Can I play Mega Moolah from the UAE?

Few countries have emerged onto the global stage in such dramatic fashion over the past 30 years or so as the United Arab Emirates. Known as a global centre for finance, oil, petroleum and natural gas, Dubai has also become a tourist in recent years.

With a huge mix of nationalities alongside the native population, the UAE has become something of a cultural melting pot, a city, much like the ancient Constantinople, that enjoys fabulous wealth and where he cultures of east meet west.

In this article, we are going to take a closer look at the UAE, where it stands globally, its major centres, what the country has become famous for and some of the popular activities, sights and scenes people can enjoy in the UAE. We'll then also look at some of the more popular leisure activities and of course, we'll be asking whether you can play the Mega Moolah progressive jackpot slot from the UAE.

Where is the UAE?

In terms of its geographic location, the UAE is situated on the Arabian peninsula, located north west of Oman and east of Saudi Arabia on the Persian Gulf. The country is one of the smaller ones in the world at 32,300 square miles (114th in size), which makes it a similar size to countries such as Austria or the Czech Republic.

What are the major centres in the UAE?

The name United Arab Emirates refers to the fact that the country is made up of seven separate emirates and with the seven rules forming the Federal Supreme Council of the UAE and one of the rulers is then duly selected as the President of the United Arab Emirates.

Of the seven emirates, Abu Dhabi as the capital is perhaps the most famous, although most visitors to the country would likely visit Dubai due to the airline Emirates having its hub there.

What is the UAE famous for?

Perhaps the most famous aspect of UAE has been the significant development of the Dubai region in recent times, culminating in the creation of the tallest man-made structure in the world, the Burj Khalifa, which is an incredible 829.8 metres tall.

Dubai has also become a major centre for tourism over the years, with the rapid expansion of the city area easy to be seen when you compare maps from the 1990s to the present day. Such has Dubai's popularity grown as a tourist destination, that it is now the fifth most popular tourist destination in the world today.

The city is known as one of the wealthiest in the world, where people can purchase gold ingots from ATM machines and where the local police patrol the streets in a wide variety of super cars, including Ferrari's, Lamborghini's and even a Bugatti Veyron.

The country also boasts the busiest airport in the world in terms of international passenger traffic as since 2014, Dubai International Airport has overtaken London Heathrow in that regard. The airport is home to the famous Emirates Airlines, one of the largest airlines in the world today, and Etihad airways, the second largest airline in the UAE, is based out of Abu Dhabi.

The Jumeirah coastal belt in Dubai is arguably the most famous part of the entire UAE. It is here that you will find the famous artificial island complexes Palm Island and The World, as well as the Burj Khalifa itself.

What are popular activities in the UAE?

Sport plays a key role in the UAE and the country is home to a number of major sporting events throughout the year. Formula 1 is very popular in the country and one race in the F1 calendar each year is held at the Yas Marina circuit in Dubai and is famous for being the only race in the calendar which starts during the daytime and finishes at night under floodlights.

Camel racing, falconry and endurance riding are popular local past times while golfers will be aware that the season long Race to Dubai takes place, with golfers earning points throughout the season to earn a place in the season-ending championships, which take place on the Jumeirah Golf Estate, with a prize pool of $5,000,000 up for grabs for the winner.

Other sports that are popular in the UAE include tennis, football and cricket. The UAE Royal Family also has extensive sporting connections especially with football (such as with Manchester City in the Premier League) and in particular horse racing through its Godolphin stables which has bases in Australia, France, Ireland, Japan, the United States as well as the UK.

Can I play Mega Moolah from the UAE?

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