, such as a house or a car, or simply picking up the weekly shopping, we are all suckers for a 'good deal' where we seem to get a bit more than we actually paid for.

Little wonder then that when it comes to spinning slot games, online casinos have realised that the best way to tempt players into spinning their slots is by offering them a number of different bonus options, especially when they sign up initially at a new casino. The basic premise of these deals is simple, deposit your cash and play at the casino, and we'll give you a little extra in return by way of a thank-you.

Now over the years, there have been almost as many types of new player bonus offer as there have been online casinos, especially in the early days of casino gaming. Nowadays though, things are a much more uniform as casinos have learned which type of deals they can most afford to offer and yet which remain popular with customers and tempt them into signing up.

In the past many casinos have offered no deposit required Free Spins on games as an incentive to register with them. Some still do, but often those Free Spins come with plenty of terms and conditions attached meaning that if you were to win, then you would need to wager the bonus you made a number of times (between 30x and 60x is standard) in order to be able to realise the funds and withdraw them from your account. And before you scream "all casinos are scammers", it actually makes perfect sense from a business perspective to not hand over free money.

If you want to play Free Spins on the Mega Moolah slot as part of a registration bonus, without depositing a single penny into your account, then this is where you encounter your first problem.

Free Spins on Mega Moolah

One of the key fundamentals of the Mega Moolah slot is that if a player was to land the massive jackpot prize on any spin, then they would receive their prize in a single, lump sum payment, in the currency in which they played the game and that this prize would not be in any form, subject to wagering requirements or any other condition that would disqualify a player from receiving it. Indeed, it is this simple rule which makes Mega Moolah so popular today as players will receive what the jackpot is, in full.

However, if a casino offered Free Play / Free Spins on Mega Moolah, then this would be a problem as the casino would effectively be going against the standard practice for a free spin offer (i.e., that it comes with a pretty large wagering requirement) and essentially, offering players a stated number of completely free chances to win a massive jackpot prize.

It would not take long for any casino that offered this to realise that at first hundreds, then thousands, then tens of thousands and if not more, players would join the casino simply to receive the Free Spins, with no intention of spinning any slots afterwards. This is simply an untenable position for an online casino to put itself in as they are essentially offering players to spin the biggest paying slot game in the history of the internet, for free!

Little wonder then that it is impossible to find these types of Free Play / Free Spins offers on Mega Moolah.

There is also the fact that every spin on Mega Moolah requires a cash contribution, not just to the standard prize pool, but also the progressive pool. Could you imagine the cost of this for a casino to cover the cost of say 20 Free Spins for tens of thousands of players signing up each day, simply to use the starter bonus and never deposit any cash in their account? It makes offering such a deal impossible.

So if you are looking for Free Play / Free Spins on Mega Moolah then you are going to be disappointed, but the great news is that there is a way to get superb value spins on the slot, that are completely legitimate, which are easily affordable and which offer you the chance to play Mega Moolah on every spin, with a chance to win the big prize on every spin.

And the best place to find these deals is right here on Simply visit any of the following pages to find a deal:

  1. Where to Play page,
  2. Bonus page,
  3. Rewards page, and the
  4. Country page.

What you want is Value Spins!

Depending on where you are based in the world, you may find there are fewer or more of these value spins offers available to you than outlined below. This is because the Mega Moolah game is not available from every country in the world due to licencing and government regulation.

However, using the UK as an example, UK players can enjoy some great value spins on Mega Moolah for a very small initial deposit at three casinos. Zodiac Casino, Captain Cooks Casino and Grand Mondial Casino.

Each deal works in a very similar way, by you depositing a small amount of money and then receiving a set amount of bonus cash. This cash can then be used, once you have played through your deposit, to play the stated number of spins on the Mega Moolah slot at 0.25 per spin.

The deals are:

As you can see, these are not technically Free Spins as you have to make a deposit, and spend that money, in order to access the bonus funds and your additional spins on Mega Moolah. But since you have to spend money anyway to spin Mega Moolah, then signing up with any of these offers will get you some additional chances to be a winner on Mega Moolah without having to fork out extra cash to do so.

So while it is not possible to find genuine completely Free Spins on Mega Moolah, with these Value Spins, you can get the next best thing and absolutely superb value for money!

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