Can I play Mega Moolah from Thailand?

Thailand has been recognised as one of the 'great development success stories' when it comes to the economy, according to the World Bank. The beautiful country of Thailand has done well but one lucky player from Thailand could do even better - by winning 752 million Thai baht on the Mega Moolah!

Many Thai people are look for ways to experience online casino gaming and spending their free time and extra cash in the hope to win big.

Thai Lottery is the most popular game in Thailand but an increasing number have been trying their luck on the progressive jackpot slot Mega Moolah. Why is that?

Well the jackpot, which is around 752 million baht at time or writing, dwarfs any lottery wins in Thailand. The biggest Thai lottery win was worth 180 million baht (2017). At time of writing the Mega Moolah jackpot is 4x greater than the record Thai lottery jackpot!

The Mega Moolah jackpot starts off with a minimum jackpot of 40 million baht but usually grows to much bigger amounts. In fact the Mega Moolah holds the Guinness World Record for the greatest online slot jackpot!

Can I play Mega Moolah from Thailand?

The great news is that if you fancy taking a few spins to see if you can become the next big Mega Moolah jackpot winner and perhaps, the very first Mega Jackpot winner from Thailand, then you are able to do precisely that.

Thailand is one of a number of countries in the east where its citizens are free to play Mega Moolah at a number of reliable sites and with spins starting at just 10 baht per spin, it is one of the most affordable online progressive jackpot slots game to play too.

Where can I join to play Mega Moolah?

If you are based in Thailand and want to play Mega Moolah to try and land that massive jackpot prize, then the good news is that you have a number of different options available to you.

Below you will find the offers available from Thailand:

1. $1,600 (50,000+ baht) bonus. This bonus is designed over 4 deposits at $400, or around 12,500 baht, each time. This does not mean you have to deposit exactly this amount, but it is the maximum amount of free cash the casino will give you. To take full advantage of this offer make your first deposit of $400 and the casino will match that deposit 100% up to $400. That means you will have $800, or around 25,000 baht, to play Mega Moolah just on your first deposit, with three additional and identical deposits available to you. Learn more about this offer.

2. $1,200 (38,000+ baht) bonus. This bonus is similar to the above but designed over 3 deposit at $400 each time. Should you deposit the entire $1,200 you will receive a 100% bonus worth $1,200, which means you have $2,400 in total to try to win the Mega Moolah jackpot. Learn more about this offer.

3. 1 BTC or mɃ 1,000 (112,000+ baht) bonus. This bonus offer is available at the bitcoin-only Mega Moolah casino for those that already have a bitcoin wallet and bitcoins. The maximum bonus amount is 1 BTC on your first deposit, however you can deposit any amount you prefer. However the casino will match your deposit up to 1 BTC only. Learn more about this offer.

On there are a couple of pages where to find the best Mega Moolah offers. You can visit the Where to Play page, the Bonus page, and the Rewards page, or view the Country page for Thailand. Note that bonus offers at international online casinos are not always the same, or available from every country.

What are the traditional deposit options for Thailand players?

So once you have decided which casino you want to join, then the next item on the list to decide is how to fund your account and realise the great value starter bonus that we have outlined above. The positive news for Thai players is that there are a number of options when it comes to making a payment into your account.

Perhaps the simplest and most convenient method to use, and certainly one of the quickest, is to make your deposits using a credit card. If you are lucky to have a credit card, then you can simply head to the banking section of your account and then enter your details to make a deposit. The casino will then register the deposit and activate your bonus. When you make a deposit using credit cards, the funds are available instantly.

If you don't like the idea of using a credit card, or don't have one, then there are other banking options available to you. One of these is to open an account with an e-wallet service, such as Neteller or Skrill. You can link this account to your bank account and use it to make deposits into your chosen casino, although the funds may take a couple of days to be transferred across and become available in your casino account.

Another option is to set up a direct International Bank Transfer from your bank account into your casino account. These can easily be set up at most banks online but again, it may take a little while for the funds to be processed and become available in your casino account.

Can I play Mega Moolah with bitcoin?

If you want to fund your Mega Moolah account using your bitcoin this is very easy to do also from Thailand. Simply use your bitcoin wallet to make your transfer into your casino account. Bitcoin payments may not be as as quick as credit card payments, but if you choose priority transfer at your bitcoin wallet, it will be ready in your account for you to use within minutes.

If you already have a Skrill or Neteller wallet you can deposit your bitcoin to them and then use the funds to transfer to the Mega Moolah casino. Learn more about how to use Skrill and Neteller with bitcoin.

Once a service such as Skrill or Neteller is fully setup, the transfers you make to a casino are instant. However if you are setting up a new account with either service, it can take up to week to set it up and transfer funds there.

What is the current Mega Moolah jackpot worth in Thai baht?

Currently, the Mega Moolah jackpot stands at an incredible, and roughly, 752 million baht! That amount is measured in the Mega Moolah's base currency and the way that Microgaming will facilitate this is at 40 times the current jackpot amount when converting to Thai baht. The final figure may differ slightly.

This means therefore that an 18.8 million jackpot win, would equate to 752 million in Thai baht. That is at the current jackpot amount, should the jackpot reach the untold previous heights of above 19 million, then that would increase the size of the jackpot win for a Thailand-based players also.

What would do you with 752 million in Thai baht? It's enough to make all of your family members into millionaires!

Of course, what you spend the winnings on is up to you, but if you live in Thailand, then you have plenty of ways in which you can spend, or invest such a massive Mega Moolah progressive jackpot win.

Byline: This article was published by Mega Moolah expert Henry. Media and other enquiries.

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