Fake News - How could a Trump-themed slot play out?

Whether you agreed with their politics or not, the office of the President of the United States of America has always been held in high regard in many countries around the world. Some of the most famous statesman in American history, George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, and John F. Kennedy, and perhaps some others, have all previously held the post with a certain degree of dignity.

However, the current president, Donald Trump, has embarked on a new era for the country. One dominated by constant protestations of fake news and Twitter soundbites - many which hit the mark but some don't. Indeed, since gaining control of the Oval Office, President Trump's actions have left an onlooking liberal part of the world puzzled over just what he is attempting to achieve.

Given his tendency to speak his mind, I am not even sure he always knows what he wants to achieve, and if he does, it seems to change from one moment to the next. All of which led me to thinking, hasn't Trump's time in office already provided plenty of opportunity for Microgaming, or some other game developer to develop its own Trump-themed slot game? I think it has and what is more, I think it would be an absolutely cracking game to play.

So with that in mind and to save the game developer the hassle of coming up with the game design itself, I have been thinking about this a lot over the last few days and I think I have come up with a sure-fire winner and poking fun at both sides.


The title of a slot is key as it needs to convey the meaning of the slot to prospective players, but do so in an imaginative and meaningful way. However, you have to be careful, given how fond President Trump is of taking lawsuits out against anybody who he deems to have upset him in one way or the other, I think it would obviously be best to not use his name in the title of the slot or the architecture.

Something like The MAGA slot, might pass muster though.


When it comes to the symbols on the slot, we could have plenty of different alternatives. Of course, The Don himself would be the highest paying symbol and underneath him I would have his key cabinet members with Ivanka thrown in there for fun.

Microgaming could also follow the example set in the Lost Vegas slot and offer the player the chance to change the style of the game depending whether the player is for, or against, Trump. Instead of being based on just the president's supporters, or for the opposing group, the game has to be equally fare. The winning symbols would change accordingly.

We'd be poking fun at both sides of course using a standard 5x3 reel set. The Wild symbol would of course have to be a large newspaper with Fake News written in large headlines across the top of it. The Scatter would have to be a red MAGA hat.

As for the other paying symbols, I would like to pay tribute to the president's support base and the opposition in a fun way.

Depending on what side the player decides to play, the game symbols would include a Basket of Deplorables, Pepe the Frog, The Wall, Melania, an Antifa member, a Trotsky-looking university professor, a Mexican, Justin Trudeau, and an NPC, and Hillary. Additional symbols could be a Russian, Putin, Mueller, Comey, or these could be replaced with something like a Russian hat, an FBI symbol and so on.

However, for me the Trump slot would come alive when you trigger the main bonus features of the slot.

Bonus Features

The main bonus features would be themed on some of the key events that the president has to deal with while in office and his incredible responses to them.

  • MAGA Free Spins

In this Free Spins round, you receive 10 Free Spins, which re-trigger when either a Melania symbol or a Hillary symbol appears. However the number of Free Spins can also decrease if the wrong-side symbols appear on the reels. All wins are multiplied using a Multiplier Trail.

  • The Fantastic Bonus Game

In this bonus feature, you get to select from 10 different poses of the President, each of which will reveal a cash amount, these will vary in size and some will be minus amounts (which will detract from your overall winnings). As you select a symbol to reveal your cash prize, the president will tell you have you picked "the greatest pick", "the bestest ever pick", "the mostest tremendous pick ever", "the smartest pick ever", or "the most terrific pick ever".

  • Jackpot Bonus Game - Russian Roulette

Finally, to round the game off, we would have a special bonus game which can only be triggered rarely and at random in the base game. This would be called the Russian Roulette, but instead of a gun it would be a roulette wheel with not only one or two zeroes, but three, making it slightly different to the European and American roulette wheel. When hitting the triple zero three times in a row would award a maga mega-sized jackpot.

Do you think a MAGA slot has potential? Or is this all just another bunch of Fake News?

Byline: This article was published by Mega Moolah expert Henry. Media and other enquiries.

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