Can I play Mega Moolah from Kuwait?

Sandwiched between Saudi Arabia to the south and Iraq to the North, Kuwait is one of the wealthiest and most oil-rich nations in the world, with its citizens being among the wealthiest in terms of income per capita.

The country also came to prominence back in 1982, when they managed to qualify for the World Cup Finals in Spain, the only time in the country's history that they managed to do so. They drew one game and lost two in the finals but are best remembered for an incident during their game with France when a ghost-whistle in the crowd led to the Kuwaiti players to stop playing, allowing France to score.

A protest followed, which saw the president of the Kuwaiti FA Prince Fahid come onto the pitch and instruct his players to leave the field. After a few minutes the goal was disallowed and the game continued, with France going on to win 4-1.

Let's learn a little more about the country of Kuwait and its standing as well as more about its people and of course, whether you can load up and enjoy a few spins on the Mega Moolah slot while you are in the country of Kuwait.

Where is Kuwait?

Kuwait is located just south of Iraq and to the east of Saudi Arabia, bordered by both countries and also by the Persian Gulf along its easterly coast. The small country also lies north west of other countries in the Arabian region such as Bahrain, Qatar and the United Arab Emirates.

Famous for its huge oil fields, the Kuwaiti Dinar is the highest value currency in the world. It's capital is Kuwait City and it's reliance on the oil industry is demonstrated by the fact that over 87% of the goods it exports are either refined or crude oils, accounting for around 90% of the Kuwaiti Government's annual income.

Kuwait is around six hours flight time from London and other cities in northern Europe, while a trip from Singapore would take you 10 and a half hours. A flight from New York would take you around 11 hours and 40 minutes.

What are the major centres in Kuwait?

Kuwait's major city is its capital, rather unimaginatively named Kuwait City and this largely desert plain country is split up into six governorates, which are as follows:

  • Al Asimah
  • Hawalli
  • Farwaniya
  • Mubarak Al-Kabeer
  • Ahmadi
  • Jahra

Jahra and Ahmadi are the two largest regions accounting for the majority of the country in terms of size, while Al Asimah is the region that contains the most populous area of Kuwait City. Almost all the major towns and cities in Kuwait are located around Kuwait Bay, which leads into the Persian Gulf and includes the towns of Salmiya, Ali Sabah, Mahboula, Al Jahra and at its most southerly point, Al Khiran and Al-Nuwaiseeb.

At around 17,818 square kilometres, Kuwait is slightly smaller than the island of Fiji and slightly larger than the countries of Montenegro and the Bahamas. The country boasts a population of around 3.2 million people, with expatriates making up around 70% of the population, many of them employed in the oil industry.

What is Kuwait famous for?

Kuwait is often viewed by many as being the most westernised of the Arabian states, chiefly due to the influence the west had over the country from the 1940s on wards. Although less prominent today, Kuwait is still more westernised than other Arab countries and many activities such as radio, music, TV soap operas and theatre flourish in the country more so than in other Gulf states.

Indeed, so popular is Kuwait with film and TV shows being created in abundance that it has earned the nickname the "Hollywood of the Gulf".

Women enjoy greater equality in Kuwait than in many other countries around the world and their political and legal systems are among the most progressive in the region. The region is also famous for its weather which ranges from generally mild winters, with average temperatures around 18-20 degrees centigrade, to very warm summers, where the average in July can reach 45 degrees centigrade and the mercury seldom falls below 30c even during the night.

What are popular activities in Kuwait?

Visitors to Kuwait, of which there are relatively few compared to other nations in the Gulf region, can enjoy five national parks. Birdwatchers can enjoy over 350 species of birds in the country. Football is the most popular sport in the country with the Kuwaiti Premier League featuring 18 teams from around the country.

Other popular sports include Basketball, which has a burgeoning following. Other sports that have a following and which are played include cricket, rugby union, handball and horse racing.

Can I play Mega Moolah from Kuwait?

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