Gambling with credit cards: Which ones can I use to play Mega Moolah?

Nowadays, there are more ways than ever that you can use as methods to pay for your online slot gaming. Reputable sites, such as those vetted by will offer players a range of different payment methods to use, both to add funds to their account and also to withdraw funds from the casino back to you.

Now in among all the more hi-tech methods you can use nowadays, such as cryptocurrency like Bitcoin, BTC Debit Cards, bank transfer services and e-wallets, far and away the most popular method still to fund and run a casino account is the humble credit card.

The reason for that is somewhat simple, more people have access to them than other forms of payments and their use is so widespread online that if you want to buy anything and there is just one form of payment available to do so, then it is likely that form of payment will be a credit (or debit) card. It has just been the way to do things online for a long time.

Now of course, using your credit card online for purchasing items, or funding a casino account, can be problematic. You do have to enter some sensitive data to do this (which is why top casinos always have top level security to protect your information), and if you have malware on your computer that is monitoring you, such as a key logger for example, then hackers can gain access to your data if you are not careful.

This has resulted in people looking at other ways to fund their casino accounts online but in truth, if you are sensible and do not download any files onto your computer that you are not 100% sure are from reliable, trustworthy sources, maintain a virus checker on your PC, run regular check ups to ensure your PC is malware free and are prudent about which sites you input your data onto, then you can use your credit card safely in the same way as you use other forms of payment.

So with that in mind, let's now learn a little more about paying for your casino gaming via credit card, and the different ways in which you can use your credit card (or debit card) to fund your gaming.

What credit cards can I use for casino gaming and slots like Mega Moolah?

If you are playing at a reputable casino, such as those in the Casino Rewards group, then you will know that not only can you play Microgaming slots like Mega Moolah, but you can also use your credit card to fund your account and also to receive withdrawals from your account.

Both forms of widely accepted Credit Cards, MasterCard and Visa, are accepted at the casino and in truth, if a casino accepts any form of card as payment, then either MasterCard or Visa are both likely to be accepted.

If you hold an American Express card then things are more hit and miss. Not all casinos will accept payment by American Express, so you should check with your casino that it allows this form of payment first before you sign up.

However, it is a more positive situation if you want to use a Debit Card. With Debit Cards linked to your bank account, rather than a credit account, most online casinos will accept these forms of card payment without any issues, Maestro is just one example of a debit card system that can be used but in truth, almost any form of debit card should be viable to use at a casino.

The benefits of Credit/Debit Card payments

There are some real benefits to players who elect to pay for their gaming via credit card. They are one of the easiest and most widely accepted forms of payment by any online casino or gaming establishment. They can also be used to receive funds from the casino (not all payment methods can receive withdrawals back to them). They are accessible in that the vast majority of people have at least one available to them and they are also very speedy in that transfers into your account take place pretty much instantaneously.

This means that once you have deposited into your account, then you will have access to your cash to play immediately and in many casinos, you will only have to play through your deposit in order to access your bonus cash too.

Credit cards are also a universal form of payment, available across the globe, so you are likely to find more places and more opportunities to play slots like Mega Moolah using a credit card as your chosen form of payment, than you will other forms.

One thing to note, while payments into your account may be instant from credit cards, withdrawals back to a credit card may take a little extra time to process. It is always a good idea to check with a casino how long this is expected to take if you use your credit card directly for your online slot and casino gaming. Normally your first withdrawal will take a bit longer. Subsequent withdrawals will be quicker and normally completed within 24 hours.

Are there indirect ways I can use my credit card details to fund my slot gaming online?

In the examples above, we have shown how you can use your credit card directly with your online casino to make direct transfers from them into your account. However, there is another way you can use your credit card to make a payment into your account, but which does offer some form of protection for your details and that is by using an e-wallet service.

E-wallet services, such as PayPal and Skrill, can link your online account with them directly to your credit card or bank account. You enter your card or account details into your Skrill or PayPal account but when you make a transaction into your casino account, you use your PayPal or Skrill account to do so.

Even if you do not have funds directly in your account, PayPal or Skrill will use funds available on your Credit Card or bank account, in order to complete your deposit, but in doing so, details of your card or bank account are not sent as part of the transaction.

This is another easy way to use your credit or debit card to fund your gaming, but which offers an extra level of security for those who are particularly conscious of this.

Credit cards are still the most accessible form of funding an online casino account and they are likely to be so for many, many years to come and provided you are sensible about your online security, they are still a safe and secure way to fund your online gaming.

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